Procedure for permanent residence in Italy.

Procedure for permanent residence in Italy.
Popular in recent years, the logical chain & # 8212; you are a Russian, like Italy, you are increasingly thinking seriously about the prospects for living in this attractive country, means one thing. it’s time to learn all the features of moving to a permanent place of residence. This status allows you to live and work in Italy, or any choice of a European Union country without a term, which is almost equal to citizenship. Permanent residence can not be registered, bypassing the period of residence permit # 8212; It can only be obtained after five years of trouble-free use. residence in the country.
With permanent residence you automatically go to the status of a resident, you receive a full set of social and economic benefits, available to the rest of the citizens, with the exception of political rights, which is the only difference from citizenship. Today, for the Russians, the Italian authorities issue a type permit for the EU perpetual permisso di soggiorno CE per soggiornanti di lungo periodo, which presupposes an unlimited period.
How to register a Russian citizen in Italy?
For successful assignment of permanent residence it is necessary to go through a long period of legalization. It is necessary to carefully prepare the documentary base for obtaining the initial permission to enter “nulla osta” and further phased legalization. The immigration path until the moment of assignment to the Russian citizen of the coveted right of permanent residence within the borders of Italy stretches for years and, in the standard version, involves the stages:
Obtaining an entry visa of the appropriate type at the nearest consulate in Russia (class “D” or “D + C”), the request is submitted personally by the applicant on the basis of the permissive document “nulla osta” and the prepared package of documents. Russians & # 8212; lucky owners of Italian real estate can count on a multivisa that entitles them to multiple entry into the country, but limits the stay for 3 months each half-year. For its registration it is required to provide a copy of the title deed, along with the original extract from the national property registry. Entry into the country by its visa, registration in an operative manner at the Immigration Office within 8 days from the date of arrival, filing a request for initial temporary status.
Note! The possibilities of temporary stay in Italy for Russians are limited to very specific and unchanged for many years reasons:
Entrepreneurship of all kinds; official employment for hire; work at the invitation of highly qualified specialists; departure for study; reunification of the integrity of the family.
After receiving the long-awaited temporary residence permit, updating it through the five-year period to a permanent and the same path lasting five years to full citizenship. The final step is & # 8212; obtaining citizenship and the passport of Italy, a happy long life.
The necessary conditions for Russians on the way to obtaining Italian permanent residence are few, but they are quite thorough and costly in all respects:
the basic condition is & # 8212; stay in Italy for at least 5 years for a previously issued residence permit; decent command of Italian & # 8212; the Russian passes a language test or receives a document with an assessment of knowledge not lower than A2; the availability of a stable and sufficient income per person for each person, a place of residence directly in Italy – this can be your own property or a long lease.
Permanent residency can also get a partner in marriage, minor children. The permit is issued at the place of actual residence, is subject to replacement every 5 years at the request of the owner, has no statute of limitations. To provide a full package of documents is not required, only the photo is updated. A permanent residence permit gives the Russian the right and the opportunity to live peacefully not only in Italy, but throughout the whole territory of the Union, to invite close relatives to live with him, provided his own, leased real estate and a legitimate source of income within the established norms, to submit an application for citizenship in 5 years.
The main task of the applicant is to correctly prepare a documentary base in strict accordance with the requirements of the migration service for requesting a residence permit at the appropriate stage for each stage of legalization and create during the residence all prerequisites for a guaranteed positive result.
List of necessary documents.
Important! The documentary basis for obtaining citizens of the Russian Federation the right to stay indefinitely in the place of Italy chosen for life requires clarification immediately before submitting a request, in order to avoid complications.
The standard package for submission to the department of emigration is as follows:
mandatory copy of annual income declarations; need at least four photos of the standard format; the original of the foreign passport and copies of the completed pages; a copy of the latest tax return or a document confirming legal income above the social subsidy rate (approximately 5,000 euros) for the previous year; documentary evidence of personal, rented housing; information on the absence of grave breaches of the law; certificate from the place of permanent residence; information on the composition of the family; receipt for payment of the service.
How to increase the receipt of European citizenship?
Term of obtaining permanent residence in Italy.
Russians who have serious intentions for permanent residence in Italy must comply with the requirements of the migration department of Questura, developed by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the country, and the provisions of the Consulate in Russia prepared by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Each instance takes an independent decision independently, guided by the norms of the Republic, international law. The order of treatment and the period during which a Russian can complete permanent residence in Italy, practically does not differ from the procedure for the assignment of residence permit. This status is not the only possible and mandatory for permanent legalization in the country, it is enough to periodically renew the residence permit, received without delay, without delay.
Cost of registration of permanent residence in Italy.
The final cost of registration for a Russian citizen of permanent residence in Italy consists of the costs that arise in all the previous stages of immigration, starting with the registration of an entry visa and ending with the application for permanent residence, and can be expressed in a considerable amount. Directly the fee for documentary registration is 80-200 euros, depending on the type of authorization, duration, grounds for a long stay in the country, the stamp duty on the application and postal services is additionally paid.
Advantages of registration of permanent residence in Italy.
Russian at the time of registration of permanent residence in Italy, while retaining their original civil status and documents, receives a “2 in 1” in the form of a permit for permanent residence with an indication of the main motivation and at the same time an identity card that is recognized throughout the EU. At the same time, a complete package of internal documents is issued:
The standard form of an Italian passport; Documents on registration in the medical and social service; Personal Identification Code; Certificates of municipal services.
Advantages for Russians who have permanent residence in Italy, make up a long list that can be constantly replenished depending on the goals and needs of a particular person:
All rights of the native inhabitants of the country and citizens of the European Union; Freedom of movement, choice of place of residence and work; Guarantees of all kinds of security; High quality of life; Quality free medicine and education; The possibility of concessional lending and business financing; Low taxes on the purchase of real estate; Perfect climate; The largest percentage of centenarians in Europe.
Other opportunities legally to settle in Italy.
For an official receipt of permanent residence in Italy, an ordinary Russian citizen who does not have a good reason for obtaining citizenship can count only after 5 years of stay in the country with strict observance of all conditions of migration legislation. There is a much simpler way & # 8212; Possessing Romanian citizenship, you can easily settle in Italy without the length of stay. The unparalleled procedure of registering Romanian citizenship through repatriation and the restoration of lost family ties opens up opportunities for Russians to obtain a legal right to live on an equal footing with Europeans in Italy, any EU country. For citizens of EU states, the established period of permanent residence for obtaining Italian citizenship and a passport is reduced to 4 years, this is another good reason to think about obtaining Romanian citizenship. Qualified specialists of our company on migration legislation are ready to offer Russians the most attractive way in terms of time and cost to settle in Italy through the registration of Romanian citizenship – contact us, work quickly, professionally, with a guarantee.
The citizenship of Bulgaria is of interest to Russians, since the country is a member of the EU. For.
France – one of the western countries, which is one of the “locomotives” of the EU. A life.
To date, a simple and affordable procedure for obtaining Romanian citizenship on the territory.
Sweden is a northern EU country bordering Finland and Norway.
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