Permanent residence in Bulgaria.

Permanent residence in Bulgaria.
In accordance with the Law on Foreigners & raquo; stay on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria you can:
1-90 days & ndash; on a tourist, business visa or visa at the invitation of 90-180 days – for a multi-visa for real estate 1? 5 years & ndash; residence permit for a residence permit of 5-10 years & ndash; permanent residence permanent residence 10-termless & ndash; citizenship of Bulgaria.
What is permanent residence?
Permanent residence (permanent residence) in Bulgaria & ndash; this is the possibility of a permanent stay in Bulgaria, running your own business and work for hire. Getting permanent residence in Bulgaria becomes possible after obtaining the status of residence permit and its successful extension for 5 years.
Advantages of permanent residence in Bulgaria.
absence of a visa at the entrance to Bulgaria perpetual stay in the country organization of own business in Bulgaria employment on an equal basis with Bulgarian citizens education on the same conditions as exist for the local population receiving Bulgarian citizenship not less than 5 years after receiving permanent residence obtaining a Schengen visa for 1 day without invitations, air tickets and travel packages medical care at the European level EU lending rates when using debt financing.
How to get?
Foreigners who come to Bulgaria first get a Bulstat card, at which they pay communal payments, taxes and fines. We described this in detail in & laquo; Property Registration & raquo ;. Then, upon obtaining a residence permit, Bulstat replaces the “card for prodolzhitelno pobyvayvsch in RB foreigner & raquo; with the number of LDL. To her foreigner with the permission of long stay (���) it is necessary to use within 5 years. Finally, a map corresponding to the status of permanent residence in Bulgaria is called the “Map for a long time in the Republic of Chudenets”. It contains the number of the EGN & ndash; single civil number.
If you are interested: & laquo; How fast and easy is it to get permanent residence in Bulgaria? & Raquo ;, & ndash; You need to fork out just for 500 000 euros (1 000 000 leva). The economy of any country in the world always welcomes foreign investors. Bulgaria is not an exception to the rules. With such a generous investment of funds, in a short time you will be granted the status of permanent residence.
Another short way to leave for permanent residence in Bulgaria can be through the institution of marriage with a Bulgarian citizen, or a foreigner already possessing a permanent residence permit. At the time of the application for your permanent residence must be 2 years from the date of the marriage. The migration service carefully monitors the creation of fictitious marriages. Not only are regular surveys of your environment conducted, follow the absence of payments between spouses, and even more so for your interpersonal relationships. We hope that by making a decision to marry or marry a Bulgarian citizen, you are guided only by sincere feelings. Then you will not have any problems with the law.
Who can get it?
Departure for permanent residence in Bulgaria is also possible for:
foreigners of Bulgarian origin (see “Immigration Citizenship”) of minor children of Bulgarian citizens or foreigners with a permanent residence status if they (children) did not manage to bind themselves by marriage. The permanent residence is registered before the admission of foreign parents who adopted a Bulgarian child and ensure its maintenance at the appropriate level for at least 3 years of foreign citizens who live in the status of residence permit for at least 5 years (does not take into account the time of study at the University of Bulgaria) foreigners born in Bulgaria , and foreigners who have lost Bulgarian citizenship, in which Bulgaria is interested. It should differ in the field of economy, national security, technology, or be cultural and sport figures.
Moving to Bulgaria for permanent residence with the help of buying real estate is possible both for pensioners and foreigners of working age. To do this, it is necessary to collect exactly the same package of documents as with the residence permit:
pension certificate (for pensioners) certificate of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce (for businessmen), a notary deed for owning real estate in Bulgaria (for all) certificate from the bank about the availability of funds sufficient for residence on the account (no less than 1500 euros) certificate of criminal record.
The only addition worth noting is the length of stay in Bulgaria for a 5-year residence permit. As the intention to move to Bulgaria for permanent residence is quite a serious step, it is necessary to prove its expediency not only to itself, but also to the government of Bulgaria. During 5 years of residence in the status of residence permit you can leave the country for only 30 months out of 60 total term. Given that the maximum duration of your absence at one time should be 6 months. Can you? Then go for it! Prior to the Bulgarian citizenship, it will remain a stone’s throw away.
We wish you only good luck in this difficult matter. And of course we will support you at any stage of this difficult journey to the dream.
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