New Caledonia Noumea.

New Caledonia Noumea.
New Caledonia & # 8212; this is a special administrative-territorial formation of France.
So intricately now called the French colony.
In contrast to the overseas department & # 8212; for example, the islands of Reunion, New Caledonia has its own (different from the euro) monetary unit and its government.
But most importantly, for independent travelers in another:
& # 8212; on the main island of New Caledonia with the capital of Noumea & # 8212; do absolutely nefig.
And if you come to New Caledonia for the beaches and the sea, then from the main island you need to quickly move to the neighboring islands.
Sorry for the tautology & # 8212; New Caledonia itself is an island & # 8230;
In short, the main island must be felled to atolls and small islands nearby (Pen Island, Uvea Atoll).
I had a bad feeling when a couple of days ago, while in New Zealand, I began to work out a travel plan for New Caledonia.
The plan of our trip can be found here.
We fly to Noumea on November 14 & # 8212; this Saturday.
I looked at the information on the site which I recommend & # 8212; There is no affordable housing at all.
On no islands.
Therefore, at the last moment I booked one night in the capital & # 8212; Noumea & # 8212; hotel Ramada Hotel and Suites Noumea and booked a car rental at Noumea Airport at
How to get from NOU airport to Noumea.
As in the water watching.
Arrived from Oakland to Noumea airport (NOU international airport is 50 km from the capital of New Caledonia, Noumea).
By the way & # 8212; keep in mind that the domestic airport of New Caledonia Magenta (GEA) is located within the city of Noumea and hence also # 8212; in 50 km from the international airport.
We went to the aunt who was on the information desk in the arrival hall and was asked to call the hotels on the islands.
& # 8212; We want a house by the sea!
Auntie surprised her face.
& # 8212; Did not you know that on the weekend the whole population of the main island and the capital is going to rest on the islands?
But now & # 8212; you know it.
The capital of New Caledonia & # 8212; Noumea.
As a result, they took a car (as I wrote above & # 8212; pre-booked on the site of search and booking a car) and drove to the capital & # 8212; Noumea.
The people in the city & # 8212; nobody.
Everyone is relaxing on the beaches.
In the city wander rare bums and losers who did not manage to go to the beach.
We’re going to the islands.
However, I booked a couple of nights on the island of Uvea (Ouvea), and now we will go look for a timetable for ferries to the island of Ile de Pins.
If we do not find it, we’ll fly Air Caledonie there.
The only thing we have now on the island of Ile de Pen (after the correspondence and call) – # 8212; hotel Le Meridien Ile des Pins & # 8212; there are a couple of bungalows for $ 500 per night.
But here’s another problem & # 8212; with car rental.
There is no free car in Ile de Pen.
And so everything else & # 8212; write it down.
The people here to the telly clung to & # 8212; watching the news from Paris (terrorist act).
But they calmly watch, without hysteria.
Addition for future visitors of New Caledonia.
Ferry to the island of Ile de Pins runs once a week: on Wednesdays.
Therefore, what I did:
& # 8212; on the site Air Caledonie bought air tickets Noumea Magenta (GEA) & # 8212; Ile Des Pins (ILP) & # 8212; Noumea Magenta (GEA)
& # 8212; there also bought air tickets Noumea Magenta (GEA) & # 8212; Ouvea (UVE) & # 8212; Noumea Magenta (GEA)
& # 8212; on booking booked a bungalow for two nights on the island of Ile Des Pins: Oure Tera Beach Resort.

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