Railway station Kherson.

Railway station Kherson.
Head of the station: +38 (0552) 53-14-15.
Reception: +38 (0552) 48-25-38.
Baggage delivery to the address: +38 (0552) 48-21-58.
Railway station Kherson.
Located at the address pl. Privokzalnaya, 1. The date of the founding of the railway station Kherson October 16, 1907god. The first train station already had 4 coli. Now there are a lot more of them, but there are also 4 landings.
Railway station Kherson.
It is located at the beginning of the central street of Kherson Ushakov. From the railway station Kherson trains depart not only in Ukraine but also abroad (Moscow), also the railway commuter trains through this railway station, although in 2012 their number has significantly decreased. At the railway station, round-the-clock railway ticket offices operate both for suburban and long-distance trains, where passengers can buy railway tickets. In the central building of the railway station there are waiting rooms, ordinary and enhanced comfort. Nearby there is a hotel where you can stay. Near the railway station building there is a first-aid post, a storage room. There is a currency exchange point, Internet access services. From the railway station Kherson you can reach anywhere in the city by public transport or taxi. The following modes of transport follow:
Train schedule Kherson.
The train schedule in Kherson can be found in the train schedule section of Kherson. The link displays the railway station.
When the railway station or railway ticket office is running Time-out: No break Weekend: No weekend Who was there? Train ticketsGanrietLyudmila Lapina.
Follow the schedule in our section.
Good afternoon! Tell me please, I need to be on December 6 in Sevastopol at 7:00, on which train should I sit down?
This question was raised.
Zdrastvujte. Tell me please what these new rules are and where they are registered: the cashier does not give tickets to the lower shelf until the whole car is filled. I have a small child (1 year), I can not go with him on the top shelf and can not be on duty on the wagon waiting until they dismantle all the upper shelves. Tell me what to do and whether it really is so?
Hello. Yes, there are such rules, when buying two seats, both lower can not be bought. In your case, the cashier does not arrive correctly, if you are traveling with a small child, he is obliged to sell you the bottom place. On our site you can order a bottom seat. Try to book train tickets on our website in the section.
How to get from Nikolaev to New Kakhovka or Kherson now?
Where can I go about the treatment of guides on the train.

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