My story: we left for permanent residence in England, but we long for Kazakhstan.

My story: we left for permanent residence in England, but we long for Kazakhstan.
For one reason or another, life casts people into different parts of the world. It does not matter how many people live there, perhaps it is important how comfortable it will be there? For six years in a cold, rainy, but at the same time friendly smiling Britain and the first impressions of the dream country of millions, if not billions, have surpassed all expectations. Yes, it is possible that the city in which we settled was not so interesting to the average reader. But did the oil cities ever be interesting? Everything that is being built, opened, created – all this only in order to improve the quality and increase oil production. It, oil, has recently become the main problem of the whole world. Every day and every hour, why there is an hour, almost every minute experts now and then check the price of “black gold”.
World oil prices also dictate the conditions of life in Kazakhstan, after a sharp decline and deterioration of economic conditions, Kazakhstanis are already boldly and openly talking about the time to leave. Everyone is looking for ways to go somewhere, nobody knows where, but they know that there will be better than in Kazakhstan now. Under this “there”, of course, hides Europe, America, Australia, Canada. But until you come and look at this life from the inside, it’s hard to imagine what awaits you. Come, join the country, in society, in culture. Seeing everything with different eyes, not with the eyes of a tourist who will soon return, but with the eyes of a man who has decided to stay here for life, leaving everything behind is a very serious step. I think that people who are preparing for the move are aware of everything and in advance calculated possible pros and cons.
A few years ago, we also took this step. We left for one of the most prosperous countries in the world, but we set ourselves the goal that we will return. You can even say that we left to return. First impressions, of course, did not take long. Everything is relative. Every time, just going out, we compared everything that gets in the way. The goodwill and smile of people immediately rush into the eyes, which is very rare to be found here. No matter how sincere a smile can be, the main thing is that it’s part of their life. They always smile.
The city is perfectly clean. There are no subbotniks, like ours, when twice a year all people go out and clean, and in the evening everything again flies up. Here in England, everything is kept clean every day. The streets are washed with soap special technique, the trees are washed, have you ever seen that the trees were washed? And, oh God, there are no fences, million-dollar mansions without any lattice. Passing by, you can see “Ferrari”, “Cabriolet” and no one will encroach on it and there is no special protection for this. On the streets you can meet a lot, a lot of disabled people and then you realize that they do not have a lot of disabled people, but in Kazakhstan they do not get disabled because there are no conditions for them.
Buses, taxis, roads, shops, ramps, where not look back, everything is done to make people with disabilities feel comfortable. Working with such people, I saw that they do not wait for the weather at the sea, they make the weather themselves. They struggle for their rights, they make themselves felt, and they demand what they are entitled to. And no one can deny it. Just here they are active, they want to live on an equal footing with everyone, and they achieve it. Almost no children’s homes and even where they are, children are mostly left by people who do not have the right to be in the UK. It does not surprise policemen who do not know what a bribe is, and even more so they will not be found anywhere behind a bush with a camera in hand. On all highways cameras are installed and in your own interests not to violate the rules without exceeding the speed.
Of course, there can be no shortcomings: medicine is limping in Britain, they are strong in serious diseases, but do not focus on the flu or simple cough. While in Kazakhstan you will simply be healed with antibiotics, God forbid, sneeze at the doctor.
Living a few years in Britain, we got to know the way of their life. The bulk of workers are already at the threshold of forty years. Local youth do not particularly like to work and are accustomed to sit on the allowance, especially, like, and do not worry about it. But their places are quickly slaughtered by immigrants from Eastern Europe. They take on any work, whether it is heavy or difficult, they do everything. Of course, when a company announces an open vacancy, first of all, local people are invited for interviews and only if someone does not find a suitable candidate among them, someone from outside is accepted. This indicates that they are, first of all, concerned about ensuring the work of the British themselves. If someone decides to move to this country, then they must take this fact into account.
We also moved during the crisis, the one that was in 2008. But then there were not such tough conditions for obtaining a work permit, as now. After graduation, under the law, a working visa was required for two years. During this time, you could get a decent job and already after just extend the visa. Many have done so. But this law was canceled and already all those who came to study after 2011 did not have the opportunity to obtain a work visa. They also tightened the rules for recruiting employees to the company. As I said above, initially the advantage is given to its own, even if they are worthless and studied for the three, but know their business, then you will not even pass with one of the five.
Since after them in the queue are migrants from Europe, and they are very, very hardworking. After thousands of interviews and smiling people, the answer is likely to be negative, as they do not want to bother with visa issues. This is what concerns middle-class employees. But each company has a certain number of “free visas”, that is, they can issue a permit for work (and you will get a working visa on this basis). The only problem is that they keep this permission only for highly paid and highly qualified specialists, with vast experience, in general, for managerial positions. If you are such, then you can experience destiny.
Of course, the work can be found without a visa, go illegal, make a fictitious marriage, ask for asylum. For this, there are entire agencies in Europe. Almost every month Eastern European cities pick up full buses and take them to Britain. The work is promised different. Distributed: cleaners apartments and houses, then sellers, workers in mini-plants for processing and others. If there are two hands and a desire to work, then such a job will be found. The minimum salary in Britain, regardless of who you work for, is 7 per hour. And from this amount you will pay the minimum taxes. Taxes are a big problem in Britain, they are huge, primarily for those who make huge money.
People who are used to living in Kazakhstan, housing and security in Britain will seem ridiculous. They even fight, having previously apologized. And housing can be obtained on the state program, in the form of a queue, the same experience has now been introduced in Kazakhstan.
Is it comfortable to live in Europe? Certainly. But Kazakhstan is a young country and it still has much ahead. The main thing is to set the right goals, with the help of which everything will be carried out for the good of the people. All that is rich in our land is enough for the comfortable life of our small population, but for this we need to do a great job. Twenty years is a long time, but it’s not big either. The government alone can not realize everything, every citizen should contribute to development. If each of us, who has experience and a desire to work, will be provided with conditions for cohesive work, then I think the question of whether to leave the country, will not rise at all, and, conversely, many specialists will want to return. How well you live, how comfortable you are on a foreign land, it’s still not it, not yours and not ours. The inner state of homesickness in the homeland is not appreciated by the comfort outside.
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