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Visa to Brazil for Russians in 2018: visa-free entry for up to 90 days in the half-year.
Many are wondering whether to apply for a visa to visit Brazil. This incredibly warm country attracts tourists from all over the world. A large number of people also plan to visit the annual, world-famous carnival, which takes place in Rio de Janeiro.
Do I need a visa to Brazil?
Already for many years, a visa to Brazil for tourism purposes is not needed. However, there are a number of conditions that need to be met for crossing the territory of this country. Visa-free regime is valid only for short trips. For a longer stay in Brazil will have to issue a visa, which is necessary for the specific purpose of the trip.
It is allowed to stay in the territory of this South American country for not more than 90 days, in a six-month period. From the date of the first entry into the country the countdown of the permitted period begins. Over time, foreigners have the right:
to leave the country; to enter Brazil; to live here; use this country for transit purposes.
On a visa-free regime you can enter the country in order to:
tourism. Travel to close relatives or friends residing here is also allowed; sports or art competitions. It is allowed to participate in various creative competitions or sporting events for free or for cash prizes (bonuses); scientific research, conferences. You can participate in all sorts of conferences, congresses, seminars on a free basis; business. A businessman is not entitled to receive monetary rewards and is not allowed to provide technical services. For the normal conduct of their business in Brazil there is a special visa.
Brazil without visas: conditions for visa-free entry and stay.
In most countries that practice a visa-free regime with Russia, simple enough rules for entry into the country. Brazil, on the other hand, has a certain set of documents that it is necessary to have with you to cross the state border.
Upon arrival, at the airport, you will need to present your passport, the validity period must be at least six months from the date of entry into the country. For your own safety, make a copy of your passport and carry it with you, keep the original directly where you live. The next document – air tickets for departure from Brazil, they should be the date of departure of the aircraft. Also need to produce documents about the place of residence on the territory of the country, it could be the hotel room reservation or an invitation from a person who invited you to visit. The tourist should have medical insurance, this item is not mandatory, but sometimes the customs can ask about the availability of honey. insurance.
If a person plans to attend a competition, a sports event, a scientific event, one must have an invitation from the organizers of the event. For a short business trip, you must have an invitation letter from a business partner with whom a Russian citizen is connected. This letter should indicate: the profession, position and purpose of coming to the country.
Each tourist upon arrival in the country must fill in a special form. In it, the border officer should put a stamp in which the date of crossing the state border will be indicated. The detachment takes the detachment, the second part remains with you, it must be left at home before departure from the country, the second part of the form will be required at the airport.
Required documents.
If the reason for traveling to Brazil is not connected with tourism and visiting familiar people, then in this case the visa is necessary. Everyone can receive it, but there is a certain package of documents that must be submitted to the Embassy.
Basic documents for any type of visa:
completed questionnaire, previously downloaded from the site and printed; in the questionnaire you need to paste a color photo on a white background, its size should be strictly 3 by 4 centimeters. It is not recommended to use photos taken more than six months ago; Passport with the current validity of 6 months.
Business visa.
A visa of this category is issued for three months, if necessary, it can be extended for another period. The cost of a visa is 60 reais. If a person is a businessman and in his plans is to receive a monetary reward for any service in the territory of Brazil, he will need to issue a business visa. Required documents:
letter of invitation from an enterprise or business partner who is officially working in that country; prove financial independence. This may be a document that indicates that the receiving party undertakes to bear all costs associated with the applicant or provide an extract from the bank account of the availability of funds on it; booked hotel; return air ticket (enough reserved).
Work Visa.
If a person plans to work in the territory of the South American country, then he needs to issue a special working visa. For such a visa, people of different professions can work: teachers, sailors, laborers, sportsmen, employees, and so on. The cost of obtaining a visa is 100 Brazilian real. When working in this country there is one nuance & # 8212; After one month in Brazil, a person who has a work visa must register with the police. Required documents:
the applicant’s birth certificate; certificate of good conduct; letter of invitation from the employer; Recently, very often the list of necessary documents for obtaining a work visa is changing, for the most accurate information it is necessary to apply to the Embassy of Brazil.
