Questionnaires for German immigration

Questionnaires for German immigration h1>
Residence permit in Germany and grounds for obtaining residence permit:
1. Business immigration to Germany.
If you are a successful entrepreneur and are ready to invest your personal money in the German economy, then you can always use it to get a residence permit. Note that the volume of investments is of no fundamental importance. Although in many countries it is fixed. In other words, both the big and small businesses are treated equally. The minimum amount of the authorized capital for any foreign company is 25,000 euros. Open in Germany Ltd. is very simple even for a foreigner – in Germany there is little chance of bureaucratic delays. To bring in the authorized capital it is necessary even before the termination of procedure of company registration. Businessmen are issued a residence permit for a period of 2 years, after the expiry of the term it can be extended for another 3 years. One of the mandatory conditions is the employment of workers from the local population.
Attention . Always correctly assess not only your current capabilities, but also the requirements that the country makes. Disregarding this, people often lose their money and time, face the impossibility of family reunification or extension of status. In Europe there are not so many countries where it is possible to obtain residence permit for yourself and for all your family quite easily and without refusals.
2. Work in Germany and Berlin.
For today, the emphasis is not on quantity, but on quality, in other words, if you are a highly qualified specialist, then it will be easier for you to get the right to enter and find work in Germany than to a person with low qualifications or without education. A large immigration flow makes it possible to dictate its terms. In addition, in order to get a working visa you need not just to be a good specialist, you also need to be noticed, vouched and taken to work. Only in this case it will be possible to count on obtaining a residence permit with an extension in the future.
For highly qualified personnel, you can immediately obtain a residence permit, in the case when the integration process was provided without the assistance of the state. Highly qualified personnel include: scientists with special professional knowledge; Scientific staff or teachers with prominent functions; specialists and leading employees with special professional experience, who receive a salary of at least double the amount from revealing the border of the contributions of a legitimate medical insurance.
This permission will not be limited to the length of stay and allows you to work.
It will also greatly facilitate the receipt of a residence permit: a work permit; document for a period of 5 years; good knowledge of the German language; 60 months of contributions to pension insurance; absence of crime in the past 3 years; basic knowledge of law and the social system of Germany.
Please note that our project has a free section “Jobs in Germany – Vacancies”, where daily vacancies are added with direct contacts of employers.
3. Education and higher education in Germany.
Young people who wish to pursue higher education abroad can also expect to receive a residence permit with a subsequent extension. It must be said that it is not necessary to start your studies from the first year, you can transfer or graduate postgraduate study, get a master’s degree and so on. Quite strict requirements for students who want to study in Germany. But they (requirements) are quite feasible. Students are allowed to work 2-3 days a week and earn their education.
4. Real estate in Germany.
If you own a property in Germany, this does not give you the right to permanent residence. The granting of a residence permit is in no way connected with the purchase of real estate, but possession of it is some plus during the consideration of the application by the authorities, because it speaks of the applicant’s material independence. The availability of real estate, leased or private use of the facility, is not the main, but an additional advantage when deciding whether to obtain a residence permit. The income per person in the amount of 1500-2000 euros per month, for two – 2000-2500 euros per month is a sufficient subsistence level in Germany.
Please note, the site has a section where you can pick up real estate in Germany.
The priority right to obtain residence permit and citizenship is with ethnic Germans – immigrants. The Germans, who for different reasons lived in other countries, but did not lose their traditions and language, and of course, can prove their German origin. Such a category can qualify for a return to Germany, and obtaining the rights of a full-fledged citizen.
Marriage or a family relationship with a German citizen makes it possible to immigrate to Germany and obtain a permanent residence permit. If you are just planning to get married, then you need to apply for a visa for the bride / groom visa, which allows you to stay in the country for 90 days, for which you must get married and get a residence permit. Do not forget that the receipt of such a visa requires an A1 language test. When the marriage is already issued, the process for family reunification opens. It does not matter which country was married. The main thing is that there are documents that confirm the German citizenship of one of the spouses and financial solvency to support themselves and their families.
Jews are also entitled to permanent residence in Germany. To do this, you need to provide documents that confirm the Jewish roots (enough that there were roots at least one of the parents). It is also necessary to pass the exam by language and prove your worth.
The right to obtain a permanent residence permit can be owned by business owners – in case of successful business development. After the successful completion of the university students can obtain permanent residence and even citizenship, if they are interested in the employer.
To obtain an indefinite residence permit in Germany, it is necessary that the experience of a temporary residence permit for a period of not less than five years be accumulated. In addition, a candidate for a permanent residence permit at the time of receipt should have a certain income.
Citizenship in Germany:
If you spent 8 years in the country, have a residence permit, after you received permanent residence and know German perfectly. Then you can apply for the exam and apply for citizenship. The exception is the status of “training”, the term of stay on it is considered different.

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