Property abroad in Montenegro: immigration to the country of the Adriatic.

Property abroad in Montenegro: immigration to the country of the Adriatic.
Many real estate agencies, wishing to attract as many Russian buyers as possible, boldly declare in their advertisements that there is a Russian diaspora in Montenegro. It will be funny to see how realtors will argue this fact, if they are asked in person: “where is this diaspora? “You will not get an answer.
The Russians, who moved to Montenegro, do not really unite anything as a single language.
Russian people in Montenegro can be seen right away. He really stands out from the others. Moving to Montenegro, he brings with him his habits, which were worked out over the years. The most recognizable habit is fencing from the world by fence.
But still there are not many Russians in Montenegro. The main part of Russians who owns real estate abroad in Montenegro, comes only for recreation. Today, the sale of apartments in new homes is very well developed. The owner of a new building is usually a Russian investor who builds houses only for his compatriots. And the houses get their name “Russians”. If you want to open your own business, then buying real estate in Montenegro is cheap – it’s very convenient: there is security, and parking, and shops with restaurants. But if you buy real estate only for recreation, then it’s very sad. Almost the whole year your apartment or house is empty, but when the summer season begins, the house is filled with life: the owners of apartments come and start to rest at their fullest.
Russian investors are building Russian homes, saving on everything. The quality of the finish will please you only externally, but inside there will be a bare concrete overlap without heat and noise insulation – this fact can be hidden from you.
Russian, who live permanently in Montenegro, made a firm decision to settle here, and they do not need another Russian at their side. They perfectly speak a foreign language, they do not need translators. They solve any problems. By the way, it’s no secret that in Montenegro there are famous people in Russia.
Also here can reside either businessmen or pensioners, or women with children, sent here by their spouses. Everyone lives their own lives, just as they do in Russia. Real estate in Montenegro for pensioners is, by the way, not so expensive. Well, those who live from birth here, the state at its own expense builds a house or apartment for a true retiree.
Montenegro is a country where you do not feel like an outsider, even if there are no Russian people nearby. You live moderately, quietly, calmly.
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Almost every European country seems ideal for citizens of the CIS countries in comparison with native penates. There, the air is cleaner, and the social is better, and people are kinder – in general, THERE is better. Montenegro.
Montenegro, consonant with nature.
Montenegro for Russians – the country has not been new for a long time. The Slavic kinship and the mild Mediterranean climate of the Adriatic coast are the main circumstances that attract peaceful lovers.

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