Obtaining or confirming disability in the United States.

Obtaining or confirming disability in the United States.
To do this, you will need to contact the Soucel Security office (where you will be given out the number) and fill out the forms for the recognition of your disability, provide medical confirmation (most likely in English), and a list of the medications that you are taking.
The process is considered from 3 to 5 months. Most likely you will be assigned a medical commission that will confirm (or not) the disability and indicate whether you can work yourself. The amount of disability benefits will depend on this.
here are some links to official sources:
You can certainly take a chance and try, but if your fraud is opened, then you will be deported and will close the door to the states forever.
If you worked in the states before disability, you will receive RSDI, and the amount will depend on your income before disability – but this is so, for a general concept, because you do not have this situation.
And problems with a visa and a green card because of this will not be?
difficult to answer, tk. I do not know for sure the official reasons why they can refuse. Somewhere, someone gave a link to a list of diseases that are refused. If your disease does not go in there, then I think that there should be no grounds for refusal on medical grounds.
Secondly, even if you confirm this in America, not the fact that you will be given financial assistance. If, under your circumstances, you can fully work without special restrictions, you will not receive financial assistance for disability (however you can still apply for help as the poor)
But since you won the green card lottery and must prove to the consul that you are financially independent at least for the first time and are not going to sit on the state program (velfer), then in your case, I personally would not go for this help, tk. this is a straightforward deception.
SSI $ 710 per month is support from the federation only for “life”. It does not include medicine. In addition to this, each state pays even some amount (although not everyone can, but Minnesota is accurate).
The staff installed the so-called Room & Board ceiling. Let’s say in Minnesota it is $ 877 per month. Those. if you receive $ 710 federal money, then the rest (up to $ 877) you will pay staff.
But if you work, then these amounts, respectively, are reduced.
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