It’s time to bring down? Emigration from Russia.
“Step 0” – the decision to leave and “step 1” I deliberately missed the choice of the country, about this many posts and topics in themselves are complex, ambiguous, maybe later I will return to them.
– the first general impression, ours is not ours according to the rhythm of life, people, the general layout of the city, the organization of public places, cleanliness, well-groomed, etc.
– the average level of the cost of housing for rent in areas with schools and kindergartens, the number of housing offers for a long time, the availability of free parking as a plus.
3. Formal stage: prepare documents for the selected scheme of immigration, apply for a visa D.
The most important and difficult stage, gathered on crumbs at the forums and websites of intermediaries, preliminary information about which documents are needed, what gestures will have to be done, what time will be spent in Italy, how many times to travel to Italy and back to Russia and how logically came to a decision that we ourselves on our employment and ignorance of the language can not cope, it is necessary for sure, it’s terrible and expensive to make a mistake, an assistant knowing is needed. Partner in Italy promised but did not find us a little man (Italians like to paint and promise ). Intermediaries in Moscow are inadequate – from 15 thousand euros for services package, and even consultations they have paid for 200 euros. But you have a language – you’ll get to Rome , you found a lawyer on one of the forums, who answered our stupid and not very long questions patiently and not very much, the picture was formed – agreed, formalized the relationship through the Russian firm. The result was that we had already received all the documents in the visa center of Italy, we collected documents and our intermediary executed everything in Italy for a total of three or four months.
The rest depends on the Italian authorities, we are waiting … We will be given a visa – we will have 180 days to enter and from the moment of entry 10 working days to apply for permesso di soggiorno.
I hope, the continuation follows …
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Accidentally not through Vadim took shape from the forum Russian Italy? www.italfirm.ru While at me too the most positive impressions. but we’ll see.
The main thing in advance make more xerocopies of all documents and ask the commercialist to make you all extracts, iscrizione, etc.
And for your own home, you will have to get a certificato di agibilita or idoneita – they can ask at the most unexpected stage, but they are done for a rather long time.
PS I understand the choice of the city – La Spezia cool.
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