Necessary prerequisites.

Necessary prerequisites.
In general, I can not say that I had a brilliant experience of programming. Until May 2014, I worked for 3 years as the head of the web development department. But I came to managers from the side of project management. Starting in 2013, I was engaged in self-study. I studied javascript, html and css. He wrote prototypes, small programs and “was not afraid of code.” By education I’m a mathematician. So, if your experience is greater, you have a good chance. In Berlin, there is a shortage of strong programmers.
You will need a diploma at least close to computer science, which is accepted in Germany. This is a prerequisite for obtaining a visa and Blaue Karte. But when making a decision, German officials interpret the proximity quite widely. For example, my mathematical diploma was enough to obtain a work permit for Javascript Entwickler (Javascript-developer). To see how the Germans take your university diploma, use this site (more details can be found on the Internet).
To move you will be fairly tolerable English. This means you will have to understand well what you are told and, perhaps, with difficulty, but will be able to convey your thoughts to the interlocutor. I had the opportunity to practice my English a little before I went to Germany. I advise you to take private lessons with a Skype tutor to restore your conversational skills.
With English, you can safely look for work primarily in Berlin. In this city, almost all IT speaks English and a lot of companies to generate enough vacancy for you to find a job. In other cities, the percentage of English-speaking companies is significantly lower.
German for the move is optional. In Berlin, English is spoken not only by the IT community, but also by many “mere mortals”, landlords, vendors and others. However, at least the initial level (for example A2) will significantly improve the comfort of your stay, the inscriptions and announcements will not seem Chinese to you. Before the move, I spent about a year studying German, but not very intensively (I concentrated more on development skills) and knew it at the A2 level (see the explanations on the levels here).
You will need about 6-8 thousand euros. To begin with, to confirm the solvency in obtaining a visa. Then for initial expenses, mainly related to renting an apartment.
Psychological moment.
You need to be motivated enough to decide to move. And if you are married, it will be psychologically difficult for your wife to move to a country with incomprehensible career prospects for her. For example, with my wife, we initially decided that we are moving for 2 years, after which we decide whether to continue or not. And then it depends on how you adapt in the new environment.
Obtaining a visa for job search.
The visa for getting work in Germany is for some reason quite unknown in the Russian-speaking community. Maybe because finding information about it on the consulate’s website is not realistic, if you do not know where to look. The list of documents is here, and here is a page with a link to this list (see the section on “Working activity”, the point “Visa for the purpose of job search”).
Diploma with certified translation. A work record book with a certified translation. As evidence of solvency, I provided an extract from the account of the Russian bank (in euros). If you do everything in advance, you can be confused with a blocking account in a German bank (see for example the instruction), then you can easily solve the quest for renting an apartment. Insurance for a couple of months, the type of what you do when you go on a tour. After you find a job, you’ll get yourself a local job. Booking from the hotel for 2 weeks, with the possibility of changing the dates / refusals. When submitting documents, I explained that upon my arrival I will rent an apartment. CV (in my opinion, I did in English) in the format adopted in Germany for 2 pages. Photos, applications, translations, motivation letter, copies, passport according to the list.
The first steps in Germany.
Your initial task is to find accommodation in which you can register at Burgeramt (similar to the passport office). After that you will be able to open a bank account, get a social number, a pension number, etc. Many people initially try to look for long-term housing and fall into a kind of deadlock: to make you choose you need to have a bunch of documents, including a good credit history, and for this you need a bank account, and for this you need a registration, and for this you need a lease, and for this you need a lease; this needs a credit history …
it is furnished instead of a credit history, a certificate of interest, etc., you will provide the owner with a security deposit (I will write about it in detail below) for such apartments for an order of lesser demand, so you have much more chances.
Search for an apartment.
To search for an apartment I used the site, which is specifically designed for the short-term housing market. I filled in the profile in detail, wrote a letter template and created a filter (mine was, flat, more than 28 m, less than 650 euros).
Lease contract.
After you have agreed, you sign a lease contract and nothing else. You need a rental agreement to register with Burgeramt. No gray schemes, in Germany you are a law-abiding citizen).
There is another subtle point. Strictly speaking, to open an account with a German bank you need to be registered in Germany. But when you come to the bank, most likely, you still will not receive an Anmeldungsbescheinigung (Certificate of Registration). However, bank employees often meet their potential customers and open an account on the basis of a lease agreement (and you sign it). A certificate of registration, they ask you to take the parole after receiving. I had it so. The bank was Deutsche Bank, because my landlord had an account with this bank. But if you open a blocking account in advance from Russia, you will not have this delicate moment.
Check in.
I registered in Burgeramt so: I found the address of the district amt on the Internet. Came, defended the line, but instead of registration received a record (in Germany it’s called Termin) the next day. I was also given a form to fill out. Here is an example. In general, there is nothing complicated, most importantly, remember that in the “church” section it is worth pointing out “do not consist” so as not to pay an additional tax. In addition to the form, you will need a lease and a passport. The certificate is issued right there, it is done in 15 minutes. Recording in Burgeramt can also be done on the Internet, but you will receive Termin, most likely, only for the next month. Therefore, go to the very opening of the Burgeramt and say that it is very urgent for you.

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