Permanent residence in Europe.

Permanent residence in Europe.
The holy belief that it is good where we are not, pushes many desperate adventurers to move to another country. If you decide that you have enough to live as you will, & # 8211; it’s time to live well, then start the process of preparation now. Immigration to another country is not limited to the collection of suitcases. You will have to go through many tests before permanent residence in Europe becomes a reality for you.
What you need to find out before starting the migration.
For many, Europe & # 8211; a synonym for well-being, comfort, a high standard of living. It is difficult to argue with this, but it should be understood that only your desire to become a European is not enough. It is necessary for Europe itself to open its doors to you.
First of all, you must understand that this part of our planet consists of many countries, and you will have to live in one of them. Therefore, at the initial stage it is important not to make a mistake with your new homeland.
Immediately it is worth stipulating that it is easier to obtain citizenship in those states that did not enter the Schengen area.
But in any case, before deciding to make a promotion, you need the following questions:
whether there are special programs for migrants in the country; reasons for moving (work, study, marriage, etc.); what requirements must a candidate for citizenship meet? what is the package of documents from; the period of application and the period of naturalization as a whole; which can affect the positive outcome of the case; what issues need to be completed in the previous homeland. In addition, to find out if you have a ban on leaving, will help a proven and high-quality service of our partners, which will provide you with information on the existence of debts for loans, fines, maintenance, utilities and others, as well as assess the likelihood of banning flights abroad.
And this is only a small fraction of what you need to find out. Do not be lazy to dig yourself to the heart of the matter, read the reviews of those who have already passed through it. Learn the history and cultural characteristics of the country, the religious beliefs and traditions of local people.
Who can get a residence permit?
After you get a long-awaited visa and finally cross the border of the country, which is now your home, it will just begin the most difficult and important. Since you are going to live in Europe for a long time, the first thing you will need, is # 8211; this is a residence permit, because the visa granted to you allows no more than 90 days in a new country.
The following persons will be able to obtain a residence permit:
Those who have a work permit and a contract with a European employer; persons who have opened their own business or invested in the development of local business; Owners of real estate, the value of which complies with the requirements of migration legislation; members of the migrant’s family who have already received a permanent status; students; persons who have come for long-term treatment; pensioners who were able to prove their financial independence.
Permanent residence in Europe can be obtained only after living a certain number of years in a temporary status. For different countries, this period ranges from 3 to 5 years. This point you also need to find out when you collect information about the country.
Blue card.
This document is an ordinary identity card of a foreign citizen in Europe who has already obtained a residence permit and work permit. In order to become a holder of the Blue Card, you must provide:
The contract with the European company on the admission of you to work with the established salary and position. Residence permit with a valid term. Insurance. Diploma of education and confirmation of work experience in their specialty.
In addition, you must have a crystal clear reputation of a respectable citizen, and you should not carry any threat to the local community. With all its advantages, the Blue Card, however, does not grant you the right to obtain permanent residence and citizenship.
The answer to the question of how it is easier to obtain citizenship will please only those who can confirm their belonging to the nationality of a particular country: for them special ” simplified & # 8211; conditions of naturalization.
For everyone else, the process can drag on for years. In addition, it becomes possible to become a citizen of a European power only on the following grounds:
birth in the country; by origin; marriage with an EU citizen; investment of local business; naturalization.
To this, add more knowledge of the official language of the country that you have chosen. And do not forget to give up your previous citizenship, since most European countries do not accept the presence of two passports.
Which country to choose.
Needless to say, you should choose the country in which the acquisition of citizenship for you will be real. After all, despite a single European space, laws in different states are strikingly different in some cases. Therefore, you must decide how to go to Europe for permanent residence, based on your capabilities.
House in exchange for residence permit.
Here you can get a legal status after purchasing a property. There are, however, certain requirements for its value. Until 2014 in Latvia, for example, it was necessary to buy a house for only 70 thousand euros somewhere in the province or for 140 in the capital “# 8211; and the residence permit you have in your pocket. But the rapid flow of those who wanted made the local authorities reconsider the fixed amount and raise the rate to 250 thousand euros.
This rule works in a number of other countries, with the only difference in the purchase amount:
In other countries, such a purchase is not a guarantee that you will still be issued a residence permit.
We transport business.
Migrating based on the opening of business can be done in almost any European power. This method involves not only paying you taxes to the state fund, but also investing money in the local economy and creating jobs. There are, however, several requirements for your company:
availability of a business plan; availability of capital; correctly issued documents; due level of profit and taxes paid.
This method eliminates the need for a six-month stay in the country without leaving. The most acceptable for this type of migration are Poland and Slovenia.
Finally, it should be said that there is no guarantee that you will be happy in the new place.
Before deciding on the final move, do not regret the money and go a couple of times to your chosen country as an outside observer.
It is clear that living and staying in the country & # 8211; these are different things, but you can at least understand how close to you is the way of life, the customs and customs of the local society. The more information about your future new homeland you will collect, the more chances that nostalgia will not make you come back.

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