Palma de Mallorca.

Palma de Mallorca.
That rain and wind, then snow.
It was such an ordinary end of April.
As in the song Vengaboys – we’re going to ibiza.
If the suitcase passes an additional inspection for some reason, it may not be on the general tape. As it was in my case (and what did they like about my suitcase? I do not know.)
Next to the general tape and the light board on which the flight number is written, there is a door with a turntable, you need to go through it. And then you will fall into a separate room with a conveyor belt – there will be your suitcase.
Or by taxi (in the car there is a counter) for 20-27 eur to your hotel.
Of course, I also had an ordinary card.
A free map can be taken at the information center i next to the Cathedral of La Seu (La Seu).
Many Europeans plant dogs at home and walk them in these “pits”. All the corners of the houses are described by dogs. Something more global master takes with him in a bag to the nearest urn.
Shutters on the blinds on the windows are closed (almost at all). Are there natural lights in these rooms? If only from the windows facing the patio.
Very often it was that I saw from afar the spire of some temple. I went to him, I wanted to see more closely. But because of the dense construction, I could only go to the cathedral closely, stand under a high wall and lift my head up. I. Nothing to see except the wall.
in the photo on the left. For some time, the entrance to it became paid (4 eur).
So from the point of view of studying the Art Nouveau style – to want to “The Cultural Center of the Kaisha Forum” – there is no point.
Just study the facades)))
And I would even say that I liked it there. Abstract paintings, paintings – cheating visions, voluminous installations, stitched paintings, voluminous paintings using boards, wheels from bicycles, etc.
In general, it was interesting.
It is a wide street with a bicycle path and palm trees on one side (a cafe is nearby across the road) and ranks of ships and masts on the other. And ahead is the Cathedral of la Seu.
Inside the cathedral along the walls there are 20 chapels belonging to different saints. However, these chapels can only be viewed through a grille.
In the same place at the lake one day I listened to the piper. I will not say that I’m a big fan of Scottish music, but that day I liked it.
I confirm. German speech was everywhere.
From the city, passing through the gate, you can go up to the castle by two roads: the main one is asphalt, along which bus number 69 and tourist Palmacitysighseeing ride. And the second – a rocky path with picnic areas and a children’s slide.
If you do not plan to go by bus, but want to walk to the castle. Then I would suggest the first to climb, and the second – to go down.
Panoramic views from the road to the city / port or castle, alas, do not open. But a walk along the fresh air amid the greenery is all the same nice.
On Sundays, the entrance to the castle is free.
You will rested in the restaurant NAGOYA (Restorante Japones Buffet Libre).
And here you are in the port, where in the distance you can see a lighthouse (as striped as you saw on postcards). And from the observation deck you can stand over the cliff of the dark blue sea and consider the small-lilac flowers, carpet covering the stones.
Trains to Soller depart from the Plaza of Spain at 10.10, 10.50, 12.15, 13.30, 15.10, 19.30.
Back to Palma: at 9.00, 10.50, 12.15, 14.00, 18.30.
Website on which you can specify the schedule:
The train to Soller was scheduled to depart at 12.15, but before landing it was given earlier at 12.00, and it quickly filled with people (some did not even have enough space).
On the way to Soller, the views open on the left hand of the train.
And the sun on the street after him seems especially dazzling)
And even if you have already loved with all your heart your seats. Does not matter. Exit. Take a picture against the backdrop of a beautiful panorama or train (or both)))
The tramcar slowly and slowly with the speed of such a red turtle will take you to the port. Sometimes it seemed to me that pedestrians are going faster. Therefore, in the opposite direction, I decided that I would go on foot (and I had enough time).
There was no thick smell of citrus flowers (as is the case with lavender fields), but if you break the flower of a lemon, it smells very nice.
On the map it is marked with the letter F. Of course, I do not insist on anything, you can buy ice cream at every corner. But in this cafe the choice is greater and the price for 1 pellet of ice cream is lower. The cost of 1 ball is 1.3 euro (for comparison, the same ice cream at the station costs 1,9 euro per ball).
I chose orange ice cream with chocolate chips (namely ice cream, not sorbet) and mint ice cream. Mmmmmm. It was very tasty!
To say that the last train to Palma at 6.30 PM is very popular, probably not worth it)
If you want to rent a bike, you will need the site
You can use this site
Thank you for taking a walk along the streets of Palma de Mallorca with me)

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