Permanent residence in Holland.

Permanent residence in Holland.
Holland & # 8212; One of the countries that attracts applicants with freedom of morals and access to a residence permit. Here, no one will impose religion, style of behavior and political ambitions. A country where light drugs are legalized, but at the same time is at a high level of economic development. Citizens of the country are obliged to observe administrative laws.
How to get permanent residence in Holland.
You can obtain a residence permit in the country by opening a business, through working immigration, by applying for a student visa or refugee status. Buying real estate is not a basis for obtaining an official status, except that it will serve as a source of permanent income.
Business. To start a business, you need finance and experience, documented. Stable income, over 1000 euros per month, throughout the year gives the right to residence permit (one year after the registration of the company).
Job. With working immigration, a work visa is pre-registered, residence permit is guaranteed only when binding to a certain employer. To obtain the right to permanent residence, you will have to constantly renew the residence permit, not missing a period of 5 years. Knowledge of the language, professional skills and education, the need for this specialty is assessed without fail.
Training. One of the popular ways to stay on permanent residence in Holland, but not the fastest. Student visa is issued only for the duration of training, after which you must leave the country or provide a contract for work. To search for a job, the student visa holder is given a period of six months to a year, at which time a residence permit is granted. Next, the general scheme for obtaining permanent residence.
Refugees. The refugee status is not easy to obtain, but it is possible. Tolerant perceived by the authorities danger to life, health, sexual and ethnic oppression. Time for consideration of refugee status can last up to two years. Changing the situation in the country in a positive way is regarded as an unequivocal refusal and farewell to the country.
Relations with the citizen of the country. Relations should be close, marriage is not necessary. An indispensable condition for obtaining permanent residence is the continuous cohabitation in Holland for 3 years. The Dutch partner will have to confirm the stability of the income in the amount of not less than 1500 euros per month.
Marriage. Simultaneously, a simple and difficult path to permanent residence. Accommodation on the territory of the Netherlands is not necessary, it is not necessary to confirm financial solvency, there is no need to be in the country to extend the residence permit. Prior to obtaining permanent residence applicants pass many tests, checks, surveys on the validity of relations.
Registration of permanent residence in Holland.
So, a foreign citizen has lived continuously for 5 years in Holland, successfully passed the Dutch examination on civil integration, enough funds for living in the country (1500 euros a month before tax), you can apply for permanent residence. After 10 years of continuous residence of a resident in the country, the amount of his income does not affect the decision of the authorities regarding permanent residence.
Having received permanent residence in Holland, and for 5 years all the advantages of living are appreciated, it remains to enjoy further the benefits of living without prejudice, but within the framework of the law, which are distinguished by liberalism.
I was in Holland very much. I do not know whether to get there to live, and how it will be there at all, but the idea of moving to permanent residence has firmly settled in my head.
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