Passports, visas and residence permits in Spain, residence.

Passports, visas and residence permits in Spain, residence.
Residence. With the entry of Spain into the European Union, the resident card became a formality for the citizens of the Eurozone. Spain recently eased the procedure for granting resident status to citizens of the European Union. Now such cards are mandatory only in case of receiving a pension in Spain, for people with physical limitations (those who are not able to work), as well as citizens not from the Eurozone. The latter must confirm that they are dependent on an EU citizen and are able to confirm their financial independence and the independence of their families, in order to obtain a resident card.
1) There are two categories of resident cards. Temporary residence (from 90 days to one year) and a permanent residence permit (with the condition of living from one year to five, with the probability of extension).
2) Even people who do not need a resident card should, if possible, obtain it, to simplify the various administrative procedures for obtaining the status of a resident. Assistance in paper work is justified by using the services of a manager or consultant who focuses on the minefield of the bureaucracy and takes responsibility. Ask for the full cost of the services in writing before authorizing someone to act on your behalf.
3. Be aware of Spain’s economic situation. With the fall of General Franco’s regime in 1975, Spain changed the national vector from the agrarian economy to a strong industrial benchmark and a service industry base. Perhaps one of the most serious problems of the country is the unwillingness to get rid of the bureaucracy of people who believe that the 60th year under the regime of that time is still going on.
3.1) The economy of Spain is now at the 5th point in the European Union, and is just under 10% of its gross domestic product. Catalonia and the Basque country are the main engines of the country’s economy, and it should be noted that only five provinces produce half of all industrial exports and imports of the country. Oviedo, Navarre, Madrid, Viscia, and, of course, Barcelona among them. In addition, 85% of Catalan enterprises in Barcelona are the most important core of the economy of the whole country.
4. Think about the impact of your move on the standard of living.
4.1) Think carefully before you start your journey by preparing a family.
4.2) Studying the region is a necessary measure to ensure the comfort of life. Choose the place that you are most interested in, and then spend a few holidays there.
4.3) As soon as you find the real estate you like, do not take hasty steps, make sure that your funds allow you this purchase.
4.4) Do not rush to take the next step until you are sure of the correct execution of the previous one. Do not sign anything without understanding the situation and your lawyer.
4.5) Do not neglect medical and other insurance.
4.6) Please note that there is a possibility that the circumstances will change and you will have to move back. Leave a certain amount of money before moving to Spain, on a “rainy day.”
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