News DELFI – The largest news portal in Russian in Estonia.

News DELFI – The largest news portal in Russian in Estonia.
Roman, who was born in Estonia and lived here all his life, has long thought about leaving with his family in Russia. In the end, he did it on the Russian program of returning compatriots, writes “MK-Estonia”.
“I had a gray passport, and a couple of years ago, when I had the opportunity to choose citizenship, I chose the Russian Federation.” My mother always had a passport Russia, and the wife and daughter are Estonian citizens since birth, but the whole family supported the idea of moving. ”
As the new house was chosen the third largest city of Russia in Novosibirsk. “When we thought about where to still move, we also looked at Omsk, and here and there we tried to live a week, get to know life, learn about the opportunities in terms of work and housing. Still, to transport the entire family to another country is a responsible step, and “I did not want to buy a cat in a poke.” As a result, we stopped at Novosibirsk, and the city is big, with a developed infrastructure, many prospects. ”
Where the residents of Estonia leave for permanent residence (44) 21.08.2012 The Russian program of the return of compatriots is not in high demand (175) on 21.08.2012.
For resettling compatriots this year in Novosibirsk was allocated 4,000 seats, while more than 7,000 applications from different countries were received.
A year before his departure to Russia, Roman and his family became participants in the program for the resettlement of compatriots and actively undertook the preparation of all necessary documents. According to him, to collect documents in Estonia there were no problems, it was just necessary to translate everything into Russian and notarize. On the Russian side, although there were small discrepancies in the requirements, but in general, everything went quite smoothly.
“Russia provides quite good bonuses to the participants of the program,” Roman explains. “Firstly, all transportation costs for travel and baggage transportation are compensated, but there is a nuance .To pay only a 5-ton container for a family, and in Estonia similar ones already simply do not exist.Therefore we will either have to transport things ourselves across the border, where it will be already possible to order a container of this volume, or to pay for the carriage of goods from Estonia in large containers. ”
Secondly, Russia pays “resettlement” to all immigrants. In Novosibirsk, this is 40,000 rubles (1,000 euros) for the participant of the program and 15,000 rubles (360 euros) for each member of the family. Thirdly, to transport a car, you do not need to pay for customs clearance. But this is possible only if the car is in the property for more than a year, and this is just our case. Also in Novosibirsk there is a governor’s program, according to which for the first six months we will compensate 50% of the cost of rented housing. This amount can not exceed 7500 rubles (190 euros), but at prices of 15-17 thousand rubles (360-420 euros) per month is a significant help. ”
While Estonia was flooded with rain and the air temperature did not rise above +20, the beach season was opened in Novosibirsk for a long time, and I did not want to work at +30. According to Roman, there are no problems with working in the city, there are plenty of suitable vacancies on the Internet, and in newspaper ads, and he was already able to get a job in his profession – a hairdresser.
“The salaries are about the same as in Estonia,” says Roman, “a cashier in a store, like our Maxima, gets 15-20 thousand rubles (360-500 euros) .Highly skilled builders or electricians receive from 30-40 thousand (750-1000 euros) .Only with such a salary, gasoline and utility payments are two times cheaper, and the bus ticket costs only 14 rubles (35 euro cents). ”
On the reasons for the move, Roman reasoned philosophically: “When you completely change your life, you look differently at many things, you discover something new in yourself.” There is no doubt that everywhere there are good sides and bad, I really miss Tallinn and friends. , although in Europe there is more order, here I feel the power of a big city and I know that I can do a lot for myself and my family .I am glad that my daughter will be able to study in her language environment without these eternal disputes and innovative educational programs, after which children do not know plainly neither Russian, nor Estonian and my mother at the age of 57 can already retire, since in Russia the retirement age of women is 55. In general, while we are all happy: free medical insurance and education, housing and work already exist, there was only Siberian winters wait and see how we will transfer it. ”
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