Pros of immigration to Germany

Pros of immigration to Germany h1>
What are the advantages and disadvantages of immigration to Germany? Life in Germany: advantages and disadvantages.
Germany & # 8212; is a member of the EU with a very stable economy, a very high standard of living, impressive social guarantees, and, in general, a country that attracts tourists and migrants of all stripes. Germany & # 8212; the country is very successful and highly developed, however, we will try to objectively examine the features of life here, highlighting the main pros and cons.
Pros and cons of life in Germany: what is it worth to prepare for?
We will start traditionally with pluses, and in this case, frankly, there are a lot of them.
A high standard of living, no doubt, this is the decisive factor that attracts migrants to Germany. Having a quality education, you can get really high wages here, it concerns many professions, and especially # 8212; employees of the medical field. However, even what is considered a very low-skilled labor in the homeland is paid very, very worthy in Germany. High social guarantees & # 8212; this is another important plus of life in Germany. High pensions, payments to mothers, as well as many others & # 8212; this is something for which it is worth moving. High quality of education & # 8212; this is another significant plus of life in Germany. And this applies to both secondary education and higher education. Many German universities are included in the most relevant tops and rankings of the best universities in the world, so your diploma will be quoted not only directly, in Germany, but in many other countries of the world. Medicine in Germany, in fact, stimulates the development of medical tourism in Germany. Medical services here are quite expensive, but in this case & # 8212; very effective, using the most modern technology, high-quality medical equipment, the professionalism of German doctors make up legends. Here there is access to the most modern medicines and the most progressive methods of treatment of various diseases. Germany provides many opportunities for domestic tourism. Berlin, Munich, Baden-Baden, Frankfurt, Dresden & # 8212; this is not a complete list of cities that are worth visiting. You can travel both on a personal or rented car, and on the train & # 8212; It will cost relatively to local wages is quite inexpensive. Do not forget that immigration to Germany also allows you to freely travel to all countries of the European Union, and with the services of low-cost companies, even air travel will be unusually accessible. Germany provides a lot of opportunities for personal and professional implementation. Build a career, develop in your favorite hobby & # 8212; all this is more than possible here. In Germany, the highest quality food is sold. Average salaries allow you to rent quality, good housing. The German government actively cares about the environment: and this is felt not only in nature, but also in cities. The Germans & # 8212; they are friendly, sympathetic people. Here you will not be judged by the degree of high cost of your clothes, it is important what kind of person you are, for personal qualities, they will definitely pay much more attention here than on brands. Your visual self-expression here will also not cause questions. In Germany, very high quality roads. Well, the German automotive industry is famous for the whole world, so buying a local manufacturer’s car will be very, very sensible. In German cities is very, very clean, which undoubtedly will please the orderly. The political situation in the country is quite stable.
As you can see, the advantages of living in Germany are more than enough. However, it would be unfair to note some negative features:
The process of immigration to Germany is quite difficult. It is not always possible in advance to predict the final of this process. In any case, you will have to prepare a maximum of documents and thoroughly substantiate the immigration. The current migration crisis in Germany somewhat complicates life there, sometimes it becomes quite dangerous. When the situation improves & # 8212; is unknown. Medicine in Germany is very expensive, despite the fact that the quality justifies this high cost. The Germans & # 8212; are very industrious, therefore, in order to fit, it is necessary to work very, very much. With some peculiarities of the German mentality, it is difficult for our compatriots to be reconciled. Quite high taxes. German bureaucracy: there are certain difficulties in the preparation of many documents.
In any case, it’s up to you whether to immigrate to Germany or not. Anyway, specialists from I’MMIGRATION will provide you with qualified assistance in immigration, job search, study place, will consult, help you get certain documents, visas to Germany and much more. With us, all the difficulties cease to be complexities!

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