On what the engineers live.

On what the engineers live.
July 7, 2017 at 10:21.
The Village continues to find out how the personal budget of representatives of different professions is arranged. In the new issue – engineer-designer. It is believed that for more than 10 years, Russian companies lack the skills of engineering and technical specialties. Youth in the profession of a designer or draftsman prefers, for example, more profitable programming. Recently Rostekh and the Agency for Strategic Initiatives have joined the training of scarce staff. The Village learned from a design engineer with 20 years of experience about salaries at the plant, the prospects for moving abroad and the monthly budget of his family.
75 000 rubles.
mugs for children.
other expenses and savings.
How to become a design engineer.
For me, a design engineer is that specialty that can not be learned, it’s a mind and character. I am an ironman by nature, from childhood, I was drawn to engineering. Now I’m 39 years old, I came to the plant on the fourth year of the institute and I still work there. First, I got into the design bureau of consumer goods, where we modernized the kayak, in parallel I got work on designing chairs, scooters, then there was a boat motor, motoblocks, which, incidentally, are still produced. Because of the conflict with the head of the bureau, I left and worked for several months as deputy head of the shop, but then I went back to my department.
A person who graduates from the institute and comes to the plant, receives the position of a design engineer. If he has four courses of education, then he can work as a draftsman and create simple details. After a while he goes on promotion and becomes a design engineer of the third, second, first category, leading design engineer. The leading designer is, as it is now fashionable to say, the project manager, he works on machines, buildings, factories, large installations. The host does the basic assembly, and then descends it down to designers of other categories to work through the individual elements. This is the top of the career ladder, further administrative posts begin: the deputy chief of department or sector, the head of the design bureau. The average between each promotion is five to seven years. I believe that in order to become a normal designer, it takes 10 years, but I know several unique people who could achieve this in five years.
When I first came to work, it was easier with categories. We graduated from the institute – we were given a third category, went to graduate school – gave a second, graduated from graduate school – gave the first one. Now I’m deputy chief of the design department, but at the same time I continue to design. With the chief we studied together, at the institute we sat at one desk and for 20 years we have been working at the plant. From our institute group to the plant came 14 people, and six years later there were only two. The rest just quietly went to a better place. I know many people who came to the plant after the institute, then left, worked as security guards, managers, and returned to retirement as engineer-designer. Formally they are considered to be designers, they make simple details, but they do not know how to find non-standard solutions and do not see how everything will work.
Maybe I saw few university diplomas, but I do not remember a graduate record that his specialty is a design engineer. From the institutes there are engineers-mechanics, engineers-technologists. Yesterday’s students come to us absolutely empty. What do you make of it, then you will. 95% of them do not know how to draw, the training takes from three to nine months. At the same time, such a student can have a red diploma and expects a salary of 60 thousand. A young man came to the department after the construction institute. And the first job I gave him was a lifting mechanism, quite complicated. This young man got a difficult project only because he did not know anything and for this reason feared nothing. It turned out as in a joke: “According to the laws of physics, the May beetle should not fly, but flies. And all because he does not know the laws of physics. ” Besides the young, I planted an experienced designer for this project, and they had a working conflict. We decided this: the young man asked the concept, and studied its lead designer, and after six weeks together they handed over a chic project, which still works. Three years later, this trick did not work out: the youngest designer knew that you can and can not do what will work and what does not.
Young people go to work for us, but the level of salaries does not allow them to keep. Usually, young people in the department stay as long as they study at the institute, then a financial question arises. After the institute, we can offer a person a salary in the region of 40,000 rubles together with all the bonuses, and for this money the young people do not want to work. We need not just come, sit, smoke, talk – we have to work hard, delve into it, and 99% are not ready for it.
Features of the work.
Engineer-designer is a common name, and there are various specializations: the designer of electroautomatics, hydraulics, mechanics. There is a design engineer – tough, he does not draw at all, but thinks. Each specialization has its own characteristics, its knowledge and its price in the labor market. For example, an electrician is always more valuable than a mechanic, and the difference is about 15-20%. It is believed that the electrician has more laborious and delicate work.
