Procedure for obtaining a residence permit in Finland.

Procedure for obtaining a residence permit in Finland.
The country of Suomi is a sought-after destination for Russians. Among the holders of a residence permit in Finland, a large percentage belongs to those who come from our country. The reason for this is close neighborhood, an understandable mentality and a high standard of living.
There are three types of residency in the country:
Temporary permission (on the card is marked “B”) is issued for a period of not more than 1 year, depending on the reason for the stay. When circumstances change, for example, in connection with work, the period can be extended or changed to continuous. A continuous permit (denoted by the Latin letter “A”) allows you to stay in the country for up to 4 years, after which it should either be extended or changed to a permanent permit. In the case of the issuance of temporary residence permit after a continuous foreigner is practically deprived of the chance to ever get a permanent look. Permanent permission (marked as “P”) can be obtained after 4 years of residence on a continuous residence permit.
Since 2012, such permits are issued in the form of a biometric card with a photo and fingerprints. The deadlines for consideration of applications vary depending on the type of authorization and the method of obtaining it, and range from 1 to 9 months.
Methods of obtaining residence permit in Finland.
A residence permit in Finland can be issued on the basis of work in the country, training at a local university, the presence of Finnish roots from the applicant or the desire of the holder of a residence permit to transfer to his family, business immigration is becoming more popular lately. The process of obtaining a residence permit begins with the collection of necessary documents and the submission of an application to the Finnish consulate.
To obtain a residence permit in the country through employment, you must at least have an invitation to work from the employer. Suitable vacancies can be found on the website of the Ministry of Labor:, on the job search sites, for example: and Having “on hands” such an invitation, you can apply for a residence permit at the embassy or consulate of Finland. After paying the fee, it remains only to wait patiently for a decision within a month and a half.
Despite the fact that in Suomi once two official languages and a high overall level of English, the overwhelming number of citizens speak exactly in Finnish. Because it is necessary to know it at an acceptable level. An exception are some western regions of the state where the Swedish language still has a strong position. Nevertheless, in some areas you can do with the knowledge of English alone, for example, in the IT field or in seasonal work.
In many professions, a procedure for confirming qualifications is provided for foreigners. Applicants will have to pass special exams. The list of professions can be found on the website of the National Board of Education:
The most demanded in the foreign workforce of the business sector are: agriculture, construction, high technology, tourism and restaurant business, medicine and social service.
As a rule, the simplest and most effective way for Russian citizens to obtain a residence permit in Finland is to study at local universities. Choosing a specialty at admission, it is worth keeping in mind its relevance, as this directly determines the further prospects for finding work in the country.
Universities of Suomi are highly rated in the world, so at the end of the training you can try to gain a foothold in another European country or return to Russia and have a competitive advantage over graduates of Russian universities.
For training over 3 months, you need a temporary residence permit. In order to receive the applicant, it will be sufficient to show in the consulate a document confirming the admission to the educational institution and the availability of a sufficient amount on the account.
English in Finnish universities is used everywhere, in teaching, and in textbooks. Therefore, knowing it is important at a good level, in addition, useful and knowledge of the Finnish for communication outside the walls of the school. Availability of TOEFL or IELTS certificates is required not everywhere, somewhere they will offer to pass a small test for knowledge of English or Finnish, and somewhere it will be enough to demonstrate it in a personal interview during an interview.
Residence permit in Finland is available for entrepreneurs who are ready to open or buy their own business in the country. The main conditions are: the availability of a sufficient amount of money for living and actually for business and a competent business plan.
The term repatriation means repatriation. This method is suitable for Russians who have Ingermanland roots and are able to prove this. In Ingermanland, there are about 20,000 people, and they live mainly in the Leningrad and Pskov regions, Karelia and Western Siberia.
The process of repatriation is quite lengthy. In addition to the supporting documents, the applicant also has to pass an examination for knowledge of one of the state languages, Finnish or Swedish.
Restoring the family.
To move to the country of Suomi it is possible and with the purpose of family reunion. The holder of a residence permit can transfer his minor children to the country, as well as a spouse or cohabitant if the couple has lived together for at least 2 years or has a common child. The main condition for family reunification is the financial solvency of a resident in Finland, he must be employed or own a business.
You can get to the country on a visitor’s visa and how to get a temporary residence permit.
The advantages of a residence permit.
The foreigner of residence permits in Finland, in addition to being able to stay there for the period specified in the document, also has a number of rights on an equal footing with the citizens of Suomi:
The right to employment, business and education; Free medicine; Free visit to EU countries; Free education for children.

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