Permanent residence in Spain.

Permanent residence in Spain.
Immediately it is worth mentioning that the term & laquo; permanent residence & raquo; is not legal. When leaving for permanent residence, or permanent residence, in Spain is understood the procedure for changing the main host country. This involves an extract from the place of residence at home, removal from various types of accounting, for example, military. Is it worth it to do & ndash; every potential emigrant decides for himself. The main majority of those who leave for Spain are not in a hurry to break ties with their homeland, especially since there is no need for this.
For permanent residence is often understood as a residence permit, which is issued after a foreign citizen has lived in Spain on the basis of a temporary residence permit for 5 years. After this, you can receive a so-called permanent residence, which can then be renewed every five years, if you do not plan to register Spanish citizenship. Many citizens of Russia and the CIS live in Spain for years on the basis of a permanent residence, as the adoption of Spanish citizenship implies the renunciation of the citizenship of their native country.
Below we will talk about what opportunities are available today for residents of Russia and the CIS, wishing to move to a permanent place of residence in the kingdom and dreaming to do so with minimal costs.
How to obtain a residence permit in Spain?
The right to a year-round residence in the kingdom is enjoyed by citizens of other states who have obtained a residence permit in Spain. Thus, the concepts of “permanent residence” and “residence permit” are very closely interrelated. The procedure for obtaining a primary residence permit, which makes it possible to stay in Spain for a year, is rather complicated and requires many formalities. On the other hand, the probability of obtaining a residence permit for Russians, who have certain funds, is very high today. So, to refuse this idea because of fear of not coping with paperwork or bureaucratic procedures is definitely not worth it.
It is necessary to understand: the most difficult stage for those who are going to move to permanent residence in Spain, is the initial registration of a residence permit. In the future it can be extended without any problems as much as necessary.
Important point: the availability of real estate in Spain, on the one hand, is not a prerequisite for the registration of a residence permit, and on the other, there will not be an absolute guarantee of its receipt. But buying a house or apartment greatly simplifies the processing of documents.
So, what are the reasons for obtaining residence permit in Spain? Details about this are written in the relevant section of the site. Here we only enumerate the main of them:
legalization of the settled way of life. If an illegal immigrant managed to live in Spain for three years, then if he has a work contract, he can apply to the migration authorities for a residence permit. Currently, this method is used very rarely. Buying property worth at least 500 thousand euros or investing in the economy of a large sum of money. Presence of own funds in the homeland. If a person wishing to move to permanent residence in Spain can prove that for each month of residence he has an amount equal to four subsistence minimums and he regularly receives income (from business, from renting real estate), then problems with obtaining a residence permit, rather in all, will not arise. Opening your own business. Marriage with a Spanish citizen. Moving on this basis allows not only to live, but also to work on the territory of the kingdom. True, it is worth considering that options with fictitious marriage in most cases do not pass: immigration authorities very carefully check the truth of the feelings and intentions of future spouses. Registration of the working contract. Today, given the high level of unemployment, this method is seen as one of the least promising. At the same time, it is worth noting that highly qualified specialists have chances of obtaining a so-called “blue” European visa, drawn up under a simplified scheme, if the applicant meets certain requirements. The main among them is the presence of higher education in the specialty demanded in the kingdom. Departure to Spain for study. After three years of residence at the student residence, it becomes possible to apply for a residence permit with the right to work.
Considering the motions of those wishing to move to permanent residence in the kingdom, the Spanish authorities evaluate both the existence of grounds for issuing a long-term visa, and the absence of important reasons for refusal. For example, it may be the existence of a criminal record or lack of funds. Increases the chances of success of the possibility of moving to Spain all members of the family.
What does the availability of permanent residence in Spain?
The presence of a permanent residence is an opportunity to live peacefully in the kingdom and enjoy at the same time all the same social rights and benefits as the native inhabitants of the country. The only difference between immigrants and indigenous Spaniards will be that the former do not have the right to be elected to the authorities, are not drafted into the army and can not serve in the police.
Why do immigrants choose Spain?
Often, potential immigrants wishing to leave Russia first have the desire to necessarily leave their home country, and only then they begin to choose the state for relocation. And many of them after a careful study of several options choose their choice in Spain.
Among the arguments in favor of this country can be called:
a warm climate and the proximity of the sea. Spain is an ideal option for those who want to settle in the resort and forget about the cold frosty winters forever. Affordable real estate. The cost per square meter of housing in Spain today is lower than in many cities of Russia, so hundreds of middle class people have already realized here a dream of their own overseas real estate. Possibility to use mortgage lending services at record low interest rates. High level of development of medicine. According to this indicator, Spain is one of the five world leaders, and for life expectancy it has been the first in Europe for more than one year. Low prices for food, very affordable prices for many goods and services. Practice shows that the Spanish language is given to Russians very easily: you can speak on it a few months after your stay in the country. High level of education at all levels, from kindergarten to universities. It is important that immigrant children are entitled to free admission to Spanish schools. If you live outside of large megacities, you can get all the advantages of living in a favorable environmental situation.
