My life in the USA.

My life in the USA.
Friday, December 11, 2009
How is life in America?
It is very interesting – when you imagine how our lives are, then some rainbow pictures are drawn – after all, people often go there for a fairy tale and want to believe that it is, but little things like the same language barrier are perceived too abstractly to feel the whole complexity of the situation of emigrated people. But, I think, and overestimate such difficulties.
Thank you for the comment. Even doubly thank, because this is the first comment in this blog!
And if the topic, then not with everyone so. Sometimes I am amazed at how people, having arrived here, begin to create an illusion of a fairy tale, to find advantages of which there is no and to muddy their native country.
About & quot; mud. & quot; my ex-mother-in-law’s friend in the US. So a couple of years ago (when I was still married) she called to congratulate me on some holiday. And the question flashed: “Do you have a DVD?” I did not expect that Ukraine would so step forward ! & quot ;. it’s funny.
Write more, Antonina-it’s always interesting to know how & quot; there & quot; our live.
Thank you for your comment. And the truth is when you leave sometimes it seems that so where did everything leave because it was before 🙂
Sometimes prices are compared with what was in Ukraine 2 years ago, and only then we remember that the metro in Kiev is no longer 50 cents and, for sure, much more has changed.
yes, I’ve been here for a long time, 11 years, and completely forgot that, after all, I had both with shops and buses, but I always benefited from what seemed to me – all people supported me and helped, and to the language and has adapted with time.
Americans are really kinder than what, more affable and friendly. I happened to visit America this summer, and indeed, it was like a series of never-ending exams – the first bus ride, shopping in a store, etc. But, you know, I liked very much and went by bus too, although I could not understand for about 5 minutes where to put money)))) In Russia it would have started to resent and grumble for a long time, and then the whole bus started to help me, I was even told, so I’m not worried about the next time everything will be easier. And indeed, it was)))
Excellent article, very well reflects the problems of Russians in America. Do not believe it, but I was looking for the phrase – “buy movie tickets to the English language study”. In general, of course, I can explain that I need a ticket and even understand, but I just do not want to hear the “sorry”, which is written in the article. I want this to be as it should be – easily, without questions. And so the phrase is prepared in advance.
Very interesting article. But could you tell me how you managed to move there for permanent residence and how to find a job. It’s difficult?
Very worried about the question of permanent residence? How hard is it? And is there any chance of moving there?
So that it’s citizenship that is relatively quick only if there are relatives, documents of the type for family reunion are submitted there.
Otherwise it is to look for an employer who will provide you with documents that will allow you to get a visa, well, it is highly desirable that this employer also deal with the design of your green card. The speed of registration of a green card will depend on the employer. In this case, everything depends on how much it is difficult to find such an employer with your specialty.
Still, once a year, a green card draw is held. Anyone can submit documents, chances to win as in a lottery. I think there is enough information on this subject on the Internet. We participated 3 times, neither our friends nor our friends did not smile, but someone wins them.
Perhaps there are other ways, but I do not know about them, I will not say much about any marriages of settlement and illegal living 🙂
In the autumn there will be 5 years as we live here. And Green Card still have not received. We renew the contract for work, we receive documents, we issue a new visa, we wait for the green card.
Thank you for your sincerity! Antonina, and if you were ill and you needed a survey, tomography, ultrasound, maybe an operation? Is it all expensive for a common American? Valentine.
In general, depends on insurance. For example, our insurance covers 80% of the cost of most similar procedures, but the first thousand each year I have to pay myself. Preventive procedures like gynecological ultrasound are covered completely, but there seems to be a limit on the number.
In addition, I did not really understand these processes, but the stakhovaya somehow very interestingly agree with the clinics. For example (at the same time an easy reference point for prices), last year I was given an MRI of both knees, the clinic billed 6568, the insurance said we pay 2500, and all this suited. I did not pay anything. As they have a similar “bargaining” from 6 thousand to 2 I do not know. In general, from your pocket (not counting the monthly deductions of insurance from the salary of your husband) you have to pay 30-50 dollars for a visit to a doctor, up to $ 200 for all sorts of x-rays and similar procedures, a small operation should be prepared a thousand or two.