I am a generalist, the only thing – I do not climb into the electrician, but when it was necessary, I had to develop the simplest schemes. There are people with very narrow specialization. I know one excellent constructor for lifting mechanisms, which only designs cranes. This is a unique person who knows almost everything about cranes. On the drawing and installation of the lifting mechanism in the shop, it takes three or four days. There was a comical incident with this man: I had to draw a cart, not a crane, but it did not work. So it is more advantageous for us to keep such a designer, so that he sat for a week, doing nothing, and wait for the crane. By the way, this specialist is a woman. We have a lot of literate women, I saw not only designers, but also turners, grinders, milling machines. In our department there is an elderly lady an electrical engineer who pulls us all out and we all want her to work as long as possible.
Designing 20 years ago and now – it’s heaven and earth. When I first came to work, we had 10 computers for the entire department of 120 people in the department, and almost all the designers worked on the kulman (drawing device in the form of a board.) – Ed.). I also did my first works on the Kulman. Computers were a rarity then, to work on them there was a separate design bureau for automatic design, now it is no longer there. Now from our whole department only one person draws on a culm, he is already at an age – why should he retrain? We use Autodesk Inventor, SolidWorks, AutoCAD, Unigraphics, and Compass software at the plant. From the very beginning I drew in AutoCAD, so it seems to me the most convenient. But in general it is necessary to look at the task for which the program is needed.
At work I come to eight in the morning, and at 08:05 the computer should be turned on, the programs are loaded, the file is opened. By law, we have technological breaks every two hours for 15 minutes, so that the brain does not boil. During these breaks many smoke or just go out to get some fresh air. The working day ends at 17:00, but it all depends on the task that is set. It was such that we worked overtime until eight or nine in the evening, we had to go out on Saturday and Sunday. If the task is set, we do it.
The main thing in our work is not to be a “dead” designer, not to do projects that nobody wants, but to see the results of their work. It so happened that I often see live products that I designed. In due time I have developed protivotarannoe the adaptation for a stop of transport, such still is at railway crossings. It has been working for more than 14 years, I pass it twice a day. On my racks are the products that we show to the customer.
From simple and monotonous work after a while you can just be dumb. I would not be able to do the same for a long time, for example, drawing window frames, although they offer good money for this. In the production of plastic windows, only the size and accessories change. For two months you collect a database, automate the work, and you can no longer draw, but simply get out of the archive necessary and within 20 minutes to receive a glazing project of the whole building. By the same principle, my comrade and I did coursework on the details of the machines. I know that the law prohibits helping students, but they themselves are stupid or lazy. In addition, students pay money: for the project project you can earn 3-4 thousand rubles. My friend and I made 20 projects in two days, because we had a smart base. It was enough to drive three parameters from the teacher – and after 15 minutes we received a ready project for printing.
Many of my familiar specialists left for Germany, Canada, one even moved to New Zealand. But I do not even consider moving abroad. I already rooted here with roots and do not see the point of chasing a long ruble. Abroad you will be needed only if you are a Nobel laureate and you have an idea, and then until you give the right to your invention. If the local engineer will pay 2 thousand dollars, then you will receive 800-900 dollars. In order to stand on one level with the local, you need to be steeper than them in terms of knowledge and experience, but you will never be there. Periodically I am written off with the guys who left. Someone works as a programmer, someone at large aviation plants, but they can not say that everyone is happy, all the time something is wrong.
In my daily life I am also an ironman. At home I repair everything – even what normally works. I may not have sharpened knives, but next to the bed will be the engine. Now, my comrades and I have set up a workshop and are building a motorcycle motor there. Before that, I designed the engine for five years – at first one, and then I found like-minded people. We have a man in the team who found an investor who believed in our plan. The investor helped to buy the necessary tools in installments. In the development of a prototype engine, we invested 350 thousand rubles, this money could be used a second-hand BMW motorcycle.