Educational visa.
Brazilian education is quite good, diplomas of local universities have international samples, so here you can see students from Russia. This visa allows you to get secondary and higher education, postgraduate study, this visa will also suit your language. Its validity is 1 year, however, it can be extended directly in Brazil without leaving the country.
A person who has a study visa does not have the right to work and receive a monetary reward for the services rendered. The cost of obtaining an entry document is 40 reais. Crossing the state border of Brazil, a future student must register with the police, not later than a month’s stay in that country. Required documents:
a letter from the educational institution where it is stated that the applicant entered the educational institution; if a person goes to study in a university, you must submit a document on the receipt of secondary education; future graduate students need to show a document on the receipt of higher education; birth certificate; The booked return air ticket; prove their financial solvency (a scholarship, an extract from a bank account). The Brazilian side must be confident that the person will have the means to pay for tuition and reside in the territory of that country; if the applicant is more than 18 years old, he must additionally attach a certificate of non-conviction to all documents; if the applicant is 18 years old at the time of receiving the visa, it is necessary to submit a written agreement of the parents for his departure from Russia and the data on the guarantor in the Brazilian territory.
Important! All documents that were issued in Russia must be legalized in the Brazilian diplomatic mission. Sometimes there are cases when the consular department requests additional documents not included in this list.
Permanent visa.
If a person lives in Brazil relatives or a husband / wife who has citizenship or residence permit, then there is the possibility to obtain a permanent visa, its cost is 200 reais. Not later than a month later, a person must register with the police. Also there is an additional condition for this visa. If its owner does not reside on the territory of this country for two consecutive years, then it is canceled. Required documents:
confirmation of relationship or marriage certificate; identity card of a person residing in Brazil; certificate of the applicant’s criminal record; a written commitment to keep a Russian citizen in his name; documents confirming the financial solvency of the inviting party (this document is not mandatory, but in some cases it may be required).
Extension of visa-free stay.
Tourists are allowed to extend their stay in Brazil for another three months. But, for this it is necessary to file an appropriate application no later than 30 days before the end of the first three months of the visa-free regime. In most cases, the authorities of Brazil give a positive response to statements of this kind from foreigners.
If a person has remained on the territory of this country for more than the allowed period, he faces a penalty – 8 reais for each illegal day, or he can simply be deported to his homeland and forbidden entry to Brazil for a certain period of time.
When a visa is still needed.
Long-term visa to Brazil.
A visa is required only if the purpose of the visit is not related to tourism. For all other purposes, there are certain types of visas that must be issued in advance at the Embassy of Brazil. Permission to visit this South American country will be required for:
commercial activity and any other activity that will make a profit; employment for a Brazilian employer; studying at school, university, graduate school; internship at one of the enterprises; charity; religious activities; scientific work.
Where to go.
Citizens who decided to visit Brazil for a specific purpose, but not a tourist one, must file a set of documents with the consular department of the Brazilian Embassy, which is located in Moscow. You must apply for a work visa only at the Main Immigration Center. With a positive decision, a visa can be obtained directly from the Embassy.
Brazil is an exotic and unusual country for our man, many wealthy tourists like to come here to bask in the sun. Between Russia and Brazil, there is a visa-free regime for holidaymakers, so it is not wise to make out a visa beforehand. For all other travel purposes, you need to apply to the Embassy for an entry document.
In Brazil, very small street crime is developed, so you need to be extremely sharp, the most dangerous situation in Rio de Janeiro. Let there are a lot of police in this city, but she can not keep track of everyone, better take precautions yourself. Keep valuables in a safe or at home, do not be in the center of a mass gathering of people. At night, it is not advisable to leave the hotel room, nor should you visit particularly dangerous areas of Rio.

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