Our insurance does not cover dentistry, so we try to treat our teeth during home visits.
Hello! Tell me please. How difficult is it to find a job, just arrived, at least for the first time?
To be honest and so that without speculation, I do not possess such information. We ourselves came almost 6 years ago, and my husband was hired from work from Kiev, and then they already made him a visa. I still do not have the right to work, so I did not come across job searches.
Depends on your documents (green card or visa) and specialties, but this, I think, and without me it is clear.
Thank you. Everything is written simply and easily. Probably I also have to stay at home for the first time. What can you do with a woman in a foreign country, so it’s not boring?
First and foremost, this of course depends on personal preferences and on where you will live – in large cities with entertainment is simpler. From the non-standard for post-Soviet space, you can find the sites of museums and see when they have an open day (usually at least once a month can be reached free of charge), find out whether a free subscription in the nearest library (you can take films and audiobooks) if you need to tighten up English then look closer to home courses “English as a second language” (they are free). If desired, you can go somewhere to work as a volunteer (vacancies are easy to find on the Internet).
Walking, getting acquainted with the city and visiting institutions for your taste will not be advised – this is all the standard mandatory program.
And then there are books, a computer, the Internet and some wonderful hobbies, like running your blog;).
please tell me, but it’s so easy to go to Hollywood for example and just go and get an autograph from some famous movie actor.
To be honest, I do not know. I’ve never been to Hollywood, and I was not even interested in such an opportunity ..
The fact is that it is simply impossible to find a prestigious job there, mostly Russian workers work there like Uzbeks on pick-ups. The distributors of pizza, the lawn mowing the streets on the construction sites, the disagreements in addition, one must know English a little. Russian diplomas are not rented there. We must periuchivatsya.Po me, I would not be able to work with my character on such works.
In many respects it is true, but those who win a green card or go to restore the family, and also in all sorts of weakly legal ways, go so. After all, no one will collect documents to make a visa lawn mower. There are enough legal and illegal Mexicans who will happily take up such work.
To go to work legally, you will sign a contract in your homeland, and you must have a specialty enough for the American side to be interested in processing your documents.
As for the diploma, it probably depends on the profession, my spouse had no problems with his diploma from the institute in a small town in eastern Ukraine. There were no problems with our friends from Russia, including when they changed the employer.
Antonina, do not tell me whether the builders are in demand there? Or do you need to confirm your diploma, and otherwise you can not find work?
Again, so to be honest, I’m just a housewife with no right to work, so I’m not a specialist. I think if you come here legally with the right to work, then you can find work by a builder .. the question is how to come so.
As for the confirmation of the diploma, it is obligatory for doctors, lawyers and so on. I do not think that this is required for builders. I know that programmers do not need this.
Hello. I have long dreamed of moving to permanent residence in the US. But I’m a single mother with a one and a half year old baby. I’m an ordinary secretary and I do not think there are any chances for an invitation to work. Tell me, will I be able to hope for any help with employment and will the child benefit be paid at all until the green card is received? Irina.
I do not want to upset you, but without an invitation to work you have very few options to get here. From the fact that I can only assume this is to win a green card and then yes, you will receive benefits here.
The second option is to marry someone who will be invited to work here. In this case, you will be allowed only if he provides documents that can support you, and then the allowance will not be paid. But at the end of each year he will receive some taxes.
Well, of course you can marry someone with citizenship or a green card, then you will be allowed in any case, and the allowance or tax refund will depend on the welfare of the spouse.
As you can see, all the options are not very good and not so easily realizable.
Thank you for the honest answer. But I still do not lose hope for the sake of my child’s future. I heard that Obama proposed a new bill for immigrants, which would greatly facilitate the task for visitors (of course legally), so you just need to wait a bit.

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