Obtaining a residence permit for settlement.

Obtaining a residence permit for settlement.
One of the types of obtaining a residence permit is a residency residence (social, family or labor). It is quite difficult to obtain documents on labor, as well as family, as in this case you will have to prove that you worked illegally without a contract. You understand, to what legal consequences this statement can lead, most likely instead of giving you a residence permit, the immigration service will put you a stamp in the passport about the illegal situation and oblige you to return home within 15 days. Saddled for family reasons – this is also a rather confusing situation, that is, you are in Spain illegally while your direct relatives are Spaniards or persons with a residence permit. In this case, it is customary to follow a different path – to obtain a residence permit for reasons of reunification with the family.
The most painless kind of receiving a residence is a social settled, that is, being in Spain for 3 years without a break. Thus, in any case, you will have to violate the visa regime, since most of our compatriots, simply arriving by tourist visas to Spain, for some reason decided to stay in the country. In these cases, the Spanish state (with a view to legalizing foreigners who are in the country illegally) has adopted a law on the granting of a residence permit for persons with foreign citizenship who have lived in Spain for at least 3 years and have a number of additional requisites.
In order to obtain a residence permit in the Pale in 3 years, when you submit documents to the immigration authorities (to the departments for foreigners), you will require documents of a financial and social nature.
1. First of all you will need to provide documents about your residence in Spain. This can be a purchase for the property you purchased or a long-term lease contract. Moreover, without fail you must be registered at the place of residence indicated as your residence address in Spain. A three-year period of residency begins to flow from the moment of your registration for residence.
2. It will be necessary to provide medical insurance, and since you are in the country illegally, you will have to contract a private health insurance policy, it will cost more, but without it your documents simply will not be accepted.
3. The department for cases of intrants during the submission of documentation will necessarily require a certificate of non-conviction from Russia with an apostille and translated by the official sworn translator of Spain. Note that the information on the criminal record is valid only for 3 months, so take care that at the time of filing, it was not overdue. Also you can not be judged on the territory of Spain.
4. A medical certificate from a public medical institution in Spain about the absence of any diseases specifically stipulated by the convention, including HIV, yellow fever, hepatitis C, and mental illness.
5. In the department for foreigners you will be asked to fill out an application for your residence permit for social settlement.
6. The original and a copy of all pages of the foreign passport will be required.
7. It is also necessary to provide documents that confirm your social integration in the country. This may be related to Spanish citizens or persons holding a residence permit, or, in the absence of these, you should provide documents on the passage of Spanish courses, writing to the library, participating in social events. Also, you may be required to have an opinion on social integration in Spain, which is issued by the social security authorities at the place of your registration after a preliminary interview.
8. The most important point for the submission of residency documents is the granting of a full-time labor contract from the Spanish employer, that is, 40 working hours a week. Also from the employer are enclosed documents that talk about the absence of tax arrears, company tax IDs and statutes.
9. Confirmation of the availability of funds for living, that is, it can both statements from the Spanish account, and confirmation of economic activities in Russia, that is, in this case, the existence of a pension, fees from literary and research activities, shares, participation in shares, deposits and all other money savings.
10. Additionally, you may require a certificate of at least a basic course of the Spanish language, you can do it either in language centers or at courses for foreigners at universities.
After collecting all the necessary documents, you hand them over to the Foreigners Department, which puts a stamp on the acceptance of the package for consideration. By law, you are required to issue a decision on a positive or negative response within 3 months, in practice the decision is now made within a month – one and a half.
In any case, when collecting documents and carrying out all the preliminary training, we advise you to hire a competent lawyer who can help you understand the intricacies of the bureaucratic apparatus, accompany you in hiking procedures and help you fill out the application correctly, and most importantly check the completeness of references and documents , because it would be insulting because of the lack of only one certificate and an overdue document to receive a denial of such a long-awaited form of residence for the social settled.

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