Nationality of Fiji.

Nationality of Fiji.
As in many other island countries, to obtain citizenship and Fiji’s passport by naturalization, one must live on the islands for more than one year, and also fulfill a number of other conditions. In particular, it is necessary to show 5 years of permanent residence in Fiji from the 10 years preceding the application for citizenship. Fiji does not have an official program for granting economic citizenship to foreign investors, that is, it is impossible to circumvent living conditions by a large investment. Here are some excerpts from a very voluminous document – the Fiji Nationality Law.
9 .- (1) In accordance with the provisions of this part, the Minister may send a naturalization certificate to an adult and capable foreigner who will apply for citizenship in a prescribed manner, and will also show to the Minister that:
(a) that he does not have a criminal record;
(b) that he has a proper knowledge of English or any other language spoken in Fiji, as well as knowledge of the responsibilities of a Fiji citizen;
(c) that he legally resides in Fiji nine years before the date of application, and he was not absent from Fiji (or the amount of periods) exceeding 18 months;
(d) that, in the event of a certificate, he intends to continue his stay in Fiji;
(2) The Minister may, in those cases where he deems it necessary, authorize the acquisition of citizenship earlier than the period of nine years specified in paragraph (c) of subpart (1).
(3) A foreigner will not receive a naturalization certificate on this part if he does not at first renounce any other citizenship that he has, and if he does not take the oath of allegiance in a prescribed manner.
The validity of the certificate of naturalization.
10. A person who is granted a certificate of naturalization in accordance with the provisions of Part 9, becomes a citizen of Fiji by naturalization from the moment of granting the certificate.
Registration of underage children.
11 .- (1) The Minister may decide to register a minor child with a Fiji national if the application is submitted in a prescribed manner by the responsible parent or guardian of that child.
(2) The Minister may, in such special circumstances as he sees fit, register any minor as a Fiji citizen.
(a) a citizen of a foreign country; or.
(b) a citizen of the country of the British Commonwealth, except Fiji,
Declares a waiver of Fijian citizenship in a prescribed manner, then the Minister registers such a declaration, and from that moment on this person ceases to be a citizen of Fiji.
(a) the register of persons who obtained Fijian citizenship by registration;
(b) the register of persons who have obtained Fijian citizenship by naturalization;
(c) the register of persons who, as citizens of Fiji, are citizens of another State, but have renounced the citizenship of another State; and.
(d) the register of persons who, as citizens of Fiji, are citizens of another State; and.
(e) the register of persons who have renounced the citizenship of Fiji.
21. Any person who, for any purpose under this Act, makes a false statement, will be guilty of an offense and will be punished by imprisonment not exceeding one year, or a fine not exceeding two hundred dollars, or imprisonment plus fine.
Controlled by the Ministry of Labor, Industry and Immigration.
The Immigration Department of Fiji approved 857 applications for dual citizenship between July 2009 and July 2010. Dual citizenship was granted in accordance with the Decree of Citizenship, which entered into force in April 2009. The Government of Fiji says that, who received dual citizenship, invested in the purchase of real estate, agriculture and tourism. During the indicated period (07.2009 – 07.2010), the Department received 1,054 applications for Fiji citizenship. The decree allows any child, wife and former citizens of Fiji to obtain citizenship through registration. Also, those foreigners who work in Fiji, who have invested or have lived in Fiji for the past 10 years, can obtain citizenship by naturalization. The government claims that the dual citizenship concept was introduced in order to allow those who left Fiji to return and invest money in the country.

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