Real estate in Romania.

Real estate in Romania.
Romania is a mysterious country. Once, being the most northern edge of the Holy Roman Empire, Dacia, Romania – Romania was called the land belonging to Rome. Since then, she has been subjected to constant raids by the tribes of the Goths, Huns, Bulgars. Being under the rule of Bulgaria, was baptized into Orthodoxy, having become dependent on Hungarian and Polish kings, was released by the Turks, who immediately established their authority, appointing the rulers of the Greeks, and the Greek became the state language for many decades.
And yet. & Hellip; Being at the crossroads of civilizations and having been exposed to the influence of the west and the east for centuries, Romania has never lost its statehood and never fully enslaved anyone. Moreover, the force imposed by force led to an extraordinary effect – the brilliant appearance of the Romanian people. Many well-known and popular people in the world married many beautiful women-Romanians. Neither the Emperor Bokassa nor General Ariel Sharon could remain indifferent to the fascinating gaze.
But the magic beauty is born only in the edge of magic. And Romania is a real, magical land, with amazing nature, interesting routes and excellent rest. This is the coast of the Black Sea, known since antiquity as Pontus Exinus, and the Carpathians with dizzying air and healing springs, and the Danube Delta, lovingly called the Noah’s Ark for concentrating in one place innumerable animals, plants, fish and birds.
The Romanian coast is so beautiful that it competes with the Mediterranean coast. The sand here is shallow and of special quality.
The sea is calm, strong tides and tides are not observed, and the salt in the water is much less than in other continental seas.
The oldest pearl of the coast is called the resort of Mamaia, once the summer residence of King Ferdinand, besides very cozy, pretty, cheerful. Romanians themselves associate it with the concept of “grandmother”. After all, small Romanian children, referring to my grandmother, say “mama”.
Resorts Neptune and Olympus have won fame of the most elegant and luxurious on the Romanian coast. Thanks to the location of hotels in the center of the coniferous forest Komarova, the air of the resort is very clean and rich in ozone. There are balneological and physiotherapy equipment, mini-golf courses, water sports facilities, and an amusement park. All hotels are modern and comfortable, in restaurants – a large selection of local culinary specialties.
Kostinesti is a youth resort and is designed for summer vacations. Every year, there are held the “Holiday of the Sea”, “Meeting of Young Actors”, “Festival of Jazz”. A lot of hotels, restaurants, clubs, sports grounds and a base for diving make the place a real paradise for students. Summer in Costinesti is always noisy and fun.
Health resorts Eforie Nord, Eforie Sud and Tekirgiol are popular with those who suffer from diseases of the musculoskeletal system, bone system and dermatitis. The healing water and mud of Lake Tekirgiol have remarkable healing properties, recognized throughout the world.
Mangalia, which means “the most beautiful”, the only resort on the coast, where there are not only mud, thermal springs and mineral waters. There are programs for skin rejuvenation and thalassotherapy.
Constanta is the capital of the coast. Ancient city and the biggest port on the Black Sea. He is also famous for the fact that the Roman poet Ovid lived here in exile. In our time, Constanta attracts tourists not only with architectural landmarks and historical monuments, but also with a dolphinarium, a planetarium and a giant aquarium with sea creatures.
Romania in general is a country of resorts. A third of the thermal water is old.
The continent is stored in 160 magical places with miraculous natural “medicines.” No country can boast of such a large number and variety of mineral springs. And it is quite possible, it was in this country that a fairy tale about living water was born, giving strength, beauty and eternal youth.
The resort Slanik – Moldova has, unlike Karlovy Vary, seven types of mineral waters.
from 20 sources), and treatment is 3 times cheaper. Quick healing of people at any time of the year is facilitated not only by the healing power of local mineral waters, but also by unique natural factors – mofetts (clinics using volcanic gas, expanding vessels) and microclimate of salt mines.
Mofetta is successfully used in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases. Grotto microclimate of salt copies makes it possible to achieve beautiful.
results in the treatment of bronchial asthma and other bronchopulmonary diseases.
It is impossible to describe all the resorts of Romania. Beil Felix and.
Covasna, Amara and Sovata, Govor and Boresek, Biboceni and Moneasa; & hellip;
The high efficiency of Romanian resorts combined with affordable prices make them very attractive for tourists.
But, in addition to resorts, in Romania, a lot of interesting. For example, travel to cities.
Bucharest or “little Paris” is the capital of the country. Paris – because there is its own Arc de Triomphe, and a center built in the spirit of the French, and romantic restaurants. Many Romanian architects studied in France and brought with them to Romania an unforgettable Parisian spirit, which impregnated the entire old city. And then, nearby, a monument – a copy of the famous Roman she-wolf, feeding Romulus and Remus – a kind of reminder of the reign of the Roman Empire.
Medieval Romanian cities are real open-air museums. It is a charming meeting with images of the past, woven into a picturesque picture of modern times,
full of secrets castles and palaces.
Holidays, customs, gastronomic traditions of Romanians are a reason for admiration. Thousands of words will not be as convincing as one day lived in one of the Romanian villages.
Traveling to the Danube delta, the most experienced travelers admit that nowhere in Europe have they met so many birds, butterflies and fish, raccoons, otters and muskrats, dragonflies and wild boars, snakes and roe deer living in the same reserve.
The Carpathians of Romania are, above all, the green world. Curving through the whole country with a horseshoe arch, surprising with dense forests with a rich fauna, incomprehensible but interesting phenomena, such as the likeness of the lunar landscape created by the emission of gases and mud from mud volcanoes, exciting the imagination of the mountaintops and alpinists, attract tourists from all over the world.
They say there are magical places. Otherwise, how to explain the magical power of sources that help with almost all known diseases? And why are these springs located along the horseshoe arch? A horseshoe then, fortunately!
By the way, about wizards. In the Carpathians, in Transylvania, Vlad Tepes was born, known to the world as the bloodthirsty Count of Dracula. The blood-sucking graph was famous for his terrifying crimes, then he died. A strange house of a vampire still stands, only now turned it into a restaurant where you can “dine with Dracula.” But the sight is not for the faint-hearted. Closer to midnight, the restaurant gives funeral music. With a creak, the lid of the coffin opens, and from there appears Count Dracula himself – in a dress coat and with huge teeth. He comes to the visitors and kindly wishes them a pleasant appetite. Fearfully? Ironically, such dinners with a vampire are very popular and tables need to be booked in advance.
This is the country – Romania. And all the mystery in it & hellip;
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In the program: visiting the Parliament building (the second largest building in the world after the Pentagon), the Romanian Village Museum, the Patriarchate (XVII century), lunch in the restaurant of Bucharest, free time for shopping. Return to the hotel late at night.
& laquo; IN GUESTS TO DRACULA & raquo; – tour of Transylvania for 2 days.
Wine Murfatlar & ndash; this is not the best gift from Romania.

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