Obtaining refugee status in Norway.

Obtaining refugee status in Norway.
Post subject: Obtaining refugee status in Norway.
In Norway, the decision to grant asylum is influenced, first of all, by the level of democracy in the country from which the refugee emigrates. Before the war in Chechnya, Russia was considered to be a democratic country in Norway and to obtain asylum in Norway, the immigrant needed serious evidence proving the impossibility of his stay in his homeland. Otherwise, the refugee received a deportation order.
After the war in Chechnya, the attitude towards Russia as a democratic country from Norway has changed, which has increased the chances of Russian citizens to obtain refugee status.
Norway has very high requirements for documenting the history of the persecution at home, than in many other countries.
A few days after arriving in Norway, the refugee will have a long interview, followed by a “transfer” – moving from Tanuma (the refugee receiver) to the place of further stay.
The dream of most refugees is to get to Oslo, but now practically all hostels in Oslo are no longer functioning for refugees.
Most of the refugees from Russia settle in Trondheim, which is one of the cultural centers of Norway. The administration takes into account the wishes of the refugees when choosing the place of settlement.
Upon arrival from Tanum, the refugees are resettled in the hostel. Lonely people get one-room apartments for use. Refugees are provided with necessities in everyday life, they are given a benefit in the amount of more than 3.000 NOK per month.
Having settled, the refugees begin to attend free courses of the Norwegian language.
The most pressing refugee problem at this time will be the search for a good paid lawyer. In Norway, the cost of attorneys’ services is about 2-3 thousand US dollars.
Having received refugee status, a foreigner is issued with an immigrant’s passport, a welfar is secured (an allowance in the amount of more than 3 thousand Norwegian kroner) and a well-appointed apartment.
Residential real estate in Norway is allocated by city communes, the fee for it is not more than a tenth of the allowance. In addition, the refugee receives from the state 32 thousand Norwegian kroner for complete improvement. Approximately the same payment follows after the birth of children from the immigrant.
In the event that instead of a positive answer about the refugee status, the foreigner gets two negatives in a row, he is deported from Norway.
In case of deportation, the reason for the expiry of the visa’s validity by the foreigner is usually indicated, and there is no information on applying for asylum.
Post subject: Obtaining refugee status in Norway.
Post subject: Obtaining refugee status in Norway.
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Post subject: Obtaining refugee status in Norway.

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