Who will not disappoint the move to Spain?
Many of our compatriots, who have lived in Spain for several years, first of all appreciate the calmness and dimensionality of the local life, as well as a constant sense of security. In Spain, a very stable political situation, and even the change of the ruling party does not lead to significant changes in the way of life of the inhabitants of the country.
Yes, the kingdom is still feeling the consequences of the economic crisis. But those immigrants who have a permanent source of income in their homeland, this is not enough.
Spanish citizens are very law-abiding, the police work in most cases is not a censure, so that the residents feel safe and do not fear for their children. Avoiding the chance of becoming a victim of a crime in Spain is much easier than in Russia – as a rule, it’s enough to not visit certain areas.
Another plus of living in Spain is stability and the ability to plan your life for many years to come. Another important point is observance of laws, including by representatives of the authorities. Yes, from time to time Spain is shaken by major corruption scandals, but at the domestic level, most residents of the country never face the need to give bribes – neither in children’s or medical institutions, nor in the interaction with traffic police or government officials.
Of course, in such a society, where human rights are strictly observed, only those who are ready to unconditionally comply with all laws, from the necessity of paying taxes and ending with the rules of the road, will feel comfortable.
It is necessary to note and very high level of tolerance of local residents. They are very friendly to representatives of all nationalities. The same applies to representatives of sexual minorities who feel comfortable in Spain and even can enter into same-sex marriages. At the same time, it should be emphasized that this side of human relations is not advertised here. Do not forget that Spain is a country where today the influence of the Catholic religion is very great.
What should you keep in mind when planning to move to Spain?
It would be wrong to list only the advantages of moving to permanent residence in Spain, without mentioning certain disadvantages. For example, many potential immigrants believe that there is eternal summer throughout the country. In fact, this is not so. In most regions of Spain, the seasons change is still felt. Of course, frosts and snowfalls are very rare here. But the average temperature in winter is about +15 degrees. Since most apartments, especially old buildings, do not have a central heating system, in winter they are often very uncomfortable. However, the Spaniards are used to this state of affairs, but many immigrants consider it necessary to provide additional heating for their apartments, which is quite expensive.
Another problem is heat, which in many regions of Spain reaches 40 degrees and lasts for weeks. However, this problem helps to cope with air conditioning, which in the kingdom are equipped with all residential buildings and institutions, as well as a siesta, which makes it possible to sit out in air-conditioned rooms the hottest hours.
Sometimes, as an argument against moving to Spain, the cost of local medicine is put forth. Indeed, it is unprofitable to suffer here and the services of specialists are expensive. But the quality of medical care does not cause any complaints, as well as the quality of medicines. It’s not a secret that a significant part of medicines in Russian pharmacies, to put it mildly, are substandard, and often just fakes. As for prices in Spanish pharmacies, they are not too different from Russian ones.
Many of our immigrants find it difficult to get used to the peculiarities of the mentality of the Spaniards, who are in no hurry ever and under no circumstances, so solving the simplest questions can drag on for weeks. And the local residents do not have to be obligatory, which complicates business for those who are not familiar with such a feature. But practice shows that after hitting in Spain, many of our compatriots eventually begin to share the views of the Spaniards and come to the conclusion: no business is worth it to deny yourself the pleasure of enjoying life and feeling happy.
“A holiday that is always with you” – it’s said about Spain, where joy brings every day lived. You just need to learn from local people the ability to appreciate every gift of fate, whether it’s great weather, success in business or a delicious lunch. And then life in Spain is bound to be happy!
News of Spain.
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Future immigrants who are only planning their application to the Embassy of Spain in Moscow, know perfectly well: the life expectancy of the Spaniards is one of the highest in the world. So, coming here, you can count on a long and, not less important, a healthy life. WHO considers the health system of Spain to be the seventh among the best in the world. If we take as a basis such an indicator as price effectiveness, that is, the ratio of the cost of medical services and life expectancy, then the Spanish healthcare system will take the second place.
Remote work – this is an opportunity not to be tied to a specific country and freely choose a place to live, according to the capabilities of your wallet and your desires. Many freelancers around the world decide to apply for a residence permit in Spain and settle in the kingdom. Why Spain?
Many people dream of moving to live in Spain. The standard of living, climate, friendly attitude to visitors, excellent career opportunities – all this very much attracts those who want to take care of the future of their family. But how to realize a dream? Someone succeeds without problems, and someone has to work hard to get the desired residence permit in Spain.
Planning to apply to the Embassy of Spain for a long-term visa, many believe: the main thing is to solve financial issues related to the move. But already held immigrants say: it is equally important also to prepare psychologically for what will happen after arrival in Spain. After all, it is necessary to change not only the way of life – to some extent, the mentality will also change.
Planning the submission of documents to the Embassy of Spain with the whole family, it will be necessary to decide not only the question of where to settle in the kingdom. Experienced in this matter, people warn: it is also very important to choose the right time to move, especially when it comes to moving families with children. What time is it talking about? This question is answered by the portal Familylifeinspain, which gives valuable advice to future immigrants.
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