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Hello. I have been married to an Italian for 7 years. I initially had a permesso for 2 years, then I did Carta di soggiorno for 5 years. The term expired on August 7, 2013. I was absent for 1.5 years in Italy because of my mother’s illness. Afraid that here for this, the head will not be petted. The police did not tell me anything. Now I was given Carta di soggiorno a tempo indeterminato. But I have to go home to my mother again, because I left her with a strange woman who is crying. For what period of time can I leave without consequences for me. You have on the site, I read an article about this, but there is not written about this type of permission. Do the differences (indulgences) in Italy when issuing Carta di soggiorno per motivi famigliare for immigrants who are married to Italian citizens. And the second question. I do not know why, but for the second time I have been given Carta di soggiorno in the form of a leaf, although very many (I saw it in the police) gave plastic. What is the difference between them? In the view of the sheet is very not convenient, you have to add. I would be grateful for any information.
Responsible: Olga Veretennikova on 08/03/1983 at 19:42.
By law, you should not be absent from the country for more than a year. But it’s not as important as the health of mom! As a last resort, you will be deprived of your cards and will be given a simple residence permit, do not worry.
Hello, Olga and Pavel! I have a problem with perm di-sogrenno, I have been in Italy since August 2005, the first perfesso was received in 2006 by the motive of the chickens by the doctors. from year to year, prolonged, in occasion of the minor child who also is with me in Italy, in 2012 the child was 18 years old, and we both submitted to the Rhino permesso, I have contracts golf, hourly, child disorganized, the problem is , that the permesso is still under consideration for reasons unknown to me.
Responsible: Olga Veretennikova August 3, 2013 at 19:39.
The causes are known. For medical reasons, it is not possible to extend the residence permit based on the motivation of the work. Now wait and pour on the positive solution. But it would almost be a miracle.
Good afternoon ! I happened so. that I had to fly on vacation in Ukraine. but did not fly away. I can not find a passport. Now I have no leave and I can not make a new passport in Ukraine for a reason. that I work in Italy and there is no way to wait for a new passport. How can I make and what documents are needed for a new passport passport. I lose my loss hoping that there will still be a passport. but it has not been revised anywhere.
Responsible: Olga Veretennikova on 08/03/1983 at 19:36.
You need to make a statement to the carabinieri about the loss of your passport and with an internal passport to request a new passport at the Embassy or make a white passport, fly to Ukraine and make a new passport there. A white passport is made in one day.
Hello Olga, I have a question about paying tass (a tax that you have to pay once a year), if I do not pay it, can somehow it be learned by my employer, maybe he will be notified of this by CHIZL and can (the workman) be for this is punishable, it seems to me that punishment is for this only I, or the laborer is interested in somehow materially that I pay this tax, I am grateful for the answer in advance.
Responsible for: Olga Veretennikova August 3, 2013 at 19:32.
Each of you has his own taxes. The employer has a duty to pay tax on you to the pension fund, and you have to pay your tax. If the employer learns about non-payment of the tax, it’s not terrible, and if the tax inspection finds out about it, then you will pay a fine besides the tax.
Hello, my name is Elena. I have this question: I’m already married to an Italian citizen for 13 years, but I lived with him for only 1 year, all the rest of the time, I lived alone, but not all the time in Italy. For the first time I received a sojourno in 2001, for five years, then lived in Russia, for the second time in 2008 to 2012, and again went to Russia, whether I have any opportunity to do it again without a husband’s help, but I have not yet been baptized, but I do not communicate.
Responsible: Olga Veretennikova August 3, 2013 at 18:38.
If you find a labor contract, you can apply for an extension on it. If you do not have labor income apprentices, then the spouse must file his income documents, since you are on his content. Here, without his participation can not be avoided. Try to find a contract for work or open an IP.
