People’s Republic of China: labor migration.

People’s Republic of China: labor migration.
1. The People’s Republic of China: labor migration.
2. Internal migration, 2015
is moving from rural to urban areas.
In 2015, the number of able-bodied rural.
of the population was 510 million people, among them.
more than 160 million are officially considered “superfluous.
labor force. ” According to the forecasts of Chinese experts,
By 2020, this figure will reach 250 million.
3. Internal migration, 2015
unemployment and chronic backwardness.
According to the MTSO PRC main provinces.
the outcome of migrant farmers are Sichuan, Hunan,
Fujian, Jiangxi, Hubei, Henan and Anhui, but cities.
achievement of migration flows – Shanghai (3.3.
million people), Beijing (2 million people), Guangzhou, Tianjin,
Changchun, Harbin, Nanjing, Wuhan.
4. Internal migration.
registration “(hukou), because of which.
the peasantry did not have.
village, because it did not.
the right to receive in cities.
insurance and so on. Only on.
a measure of its gradual abolition.
there was a rapid growth.
This trend is in the.
can turn China into.
country with the prevailing.
5. Ratio of urban and rural population, 2015.
6. Measures to combat negative factors of internal migration.
cities for labor or other activities.
Project on management of migration processes (Strategy.
scale development of the west) – the direction of the flows.
migration to western territories through.
providing them with jobs.
Personnel policy for highly qualified.
experts – one of the points “Strategies of scale.
development of the West “, according to which.
highly qualified specialists are being encouraged to.
moving to the western territories of the state, to which.
the state in return provides the most comfortable.
conditions for living, up to free education.
children, apartments, jobs for family members and others.
various social guarantees and incentives.
7. Labor migration.
the direction of emigrant Chinese labor.
At an official level,
in which he strongly denies the obvious stimulation.
emigration of Chinese citizens from the country. However, it is possible.
suggest that there is a likelihood of encouraging departure.
of Chinese citizens abroad.
So, for example, in 2002-2003. in 50 cities of China was.
introduced a free order registration foreign.
passports, resulting in the emergence of more than 200 companies,
who hire Chinese citizens to work for.
abroad. As a result, it contributed to growth.
emigration of illegal labor abroad, before.
all in neighboring countries.
8. Labor migration.
With the implementation of Kazakh-Chinese large.
projects the Chinese side traditionally tries.
provide the maximum number of required.
workers. In the end, it turns out that when implemented.
joint projects on the territory of Kazakhstan more.
60-70% of workers are Chinese citizens. AT.
In 2015, about 10-15 worked legally in Kazakhstan.
thousand Chinese citizens.
in general and the village in particular.
10. Labor immigration, 2015
immigrants, minus the number of emigrants for a period,
divided by the number of person-years lived.
population of the host country for this period,
is -0.27 people. per 1000 population.
In numerical terms (net number of migrants)
this is 1800 thousand people.
the moving from rural to urban areas prevails.
is associated with the uneven development of these administrative territorial units, as well as the deferred cancellation effect.
the rules of the “agricultural propiska” (hukou). The authorities of China.
try to regulate the immense flows of migrants by directing.
they are in regions where labor is needed. Currently.
this is the western territory of the country.
Because of the chronic backwardness of the village and overpopulation.
China’s labor migration is moving mainly in the direction.
countries of Central Asia. One of the most important states.
Labor immigration to the PRC – a rare phenomenon, rather, even.
exclusive. In 2015, the net migration rate and.
the net number of migrants are negative. It.
says that the number of emigrants is several times higher.

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