On average, wages at the plant and part-time earnings bring me 75-80 thousand rubles. At the main place of work on the 10th day of each month, I get a salary of 45-47 thousand rubles. And on the 25th they pay a premium, this is another 35-40% of the salary. In total, I get about 55-60 thousand on my hands.
Any engineer-designer, except for work, does other projects: the neighbor should help to draw a machine for the garage, doors, a wardrobe. Many works are paid very well. Once I did a conveyor project for one big office and got about 65 thousand for it. Then we assembled these conveyors, and we were also paid a decent price for this.
In the workshop, in addition to our engine, we are also engaged in other work, because we have to pay for rent and supplies. There were months when the workshop fully justified itself, but it was also such that we invested money and did not earn anything. On average, the workshop brings in between 8 and 20 thousand. But you can get 60 thousand – then how you work. For us, this is a way of self-realization, and not getting money, so we do not give any advertising. New customers learn about us through word of mouth. We repair motorcycles, cars, lawn mowers, boat engines, we usually take care of what the other services refuse or why they break huge prices.
I bring the salary home and give it to the family budget. They are led by the wife, and I try not to climb into this business. My wife also works, her salary is about 30 thousand. Every month about 12-15 thousand rubles is spent on rent and utility payments.
Another 8 thousand go to children’s circles and sections. There are two children: a son in the fourth grade, and a daughter for four years. At the plant there is an industrial park, and in it there is a circle LEGO, where the son goes. Earlier we paid 4,000 rubles for this per month, but since September the circle will rise in price by a thousand. Another boy is engaged in martial arts for 3 thousand rubles a month. Soon, too, will have to be given to mugs, and this is another 6-8 thousand.
On average, we put 1,000-1,200 rubles per day on products. We do not go to the store every day, but every three days we spend about 3 thousand. From trips to large network supermarkets we refused, since it is unprofitable. In the store next to the house you take on the small things, but all the most necessary, and there you pick up a bunch of all not really necessary things and leave 8-10 thousand. In the afternoon I have lunch at the factory. Now the enterprise began to pay a part of a food of employees, and the dinner manages to me in 11 rubles of 70 copecks, and earlier it cost 180-250 rubles.
We try to postpone every month, but it does not always turn out, because the children are small and often sick, and this is additional costs. There are plans for a big purchase: for 10 years now I want to buy a new motorcycle. Now I have seven, five of them children’s – I saved them from sawing for scrap. Another older child needs to buy a computer, and now he is engaged in mine, and it is not always convenient.
Everything that I receive from the side work goes to my personal needs. For renting a space for a workshop, my friend and I pay 18,000 rubles a month. Another 2-3 thousand, we must give for the equipment, which was taken in installments. Also you need to buy spare parts and tools. About 6 thousand rubles are spent on gasoline. At work I ride a bicycle, but sometimes I have to change to a car. You could ride a motorcycle, but now it’s broken.
Often you have to spend money on buying phones. For me, this is a consumable, so I never buy expensive phones. The most expensive phone that I had was domestic for 14.5 thousand rubles. He lived with me for two weeks, and then I broke it. It is believed that the most durable and neugivayuschy phone – Nokia 3310, but six months later, it did not have a single button. Once again in three months you have to spend money on shoes. This is my feature: during this time I trample the sole to the asphalt. Affects the work at the plant: I often go to the shop, and there is shavings. I buy Belarusian shoes for 3 thousand rubles – the only ones with a normal sole. It happens that the shoes are still good, but on one side three nails stuck, on the other – a piece of wire.
Engineers-designers are put only jackets of the designer. We receive them once every two years, but it is unrealistic to wear such a jacket, so I have already accumulated a few. This is the best clothes for working in the country and not only: it is durable and warm. In the winter, we are still given a nice warm jacket with natural fur, it is possible to go for a walk with the child at minus 20, while it looks so that it is not embarrassing to go to the Kremlin at least for an appointment. I’m in her bike to work. I can buy another jacket, but I’m a pragmatist in this business – the main thing is that it’s convenient for me.
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