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Canada is a modern, highly developed country with amazing opportunities and enormous potential. It is a state with a prosperous, rich and multifaceted economy. The living standard is exceptionally high and safe, freedom of speech, ethnic and national equality, justice of laws prevail here. Every year a large number of people from different countries want to move to Canada. The cost of immigration to Canada in 2017 certainly differs from the previous period.
The cost of immigration to Canada is compulsory.
Beginning to deal with the immigration procedure, be prepared for a long and legally difficult process, which, moreover, will require significant expenditure. The procedure starts with filling out the application form and payment of consular fees that are required at the time of filing. The amount of payments depends on whether the person moves by himself or with the family, hence, on the number of family members, the age of the children and the migration program of departure.
The fees are paid in the same amount for most immigration programs in Canada, with the exception of business and several provincial categories, where the amounts vary. Leaving the “Family category” & # 8212; Family Category, Canadian families can be involved in payment, but most often this does not happen.
Types of consular fees.
The cost of immigration to Canada provides for the payment of two key types of consular fees:
Processing Fee.
The fee is charged as a service of the Ministry for the study of a personal migration case, at the time it is submitted to the embassy. Regardless of the outcome of the case and in case of rejection of it, payment is not refundable.
The amount of the fee is, CAD:
Family Category & # 8212; Family Class applicants.
Form – 75; Contribution of the main applicant & # 8212; 475; Each member of the family (from 22 years old) – 550; Children under 22 years old – 150.
Business immigration & # 8212; Investor, Entrepreneur or Self-Employed Persons Class applicants.
Applicant’s fee & # 8212; 1 050; The applicant’s family member is 22 years old – 550 each; Children under 22 years old – 150.
Other programs & # 8212; Other classes of applicants,
The main applicant’s contribution is 550; A family member of 22 years & # 8212; 550 each; Children under 22 years old – 150.
The state duty paid should be at the time of submitting documents for consideration of the immigration issue.
Right of Permanent Residence Fee.
After the approval and the positive response of the application, the state duty for obtaining the resident status for permanent residence is paid & # 8212; For the acquisition of permanent resident status:
RPRF does not cover the following categories of population:
Children under 22; Adopted / adopted children, orphans; Refugees.
This kind of state duty is the only one that can be returned in the following cases:
The applicant’s refusal to continue the immigration process; Refusal of the Consulate to issue a visa, for one reason; The received visas were not used by the applicant for various reasons.
For more information on fees for different program categories, please visit:
Mandatory confirmation of the availability of funds.
Upon receipt of a notice from the Canadian embassy on the guarantee of issuing an immigrant visa, the emigrant must confirm the availability of funds on the bank account. For the maintenance of the family for 6 months and payment for the rental of housing (or its purchase). You do not need to provide financial information if there is currently an official work permit and there is a valid offer from the employer.
Every year, minor adjustments to the necessary level of welfare occur. They directly depend on the minimum subsistence level in the country.
The cost of immigration to Canada in 2017 requires confirmation of the availability of funds:
Those. for each subsequent member of the family, an amount of CZK 3,314 is required.
It can be confirmed:
Bank statement of the availability of funds on your account; A certificate of real estate ownership with an assessment of market value; The shares of enterprises with valuation, traveler’s checks, and so on.
The country’s legislation does not restrict the import of funds, in order to make it easier and easier to find housing in the country and settle there. However, Canadian customs regulations require the declaration of an amount equal to or exceeding 10,000 Canadian dollars. When concealing funds, they can be withdrawn, and the owner is fined.
Additional immigration costs.
It may be necessary to pay for third-party services for the following areas:
Professional translation, certification (apostille) of documents submitted to the Canadian Consulate. The amount of payment consists of the number of documents and the complexity of the translation. Varies from 180 to 350 CAD. Delivery of language tests. Examinations are paid for themselves, depending on the requirements of the program. Costs range from 125 to 250 CAD. More details can be found here. Certification of diplomas on education. Review and evaluation is carried out in legislation by state institutions of Canada. Each case has its own value. Society of Engineers of Canada & # 8212; from 250 to 400 CAD; Canadian Society of Veterans & # 8212; from 275 CAD; Medical and legal diplomas – the amount of the assessment is much higher. The medical commission is envisaged at the last immigration stage. The cost of it varies in each medical center (approximately 300? 500 CAD per person). Those who have a special certificate have the right to formalize the document. The certificate of non-conviction is ordered in the Ministry of the Interior of the country of residence or at the consular centers. Payment depends on the particular institution.
Self-immigration to Canada or attorney services?
For a more competently planned approach to the immigration process, it is best to use the services of a professional, qualified immigration representative or agency.
The cost of immigration to Canada also includes the prices for services, which consist of the provision of specific species and approximately vary, CAD:
Forming an emigration package of documents for the whole family 2 000 – 3 500; Formation of a package of documents for the business class category 3500 & # 8212; 6500; The last stage of moving to Canada & # 8212; air ticket purchase & # 8212; 800 – 1,400.

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