Puerto Rico: useful tips for tourists.

Puerto Rico: useful tips for tourists.
Security. Puerto Rico has a relatively high standard of living, if compared to other Caribbean islands, but it is still much lower than even in the US states, characterized by high poverty. The high unemployment rate forces Puerto Ricans to seek employment in the US, while the rest are more often engaged in various short-term earnings. In this regard, the security here is rather ambiguous. The level of violent crime is rather low here, and in areas where tourists are often almost safe and protected by a special police unit. Only poor areas, most major cities, for foreign tourists have a certain security threat.
It is not recommended to exhibit jewelry, expensive cameras, video cameras, and also “thick” wallets. Excessive attention can be detrimental, and you can be robbed right in the middle of a white day. Avoid areas with large concentrations of people, in such places you can often find pocket thieves. Do not exchange money on the street, there is a high probability of encountering a fraudster or you can simply be robbed. If you are alone, then do not make walks on the deserted beaches, and especially at night. A thief can easily attack a lonely person.
If you want to ask a Puerto Rican how to get to the right place, then most likely with the words “follow me” he will happily take you to the right place. But do not forget that people often use the confidence of tourists and you can easily be robbed. Especially watchful should be at night, women and lonely travelers. If you move by car, then leave the car in a well-lit place and do not forget to take all the things from the car.
Tip. Usually in hotels of high class, the tip is not accepted, since they are already added in the amount of 10 to 15% to the account. Most medium-sized establishments still do not include tips in the bill, so you can leave the tip to the waiters no more than 10%, in bars and restaurants, the size will be just below-5%. Do not forget to pay tips to guides, taxi drivers, porter, the size is from 1 to 5 gourdes.

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