Personal experience: apartment for living in Istanbul.

Personal experience: apartment for living in Istanbul.
Often, our compatriots, in search of housing in Turkey, eventually choose sea resorts. But Vladislav from St. Petersburg stopped his view of Istanbul. What are the advantages of this city for Russians and how is life in the Turkish metropolis, the far-sighted interlocutor told the portal
Buyer: Vladislav from St. Petersburg.
* Buying a property in Turkey entitles you to a residence permit for a period of one year with an annual extension.
* The chances of finding a job or starting your own business in Istanbul are much higher than in Alanya or Antalya.
* Once a week, the so-called & ldquo; market day & rdquo ;, when with large discounts you can buy vegetables and fruits, is held throughout Istanbul.
– Vladislav, please tell us which object did you purchase in Istanbul?
– According to Russian concepts, this is a three-room apartment, with two bedrooms and a hall. It is located in a new house, which is located in a remote from the center of the city called Beylikdyuzu. This area belongs to the European part of Istanbul.
The area of the apartment does not meet Russian standards. The total footage, which includes common areas, is 105 sq.m. If you measure the apartment by Russian indicators, the area will be about 80 sq.m.
– How did you come up with the idea of buying a home abroad? And why did you choose Turkey?
– In St. Petersburg, where we come from, the number of sunny days per year is limited. In addition, our youngest son suffers from asthma. Therefore, we wanted to move to a country with a southern climate and sea air. And they decided on Turkey, because in this country it’s easy to get a residence permit. The very procedure of obtaining a residence permit is transparent and understandable. After buying an apartment we must be granted a residence permit for a year with an annual extension.
– Usually Russians choose seaside resorts for life and rest in Turkey. What attracted you to Istanbul?
– As we originally planned to move to Turkey for permanent residence, for us the opportunity of employment was important. The chances of finding a job or starting your own business in Istanbul are much higher than in Alanya or Antalya.
– Did you have any ideas about the investment use of your housing?
“It’s not a question of today.” Everything will depend on our socialization in Turkey, as well as on the issue of working and educating children. If we have work in another district of the city, in the future we can rent this apartment while we will rent real estate in the area of our office.
– How long have you been looking for a property? How did the selection process go?
– We began to think about buying a home about a year ago. Initially we considered the southern directions in Turkey & ndash; Antalya and Alanya. According to climatic conditions, they, of course, surpass Istanbul. But, realizing that these are narrowly specialized tourist regions, where there are far fewer opportunities to realize themselves, we have chosen a large city.
Initially, we looked at various offers on the Internet. Then, in April 2014, we went to Istanbul for 10 days, following the advice of our acquaintances who had already acquired a property through Real East. And already in place, the company’s managers showed us various options based on our financial capabilities. We made a deposit, and a month later returned to this Turkish metropolis, where they paid the remaining part of the funds and signed documents on the property.
Now we are already living in a new apartment and are solving various issues related to obtaining a residence permit in Turkey. And also we buy furniture and household appliances.
– What are you particularly happy with your new purchase, and what do you, maybe, not like?
– If we talk about the pluses, then the location of the Beylikdyuzu district refers to them. It is close to the sea and is a quieter place compared to other residential cells of Istanbul. There is not such a dense building here. And we just wanted to have plenty of free space around. In addition, we purposely purchased an apartment in a low-rise building, because we were already tired of & ldquo; housing boxes & rdquo; In Petersburg.
Well, the downside is that Beylikdyuzu is a young district, and new housing is constantly being built here. Therefore, it may happen that the species that we now have from windows – at sea and free space, will no longer be. Another disadvantage of the area we have chosen is that without having our own car, it is very difficult to move around here. Both the metro and bus lines are far from us.
– Is there any furniture in the apartment? Are you going to buy a new one?
– At the moment we only have an inflatable bed and some household appliances. We are in the process of ordering new furniture. We have a well-developed infrastructure in the area, there are several large shopping centers where you can do this. By the way, a few shops told us the company-realtor.
– Have you considered how much the maintenance of your real estate will cost you?
– The minimum required is $ 20 per month for maintenance of the apartment and an annual earthquake insurance for $ 70. Everything else is utility bills. As for the latter, they, according to the people living in this house, are expensive. But we have not yet seen the accounts and can not say how much light, water and gas are wasted. Neighbors say they have about $ 100-150 per month.
“By the way, who are your neighbors?” Have you already managed to get to know them?
“Basically, ordinary Turks live in our house. But we even managed to establish contacts with several Russians.
– Tell us, how do you spend your free time when you live in an apartment?
– Now we are closely engaged in the process of preparing documents for obtaining a residence permit. It takes a lot of effort and time. We also take the time to buy the necessary pieces of furniture.
– And where do you buy food? Are they expensive?
– In our area there is a network of shops of an accessible class. There we go. There prices are quite acceptable. In addition, once a week, the so-called & ldquo; market day & rdquo ;, when with large discounts you can buy vegetables and fruits, is held throughout Istanbul. As for the comparison with Russia, it all depends on the category of products. For example, meat and dairy products in Turkey are cheaper, vegetables and fruits are generally cheaper, but bananas are much more expensive.
– Have you noticed differences in the way of life in comparison with Russia?
– I was struck by the fact that Turks more often than Russians eat lunch in public places. In the rest, of course, in Istanbul, a completely different local flavor, which is not in St. Petersburg.
– In what language do you communicate with the locals?
– This is perhaps the most painful issue. English is understood by the Turks badly. Therefore, we have a language barrier. Turkish words we know a little. Therefore, we still have to learn Turkish in our plans.
– And, finally, what can you advise future buyers of real estate in Turkey?
– I would recommend to minimize risks when buying and not engage in amateur activities. It is better to immediately apply to a competent agent and instruct him to search for housing.
Interviewed by Olga Davydova.
Photo: Daria Gribunina.
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