On visa-free entry to Macedonia, visits to visas, temporary and permanent residence, Macedonian citizenship. Immigration to Macedonia.

On visa-free entry to Macedonia, visits to visas, temporary and permanent residence, Macedonian citizenship. Immigration to Macedonia.
Excerpts from laws and decrees, official communications.
Links to the texts of the laws – see Macedonia: Macedonian web sites – search, information, Russian-Macedonian online translator and dictionary.
The law behind the strange.
The Aliens Act.
Defined to the throne.
Preston on the country in the field of vegetables law e:
1) for three months;
2) the basis for permitting access to the prerost, and.
3) the basis for permitting to stay for a long time.
III. Prestos was the basis for permitting the permanent residence.
a) Allowed me to stay for a long time.
Allowed for the post, there is still no shortage of paper for the sub-
bearing on baraeto for publishing for permission for the post is unchallenged,
The shaft on the territory of the Republic of Macedonia was based on the permission for the interim period.
For a country of foreign interest in the Republic of Macedonia, it can be published.
allowed for standing at the threshold before the expiration of a roar at odn stavot 1 per owl member.
Allowed for the post is the day of publication of the Ministry of Internal Affairs personally for.
stranetsot on someone else.
(As in the previous Bulgarian scheme.)
Law on Citizenship.
The fiancee is married to a Drzhvanian in the Republic of Macedonia, and there are three goduns and.
before being transported to the barracks of the country legally unimportantly.
Territory on the Republic of Macedonia can be with nature and glass.
The Republic of Macedonia is not fulfilling the conditions of membership of 7, becoming 1 point 2, 6 and 8 on.
Dual citizenship is not given.
Decree on the conferment of Macedonian citizenship for special services to Macedonia.
Urebba at the meeting at the criterium for special education, ekonomski, kulturen, sportivno or other national interest for stekhnova on drzhavanasto on the RM.
Decree on the definition of criteria for outstanding scientific, economic, cultural, sporting and other national interests in the acquisition of Macedonian citizenship.
About visa-free entry for 3 months for Russian citizens.
The authorities of Macedonia unilaterally from March 1 to October 31 abolish the visa regime for Russian citizens.
“Russian citizens for short-term entry into Macedonia for up to 90 days will not be required to present visas, tourist vouchers and original invitations on the border. It is enough to have a valid passport, insurance policy and the amount of money necessary for staying in the country ”
P.S. In 2010, a temporary visa-free regime for persons with Russian citizenship was introduced by Croatia and Albania.
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