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New Zealand, Canada or Australia.
Since the comparison turned out to be quite large, we decided to add links to categories for navigation on the article:
Of all the countries, Canada is the closest in terms of climate to Russia – in the north there are icy wastelands, in the south there is a rainy winter and a long summer. Of the unusual for Russia and adverse climatic features, we can note the occasional tornado. Average annual temperatures range from -10 � C in Iqaluit to + 11 � C in Vancouver.
Separately, I would like to highlight a rather interesting point – tolerance, friendliness and hospitality, which is almost the most important indicator when assessing a country for immigration purposes. Psychologists say that immigration on a stress scale equals the highest 100 points, so it will be useful for all readers to know that Canada and New Zealand are among the five most hospitable countries. A high percentage of foreign specialists and students from all over the world, the diversity of cultures and the sound of English will help you to adapt quickly, avoiding unnecessary stress.
In the modern world, the problems of ecology play a very important role, since the quality of the environment around us has a direct impact on health and well-being. The environmental performance index will help us to assess the environmental situation in Australia, Canada and New Zealand objectively. In 2016, a report was published at the World Economic Forum in which the list of countries (180 participants) was assessed for the country’s environmental health and the viability of its ecosystem, that is, the quality of water and air, the environmental impact on human health, the area of forests, measures that the government has taken to protect the ecosystem.
In addition to the environmental problems presented, there may be natural disasters and criminal attacks. Therefore, we will also consider here the criteria for personal safety.
Professional immigration.
Do you want to move to one of these countries?
Then we suggest that you consider possible ways of immigration.
Let’s start with professional immigration.
– a good level of English, usually equivalent to IELTS 6.5 or more (in Canada, you can get additional points for knowing the French language);
– absence of dangerous infectious diseases and convictions;
– Age (the maximum number of points is given on a segment from 18 to 35. The further you go on the age scale from 35 years, the more points you lose);
– the availability of funds (depending on the country and the availability of a work contract, if it is on hand, it is possible to avoid this point). Below are the features of the immigration systems of each country.
So, if you are collecting enough points for professional immigration, congratulations, you can not read further, although … As a rule, the examination of documents for these categories takes from 3 to 12 months and, still, no guarantees of a positive response. So, if you do not have time to wait or your specialty is not included in the list of sought after specialties, or you do not have enough work experience or English, training programs will be interesting for you.
Immigration through training.
Attraction of foreign students to study with the granting them in the future the opportunity to get work in the host country in recent years has become one of the main directions in the immigration policy of Australia, Canada and New Zealand. For this reason, education for the purpose of further life and career building is considered one of the most reliable ways of immigration.
First, if you do not have a sufficient level of language (IELTS 6.0-6.5), you, unfortunately, can not enter the Australian University. And to pass the test in Australia, you must first pay at least three-month language courses and only in this case the student visa will be issued without the right to extend inside Australia (no further stay). After the visa ends you need to return to Russia, and again apply for a visa to continue your studies.
Secondly, successfully graduating from the program at the university for 1-2 years, without a labor contract on your hands, obtaining a work visa can be a real problem. In fact, you do not have any privileges, you also file documents, and your specialty is evaluated on the demand in the labor market, if the skills are not interested in the consul, then you will have to buy a return ticket to your homeland. And even those who studied in the specialty from the list of those in demand should study for 2 years to qualify for a work visa at the end.
The cost of education in Australian universities ranges on average from US $ 9,000 to US $ 25,000 per year.
First, we start with the requirements for admission, all universities require confirmation of English language skills. For those who do not have TOEFL or IELTS certificates, you can complete a language (academic) training course at a college, university or language school (University Pathway Program). The duration of the program depends on the level of the English language, but not less than 10 weeks. Secondly, after graduating from the university you are given an open work permit in Canada for a period comparable to the period of study, but not more than 3 years. In addition, you need to unlearn at least 2 years to qualify for an automatic work visa. Open permission means that you can apply for any job, without any restrictions. However, you must remember that for immigration, you need to work in specialties that require a high level of education.
The cost of education in Canadian universities ranges on average from US $ 9,000 to US $ 25,000 per year.
The immigration government is trying to make the conditions of stay in New Zealand for students more comfortable and easier in all respects. First, one of the pleasant moments of Pathway Student Visa. If you do not have IELTS in your hands, you can come to the language courses and after taking the exam test to enter the university, and this can now be done with a single visa, which is issued for the entire period of study at once. This is convenient and reduces the cost of extending visas.
Secondly, after graduating from the degree program, you have the right to receive a Post Study Work Visa for a period of 1 year, according to which you can work by anyone and anywhere, but if you plan to apply for permanent residence, it is certainly better to find a job on the received specialty. At the same time, if you already have an education and / or experience, then it takes 1 year to get an automatic work visa at the end.
Thirdly, statistics on the approval of student visas for students from Russia for 2015g. was 88%. The indicator is high and these figures the immigration government openly publishes on its website, while for Canada and Australia it is not possible to find this kind of information and judging from experience, the percentage of refusals is much worse.
The cost of education in New Zealand universities ranges on average from US $ 6,000 to US $ 15,000.
The cost of living.
Despite the fact that money itself does not bring happiness, yet they are an important means of achieving higher standards of life and, thereby, greater welfare. A good financial condition facilitates people’s access to quality education, health care and housing.
The rate of earning a house.
Living in a satisfactory housing environment is one of the most important components of human life. Housing should be a place for sleep and rest, where people feel safe, have the opportunity to retire and have a personal space: this is the place where they can create a family. All these factors make the house a home. And, of course, there is the question of whether people can afford the appropriate housing conditions in Canada, Australia and New Zealand.
Prospects for employment.
Having a job offers many important advantages, including: providing a source of income, increasing the level of social integration, self-fulfillment. The main indicator of the assessment of employment in the countries represented is the unemployment rate. The unemployed are people who do not work at the moment, but would like to find a job and are in her active search.
The value of the passport and the waiting time for citizenship.
In order to see the features of each passport, we used the Passport Index resource, where you can curiously examine the cover of a foreign passport and compare passports by different criteria. In the Global Ranking, Canada’s passport occupies 6th place and 152 countries of visa-free space, New Zealand is in 7th place with a figure of 151 countries. Australia in this ranking is on the 8th place with a list of 150 countries. Acquiring citizenship in these three countries can take from 3 to 5 years, depending on your device in the country.
Leisure is important in immigration no less than at home. It helps to relax, get a portion of adrenaline, have fun and thus find the necessary balance and harmony in yourself.
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New Zealand, Canada or Australia.
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