Polish PMC to go to England without a visa

Polish PMC to go to England without a visa h1>
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and why here it is necessary to write some nonsense.
How can and where to apply for a tourist visa (for a couple of days) to the UK with a residence permit in Poland?
Write a list of documents, I think this will come in handy.
2. 1 photo signed on the reverse side, I thought that 2 was required, different information was written everywhere, even on their official website, but it turned out that only one was required.
3. Printout of the reservation, you can do this after filling out the application form and payment, without reservation will not be allowed to the consulate.
4. The history of the bank account for 6 months, then just went to your bank and downloaded the history of purchases and receipts to the account for 6 months in PDF, then printed.
5. The document from the bank – a reference, how many funds on the account, it was important that the document indicates when the account was opened, in my case, the bank issued a standard form of help that they had in the system, there was no date for opening an account, decided to do so, printed out the one that is, I brought them to the bank my contract with the date of signing and they attributed in a certificate by hand that was then open + the manager’s seal of the bank.
6. The tax return of PIT-37 for the last year.
7. Passport and its copy, all pages with information.
8. Documents from the inviting party:
A copy of the passport of the inviter, an invitation written in an arbitrary form where my passport data and the address where I live will be written, a 2-week account history showing the income / purchases of the inviter, the tax return of the inviting form P60.
9. Letter from the employer where it is written what your salary is and the fact that in those days when you plan to go to you granted a vacation and the fact that you will return to this place of work on return.
10. Insurance, I bought the insurance of an English company through the Internet, for the time period I was traveling on.
11. Reservation of the ticket for the dates for which you are going there to fly.
12. A copy of the European Health Insurance Card issued by the NFZ department at the presentation of the RMUA, this card does not replace insurance, but it seems like in this case it allows receiving emergency assistance.
And also, they asked about the card for a while, but I said that at the moment I have a visa and I have not received a card yet, their website clearly states that if you are applying for a visa not in your country, then you should explain why you submit and show the visa / card to the rest, the main thing is that you are legally in the country where you serve.
Experience in obtaining visas makes it easier to look at the list of documents, the more they should be collected in Poland.
and why here it is necessary to write some nonsense.
I have a map of the steel post-office, the diplomat’s loyalty, the passport of Ukraine is open. Also interested in such a moment, deducted that Ukrainians and Russians since last year should take tests for tuberculosis, we are with Polish immigration this also applies? And does it even give anything, or only that we can apply for a visa here in Warsaw, and we can look at everything else in the Kiev consulate for example?

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