On holidays in Germany-Czech Republic! Excursions are included in the price!

On holidays in Germany-Czech Republic! Excursions are included in the price!
Make a present to your loved ones – a sightseeing tour to Germany and the Czech Republic!
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* Dresden in Germany – the birthplace of European porcelain, Florence-on-Elbe, the center of German culture and art, one of the most popular resorts of the country … As soon as you do not call this city! It is difficult for him to choose an exhaustive definition and it is even more difficult to imagine that after World War II he almost completely lay in ruins. It was about him that Kurt Vonnegut wrote the famous book “Slaughterhouse number five, or the Children’s Crusade”, where he told about the actual destruction of this glorious city. Today, Dresden has been completely restored, and the historical center has been carefully restored. Florence-on-Elbe, which is particularly attractive for the neighborhood with Prague, gladly hosts visitors, delighting them with art exhibitions, baroque architecture, cozy restaurants and other “interesting”.
The program by days.
190 km) – the capital of Germany.
Mystic Prague (1.5-2 hours – 10 � per person). This is one of many definitions of this glorious city. Mysticism just hovers here in the air. After all, this city can not be imagined without ghosts and legends. Walking around Prague in the light of evening lights, you suddenly feel how the line between the past and the present disappears. You seem to be transferred several centuries ago. Prague will appear before you no longer as a picturesque city with interesting sights, but as an unsolved mystery of magicians, alchemists and sorcerers.

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