Questura or post office. Where can I apply for a residence permit in Italy?

Questura or post office. Where can I apply for a residence permit in Italy?
To obtain or extend a residence permit in Italy, foreigners must apply to the Questura or to the post office, depending on the motivation for issuing the document.
Through the mail, documents should be submitted for the receipt (extension) of the residence permit issued for the following reasons:
waiting for employment; waiting for citizenship; political asylum or humanitarian protection (renewal of validity); conversion of residence permit; business activity; employment for an employment contract; seasonal work; religious reasons; favorite place of residence; stateless person status (renewal of validity period); training (long-term); training and practice; “blue card” of the EU.
The questura should be contacted to obtain a residence permit for the following reasons:
Political asylum or humanitarian protection (first request); Treatment; Sport competitions; Residence permit for minor children; Reunification with family members (in case of requesting a residence permit issued to foreigners whose deportation is prohibited by law, according to Article 19 of the TU); Humanitarian causes; Status of stateless person; Residence permit for family members of EU citizens; In all other cases, except as mentioned above.
What is it, what types exist, how to obtain and extend the document?
All about residence permit in Italy on the basis of employment, the procedure for obtaining and renewing, who can obtain a residence permit in Italy for employment.
We explain how to legalize your location in Italy, if you expect a child, but do not have a residence permit in the country.
Complete instruction of family reunion in Italy. How to apply for a residence permit for a relative in Italy?

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