Poland VS Czech Republic.

Poland VS Czech Republic.
Poland and the Czech Republic are alike, but there are small differences. Poles are more hospitable and good-natured. At the same time, the Czech Republic is a richer and more well-groomed country.
Today I would like to talk about Poland and compare it with the Czech Republic. This will be a very subjective review. I will tell my impressions about Poland, what I like about it, and what does not.
10 pluses of Poland. The advantages of living in Poland.
I’ve been to Poland many times. As I have said many times, I like Polish cuisine, I like the local population. Here is a small square, which in Prague is just the sea. Now the Czech Republic does not like Polish products. There was an article here that Polish products are evil, and so on. They were mostly talking about dairy products, because Poland produces a lot of them. Czech producers also produce a lot of dairy products and, apparently, do not really want Polish products to reach the local counter and compete with local ones. When I’m in Poland, I buy Polish milk, I like it very much. So I can say that this is complete nonsense. They say that Polish products, they say, are substandard. I believe that all this is thought out for political or economic purposes. By the way, in this store Tesco has a department with Ukrainian goods; I think I bought crunches here. And people in Poland, I, perhaps, like more than in the Czech Republic, because the Poles are livelier, or what. The Czechs, in my opinion, are more likely to look like Germans. Poles in this respect seem to me easier, they are closer, maybe to the Balts. If it’s not, correct me in the comments.
Prices in Poland and the Czech Republic are about the same, but I like Polish service more. In Polish cafes and restaurants more open and friendly service, here more than in the Czech Republic, are interested in customers.
In Poland, I like big cities. Somehow everything is easier, people are easier. I remember how my wife got sick and I ran to the pharmacy in the morning. I stopped granny and asked in the Czech language where the pharmacy was. She answered me in Polish, and very welcome, and offered to show “that you are not confused.” I really liked it. Granny was friendly. I reached this pharmacy, but it was closed. Granny waved to me: “Come here, I’ll show you another.” Then the second grandmother joined, who heard it all from the intersection. She said that if it does not work out, then there’s the third pharmacy. That’s how people in Poland helped me. Therefore, I have only positive impressions. In Polish hotels, there was never any prejudice. Recently a woman at the hotel asked where we are from. We answered that we live in the Czech Republic, but ourselves from St. Petersburg. So she let me tell you that she lived there, how she likes everything. Indeed, it is clear that a person is interested. In the morning she made us a delicious breakfast with pancakes – the table was just breaking. I was pleasantly surprised by Polish hospitality; and this is everywhere.
Here is a short comparison of Poland and the Czech Republic. I probably talked more about Poland and gave an example to the Czech Republic. In Poland, I really like to rest, but I would not say that I would very much like to live there, because in the Czech Republic (perhaps because more funds are allocated) more order and there is simply more beautiful. Poland, anyway, rather, is associated with the Baltic countries, which I also like.
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