Hello Olga and Pavel. My name is Guzel, I need your advice: the fact is that my MCH has the citizenship of Moldova and lived and worked for about 5 years in Italy. His parents there for more than 12 years. 04.04.13 he submitted documents for the extension permesso and received richevutu, handed over prints. Then on 26.04.13 he flew from Milan to me in Moscow, in the Russian Federation is legally entitled, he has received a work permit and registration for a year, he works, in the long term, to obtain Russian citizenship. But now we are planning to go on vacation to our parents in Milan, the question arose whether he could fly to Italy with the existing documents (richevuta and delayed permesso) by a direct flight from Moscow to Milan, as he was flying from Milan to Moscow. For one, perhaps his new permesso will be ready. There are some discrepancies in the information that it is necessary to fly only Italy-Rodina-Italy, As I understood the main thing to fly back to the airport from which it flew, as between Moldova and Russia visa-free regime. Please explain – will there be any problems at the airport in Milan during customs clearance? Thank you. (If it is not difficult to duplicate the answer to the e-mail [email protected])
Responsible: Olga Veretennikova August 3, 2013 at 18:37.
If he returns with that route and without transplants, then there will be no problems.
Good afternoon! After 2 weeks. I have a tourist visa (ends in the first days of September). I am a citizen of Uzbekistan. My child from 1 marriage (8 years) is now in Tashkent with my grandmother, who is seriously ill (oncology). we want my child arrived in Italy as soon as possible.However, the documents on family reunification (as explained to us in the proper organizations for family reunion) are expected very long. Is it possible to bring the child here in the shortest possible time, given the circumstances? And if so, where to go?
Responsible: Olga Veretennikova August 3, 2013 at 18:35.
You can bring your child on a touristic tour and make an urgent reunion at the moment of handing fingerprints. It is done without the nulla left.
Good afternoon, Olga and Pavel!
I have Carta di Soggiorno (motivi familiari) for 5 years, the term of which ends in October this year. I am preparing the documents for the extension for the same reasons. I have a new passport. Do I need to file a copy of the old passport, since the first Carta di Soggiorno was received on it, or is it enough to file a copy of the new passport?
The first Carta di Soggiorno received in the area of Teramo. Now temporarily I live in the area of Ascoli Piceno (rent an apartment). Documents must be submitted to the questor Teramo or Ascoli Piceno?
Do I have to pass the test of knowledge of the Italian language? In the newspaper “La Nostra Gazzetta” in the article “Do I need to pass a test for knowledge of the language to those who are married to an Italian citizen”, in particular, it says: “If you already have a residence permit for 5 years for family reasons or are going to it get – you do not need to take a test of language. ” Is this really so?
Thank you for attention!
Responsible: Olga Veretennikova August 3, 2013 at 18:30.
You need to submit a new passport, you do not need to provide a copy of the old passport. Documents for the extension you submit at the place of residence, and not at the place of residence. A test of language skills is given when you make a request for a card with a sogorno. If you had a five-year residence permit, you can make a request for a permanent residence permit, but then you will have to take the test. If you are not able to pass the test, then in the request for forgiveness, check in the box the extension of the Vunge, and not the card di-sogorno.
zdrastvyiute pomogite pogalysta, xocy podat dokymentu na vossoedenenua semi z genoiu, ona so mnoiu v Italii z prosrocenoiu polskoiu vizoiu, nygno li eiu exat v Ukrainy dlia togo ctobu pomeniat pasport a potom podavat yge dokymentu ulu mogna podat etot cto est u bydyt lu potom kakueto problemu, zaranuia spasibo za otvet.
Responsible: Olga Veretennikova on July 27, 2013 at 22:49.
No, if the den is here, then you can go with her to Questura and file a request for reunification. It is called “coesione famigliare”.
