Pride of France: TOP-9 of the most beautiful places in Provence.

Pride of France: TOP-9 of the most beautiful places in Provence.
Provence can safely be called the richest in the beautiful places of the region of France. Stretched from the snowy alpine peaks to the slopes of the Central Massif and the picturesque lowlands of the Kamarga, it stands out with landscapes and sights.
There is everything – from the azure coast of the sea, sunny beaches, charming with its beauty lavender fields and endless vineyards to inaccessible mountain peaks, nice villages and fashionable resorts.
About the latter in all the details you can find in motley handouts, we also offer to get acquainted with another Provence, quiet and quiet, with old towns and beautiful nature.
Azure Provence: a friendly place Cote bleue (Cote Bleu)
Let’s start our trip along the sunny Provence with Cote Bleue, located not far from Marseille. It consists of five small communes: Carro-La Couronne, Sausset-les-Pins, Carry-le-Rouet, Rove and Ensues-la-Redonne.
We are sure you have heard about the beautiful Cassis capitals. These are delightful places with secluded beaches, excellent routes for boat trips and opportunities for scuba diving.
And we propose to pass the sensational Cassis and drive a little more along the A55 – to get to the expanses of Cote Bleue. It’s worth it!
This is a very beautiful place with the purest water and excellent seascapes. You can also get here by train. The ticket price (first class in TGV) from Paris to Carry-le-Rouet will cost from 77 euros. Travel time is about 5 hours.
The mountain fairy tale of Provence is the most beautiful waterfall in Valgaudemar (Valdogmar)
To admire the beauty of the next member of our list, you need to keep your way north from Marseilles – to the nature reserve Reserve Naturelle Haute Vallee de la Severaisse (part of the Ecrin National Park).
Noteworthy is the Provencal corner, first of all, its inimitable nature. Here is one of the most beautiful and impressive waterfalls in France – the Cascade du Casse.
A great place to visit, which will leave a lot of pleasant emotions and chic pictures for memory. By the way, behind the waterfall you can admire the nests of cute birds – birds use water currents to protect their nests from ill-wishers.
Provencal Colorado – Luberon, Verdon and Roussillon.
All lovers of mountains and breathtaking scenery also should visit the Luberon Nature Park, located between the Alpine Reserve and the famous rocks of the Verdon Massif.
For the colorful landscapes of French Colorado, you can go to Rustrel, visited by a fairly large number of tourists.
Or choose for the visit is not such a large and famous, but no less beautiful Roussillon. The entrance to the territory is paid, but if you move slightly to the side along the hill, you can see the red cliffs in all its glory for free.
Not far from Roussillon on one high hill stands one of the most beautiful old towns of France – Gordes. It is especially beautiful in the rays of the rising or setting sun. A magical sight!
Stone miracles – La Salle de bal des demoiselles coiffees.
From the peaks near the village of Teia, one can observe the incredible – here from the hills grow “stone mushrooms,” nicknamed “cheminees de fee” (“chimneys of the fairies”) and “demoiselles coiffees” (“hairstyles of the girls”).
The creators of this unusual natural phenomenon are rain and wind, skilfully rubbing rocks for three million years. To get access to the most impressive reviews, it is better from the village of Theus to climb up to 1,236 meters along a footpath with signs.
Traveling in time – an interesting town Villeneuve-Loubet (Villeneuve-Loubet)
To go to the past of France, it is not necessary to open temporary portals. It is enough to jump into the car and go, for example, to Villeneuve-Loubet.
On the well-groomed streets of this town you can wander for hours, only occasionally dropping into the passing cafe to properly refresh yourself with delicious Provencal food.
And when the lovely provincial charm of Villeneuve-Loubet gets bored (which is unlikely), you can head to the coastal strip and take a rapturous look at the modern complex. And then sit next to him on a cozy pebble beach.
Beautiful villages – inaccessible Les Baux de Provence (Les Baux de Provence)
If we talk about beautiful villages and towns, the only Villeneuve-Loubet in Provence will not end. In one of the largest historical regions of France, many ancient settlements have been preserved. One such is Les Beaux de Provence (Les Baux de Provence).
Spectacular and picturesque village with a melodic name Le Baux de Provence rises on one of the alpine ridge and is among the most beautiful villages in France. This is a very interesting and beautiful place, inhabited since Celtic times, with which I want to get acquainted again and again.
At the top of the ridge are the remains of an impregnable once-medieval citadel – Bo Castle, destroyed in 1632 by order of Cardinal Richelieu.
Lavender Kingdom – Saignon (Segnon)
If you have long dreamed of cycling along the boundless lavender fields of Provence and staying in a small provincial village where you will not meet a crowd of curious and noisy tourists, safely go to Seignon. It’s like stepping into another world!
Very, very few visitors, cozy terraces, here and there hiding behind the foliage, beautiful streets, a measured and quiet life – all this you will find in Senjon, located some 50 km from Avignon.
By the way, the town is almost surrounded on all sides by nature parks – an interesting and active leisure will be exactly provided!
Fans of water entertainment – Le Vallon des Carmes.
Le Vallon des Carmes is the real gem of France, Provence and the village of Barjols. This cascade was not used for one advertising shoot, and spending time in the lake at its base in the summer is a complete pleasure.
The total area of the park is more than 30 hectares. It was founded in the eighteenth century, when the monks built a chapel here. Today it is a popular place among locals who are looking for coolness on hot summer days.
The water temperature is around 15 – 17 degrees. In total, on the territory of the “jungle” near Barjols there are 3 waterfalls, surrounded by dense and diverse vegetation.
Saint-Paul de Vence & # 8212; beautiful and ancient place of Provence.
The last in today’s list is the charming village of Saint-Paul de Vence, located 15 kilometers from Nice airport. In the past, the “stone nest”, which saved the inhabitants from the raids of the Saracens, welcomes guests today.
Here at one time rested Jean-Paul Sartre, Catherine Deneuve and Sophia Loren. Here they first met, and later the wedding of Yves Montand and Simona Signoret.
The ornate cobbled streets of Saint-Paul-de-Vence with a maze of stone houses are an architectural monument in the open air.
And outside the town there is the Mayo-Louvre Foundation on the Cote d’Azur, where all connoisseurs of ancient architecture and art will be interested.
And what places in Provence impressed you?
That’s posting full of intgihs!
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