Proper nutrition.

Proper nutrition.
Nutrition with a scientific approach.
With us to be in shape easily!
The Just Food project is ready-made.
food for the whole day with delivery.
Daily diet (5-6 meals), based on the principles of proper nutrition, taking into account your.
individual parameters. Free delivery in Moscow and the Moscow region (7 km from Moscow Ring Road).
purpose and BIO.
make useful tasty.
Each dish is seperate.
Convenient environmentally friendly.
We created Just Food for ourselves, therefore.
we are always the first customers of the service.
We deliver in 97% of cases on time.
Cottage cheese rides to us from the village,
in stores this is not for sale.
Without frying, without salt, without sugar,
Only fresh products from.
suppliers of restaurants and cafes.
Save time on trips to the store,
on cooking, on washing dishes.
Save money on utility bills.
payments, at dinners in cafes and restaurants.
The cost of one business lunch in Moscow is from 300 rubles.
In Just Food, the cost of a healthy diet day is from 1090 rubles.
(5-6 meals).
It has long been known that proper nutrition is what you need, but.
still find reasons to postpone changes in life.
Proper nutrition is the same.
it is important for a set of muscle.
mass, as well as physical.
Consume more calories,
than spend, while: a minimum.
fats and fast carbohydrates,
food, fast-food, excessive.
lack of diet –
all this leads to obesity.
Consume fewer calories,
You are in good shape and.
eat, but time for everything is not.
balance, watch the diet and.
The norms of calorie consumption are calculated according to the formula based on.
weight, height, age, multiplied by the activity coefficient.
((9.99 x Weight) + (6.25 x Height) – (4.92 x Age) + 5) x Activity Factor = The male daily calorie rate.
((9.99 x Weight) + (6.25 x Height) – (4.92 x Age) – 161) Activity factor = The female daily calorie rate.
(light exercises 1-3 times a week)
(active training 3-5 times a week)
(heavy physical activity 6-7 times a week)
intensive training sessions 2 times a day.
Specially designed for those who are demanding of themselves and the result,
but does not have the opportunity to train regularly.
3 main meals.
A large number of complex dishes.
from restaurant chefs.
A few times more.
vegetables and fruits.
A wide variety of spices.
Dishes of national cuisine:
Georgian, Greek, Israeli,
Moroccan, Russian, Asian.
for inhabitants of a megacity.
of the week – 1500 kcal.
The menu is repeated every 3-4 weeks, we regularly add new dishes.
Programs differ in the weight of portions and the sequence of eating dishes: for rations on.
1200 kcal exclude carbohydrates after dinner, for 2500 kcal we add one more meal.
Salt is minimized – it is.
delays water. Spices and.
natural sauces exist can be done.
Sugar is not used,
in the last resort, we change it to a sweetener.
Kasha is cooked on water, without milk.
Add some fruit,
berries, cinnamon or honey.
Stew, cook, bake.
Without frying, without oil.
Dried porridge with pumpkin.
Egg pancakes with tomatoes and feta.
Keta unagi and couscous with vegetables.
Buckwheat noodles with vegetables and turkey.
Vegetable salad with mozzarela.
Chicken in Mexican and rice with beans.
Cheesecakes with banana and berry sauce.
Sandwich with tuna.
Chicken with orange and couscous with tomatoes.
Hedgehogs with rice and pasta with broccoli.
Turkey with onions and carrots, pearl barley with vegetables.
Chicken cutlet with vegetable mix.
Candy-muesli with banana.
Chicken cutlet with greens.
Pasta with chicken.
Salad with apple and celery.
Turkey with pumpkin and prunes and spicy chickpeas with spinach.
Salad with baked salmon.
Barley porridge on the milk.
Carrot syrup with condensed milk.
Kefir fritters with zucchini and sour cream.
Fish cutlet with vegetable ratatouille.
Lentil soup and vegetables.
Oatmeal cookies with cottage cheese and berry sauce.
Idea, baked in sweet chili with spicy chickpeas.
Sandwich with hummus and baked pepper.
Cottage cheese with lemon and orange, fresh pear.
Chicken fillet in yogurt sauce with kino and bulgur.
Vegetable salad with feta and spicy herbs.
Appetizer of hard cheese with grapes.
Honey-mustard beef with vegetables grill.
Rice porridge with coconut shavings and dried fruits.
Pancakes with spinach and sour cream.
Salmon cutlet with curry rice.
Light tomato soup.
Vegetable sticks with a sauce of cottage cheese and greens.
Turkey in honey-mustard sauce and kinoa with bulgur.
5 years worked in restaurants Goodman and Fish House in Moscow. Representative of the direction of healthy eating in the restaurant business.
He shares the ideology of proper nutrition, goes in for sports, follows a diet and loves to manage the kitchen of the project!
The aim of the project is to enable it to be overcome quickly.
a hard way to the body of dreams.
to make it better for you.
In free from Just Food.
time creates complex.
Champion of Moscow.
water polo, likes.
sailing and.
jumping into the water,
In Just Food answers.
for development, love,
when it is called.
Graduate of the Moscow State Technical University. Bauman –
of the world by sailing.
processes in Just Food.
Certified nutritiologist, expert.
Author of the training program of conscious nutrition GetLean, the basic principles of which.

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