Zdravstvuite, pomogite pozhalusta s odnim voprosom! Dlya obnovlenia permesso takie documenty kak contratto di soggiorno i contratto di lavoro neobhodimo klast ‘vmeste s modulyami v kit giallo ili eti documenty rabotodatel’ dolzhen otoslat ‘otdelno? Ya ustraivaus’ na rabotu on line 4erez INPS, document nazivaetsia DENUNCIA RAPPORTO DI LAVORO DOMESTICO, eto i est ‘moy contratto di lavoro ili net? Spasibo, izvinyaus’ za neudobstvo s klaviaturoy!
Responsible: Olga Veretennikova on July 27, 2013 at 22:47.
Yes, this document, together with the payment of the INPS ballot, must be encased in an envelope to update the residence permit.
Good afternoon. Help me understand the next situation. We with my boyfriend (he is Italian) plan children. Can this somehow negatively or, conversely, positively (in the sense of speeding up) affect the process of its divorce. His three-year separatist is pumped in the first half of 2014. I heard that divorces in Italy can last for years and decades))). And yet, correctly I understand our further reunion. He recognizes paternity and the child gets Italian citizenship. Further on these grounds, we can apply for a visa upon reunion and make a residence permit already in Italy. Are there any other conditions for family reunion?
Responsible: Olga Veretennikova on July 23, 2013 at 06:42.
The birth of a child can not speed up the process of divorce. Three years is the minimum, you are absolutely right, it can take 7-8 years if the former wife does not give a divorce. There will be courts for the courts and you will wait until everything is over. When you give birth to a child from an Italian, you will get a residence permit. This can be done even without leaving home and obtaining a visa.
Zdrastvujte friends, not long ago in the first filed documents for permesso for family reunification, took fingerprints, got richevutu, but had to return home, flew with a transfer in Germany, where I was detained by customs agents and said that I broke paragraph 95, I wrote in some paper and I was released, said that with these documents “maybe” I could fly only by direct flight from Italy to my homeland. Question: Could I return to Italy? Permesso I was bitten, I know exactly how to take it now?
Responsible: Olga Veretennikova on July 23, 2013 at 06:39.
You will violate the visa regime. All of you will be spoiled by the Schengen base. I advise you to fly direct flight to Italy, using the already available visa, since a new one can not give. As soon as you get a residence permit, these problems will disappear by themselves, as you will move around the Vnzh.
I took a certificate from the place of residence in Ukraine in the regional OVIR in June, in July I will be in Italy on a short tourist visa. How much time do I have to arrange a marriage with an Italian in Italy, so that my certificate from the place of residence still had legal force? Thank you.
Responsible: Olga Veretennikova on July 23, 2013 at 06:35.
The marriage must be completed within 90 days. Actually, you can arrange it for 20 days. Receiving Null left the embassy – one day, then submitting applications to the commune, you need to wait 15 days for publishing information about the upcoming marriage (that is, you just have to wait 15 days after you apply) and you can immediately register a marriage .
Good. My employer has terminated my work contract with me, for several months now I am actively looking for work. My perm is still good. Should I go to the employment center or go somewhere else or do something else to make it clear that I’m looking for a job? And if I find work at once, then how do I get a certificate of income. Maybe it’s better to open your company and work as an individual entrepreneur, so it will be easier to extend permesso? Thank you.
Responsible: Olga Veretennikova on July 23, 2013 at 06:33.
Hello, in any case, it’s better to enroll in the employment center, as it will be possible to extend the residence permit based on unemployment for one year. Individual entrepreneurship I would leave for the most extreme case.
Hello. Tell me, please, how long is the certificate from the place of residence for Nulla left (wedding with the Italian) and can this certificate be issued directly in Italy if it turns out to be overdue? Thank you.
Responsible: Olga Veretennikova on July 18, 2013 at 11:49 pm.
The certificate can be issued only in the registry office at the place of residence, usually after the entry visa, you must within 90 days to arrange a marriage, so that the spam will be in effect during this time. Although each embassy has its own procedures, please specify in your embassy, since you did not write the citizenship of which country you are.
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