Personal experience: investment property in Germany.

Personal experience: investment property in Germany.
Maria from Alma-Ata invested in apartments in the center of the German capital. When choosing an object for investment, she was guided by personal preferences and acquired real estate in which she herself would like to live. About the features of buying apartments with tenants, our heroine told the readers of the portal
* Because they bought housing with tenants, go inside and thoroughly examine everything was impossible. Representatives of the agency showed us only the house from the street and the entrance.
* We bought the second apartment by proxy. According to it, the company representatives concluded a deal on our behalf. I personally did not need to be present.
* In Berlin, there is a tax on the purchase of real estate. In 2012, it was 4.5%. ..
– We chose Berlin for three reasons: it’s the capital, housing prices are relatively small and a very high percentage of the population lives in rented apartments, which means there is a wide rental market. And, of course, I liked the city.
– Did you buy a home for your personal use?
– No, it was an investment of money.
– These are two two-room apartments in old houses. I can not give a detailed description, because & laquo; live & raquo; them did not see. We bought housing with tenants, go inside and thoroughly examine everything was impossible. Representatives of the agency showed us only the house from the street and the entrance.
– What are you guided by the choice?
– We relied on the information posted on the website of the real estate agency. His specialists helped us a lot.
The apartments were chosen according to the principle: where they would like to live. They should have been close to the metro, in a clean green area, in a renovated house. And, of course, looked at the cost per square meter and rent.
By the way, I was amazed at what apartments the Berliners prefer to live in: they like old houses, which for 100 years, old wooden floors, stairs, doors, old moldings. I myself would have completely renewed the housing for a long time, but this is my subjective opinion. And the Germans from such antiquarian & raquo; enjoy.
– What else did you discover in German real estate?
– Rather, not in real estate, but in the rules of its content. For example, apartment owners in old houses can not even change windows or doors without agreement with the administration. This is followed by strict control so that the appearance of the city is not violated. Also, in old houses, in my opinion, not very convenient layout of apartments, especially kitchens and bathrooms. But all this without exception is contained in an ideal order, clean and neat.
– We chose an apartment, signed a contract with the agency and paid for their services. Then the company prepared all the documents necessary for the transaction, sent us for approval a preliminary contract of sale. We have studied this contract in detail and made some changes. At the same time asked a lot of questions to the representatives of the agency. They mainly concerned the German legislation and the procedure for buying real estate.
After all the preparatory work and, having decided on the choice, we arrived in Berlin and went together with a representative of the agency to the notary, where they concluded a contract of sale. Of course, the meeting was scheduled in advance.
The notary read out the contract, and the company specialist translated it for us. After that, both sides of the transaction put their signatures, and payment was made. We paid the money to the account of a notary, and he already transferred them to the seller. According to the German legislation, so it is.
A little later, when we returned home, the agency sent by mail the original contract of sale and an extract from the land book, where we are listed as new owners of real estate.
– What documents did you need to make a purchase?
– Passport, when personally went to Germany to buy an apartment, or a power of attorney, when the transaction was made through a representative of the agency.
We bought the second apartment by proxy. The agency sent us a sample, we issued a paper for it from a notary, translated it into German, put an apostille – this is a special stamp that ensures the legal validity of the document abroad. After that, we sent a power of attorney to Germany. According to it, the company representatives concluded a deal on our behalf. Personal presence is not needed.
– If you count from the beginning of choosing an apartment and until you receive the original purchase contract, then a few months. It was a complicated process. Without the help of experts from the agency, we would most likely have not bought anything.
– Apartments are rented for a long-term lease, so the search for new residents in the short term does not threaten us.
Immediately after the purchase of the first apartment, we signed an agreement with the management company. She assumed all the responsibilities for her maintenance, renting, paying for communal services, communicating with the house management and tenants, as well as solving any other issues. For their services, we pay about � 60 per apartment per month. The company sends us a detailed report for each quarter and year.
– Are your apartments in old houses, do not you have to deal with the need to repair something?
– Yes, we already managed to deal with the repairs. However, it did not cause any special difficulties. The management company wrote to us that in one of the apartments it is necessary to repair the bathroom. Pictures were attached to the letter with emergency plumbing. In addition to this, I was sent to agree on an estimate of the repair, with two or three options at once. I chose and approved one of them. After the completion of the repair, the management company provided me with a report on the work done and photographs of the renovated bathroom.
– In the end, are you satisfied with your acquisitions? Would you like to change something if there was such an opportunity?
– We are very responsible for buying real estate. At the maximum, we studied all possible questions and situations that may occur, before making a deal. Therefore, their purchase is satisfied, and they would leave everything as is.
– Do you yourself often come to Germany?
– We were only in Berlin and the surrounding area. Impressions of the city were good. I realized that I could live here. The Berliners are well-bred, sympathetic, calm and patient people. Convenient public transport, excellent roads, and the city itself is very green. There are parks everywhere, lakes, rivers, flower beds, lots of air. In addition, in Berlin, good stores with nice prices – everything costs reasonable money.
Interviewed by Ekaterina Kholodova.
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