Reception and registration of Finnish citizenship for Russians and Ukrainians.

Reception and registration of Finnish citizenship for Russians and Ukrainians.
Scandinavia is not only a unique nature and beautiful architecture, but also a developed economy. That is why the inhabitants of many third world countries are asking themselves: “How to obtain citizenship of a prosperous Finland?” In 2018, about 2% of the population of this country are foreigners who, for various reasons, reside here on a permanent basis. Many of them are Russian or former residents of other ex-republics of the USSR. In 2015, out of 8,000 issued passports, 20% belong to Russians.
The national flag of Finland.
What attracts Finland to Russians and Ukrainians?
Russia’s friendship with Suomi (as the name of this state sounds in Finnish) has a long and rather complicated history. Nevertheless, the proximity of the mentality of the two peoples and the similarity of the climate facilitate the adaptation for immigrants from Russia, especially when compared with distant Germany, France or Italy.
At the same time, moving to the edge of thousands of lakes in terms of material well-being will be even more beneficial than emigration to Western Europe. Since 2018, the local government plans to introduce the so-called unconditional income. This is a monthly payment to every resident of 800 euros regardless of his age, earnings and social status. Quality medicine, free education, good ecology and humane legislation – this can only be dreamed of.
In addition, the state is a member of the European Union and the Schengen area. Any holder of a Finnish passport has the right to travel freely throughout Europe, to conduct business, to receive education or to own real estate.
A citizen of Russia can get dual citizenship, as the Constitutions of both states allow this. A citizen of Ukraine does not have this opportunity, because Ukrainian law prohibits having two passports.
How to obtain Finnish citizenship?
There are several basic ways:
This status is automatically granted to children whose parents are ethnic Finns. There are a number of important nuances that will be described below. In the same category can be attributed to children under 12 years old, who were adopted by the Finnish family. Long stay and work in Finland. This process is also called naturalization. Some categories of people undergo a simplified procedure of naturalization. This is possible on the basis of the declaration. Getting married with a Finn can also be a good reason.
The general procedure for an immigrant should be as follows:
Obtaining a residence permit, further – registration of permanent residence. Continuous presence in the country for the past 8 years. Another option is to periodically live here from the age of 15 for 6 years in total, but 2 previous years should still be held in Suomi. Passing the test and interview, during which the degree of language proficiency is assessed. Submission of application to the relevant departments.
Automatic obtaining of the status of the indigenate and repatriation.
Becoming a citizen of Finland automatically the child can in the event that his parents are officially married, and at least one of them is ethnic Finns. If the marriage was not registered, the kid becomes a full-fledged resident of Suomi at a time when parents legalize their relationship. If mom and dad still do not plan to change their marital status to the status of spouses, it is enough for the parent-Finn to recognize his paternity. That is, this fact must be indicated in the birth certificate of the baby.
Sometimes there is such a situation that the mother of the newborn is a foreigner, and the father died before his birth. Even if the marriage was not officially registered, the child can claim to be a citizen of Suomi. The only thing you need is & # 8212; confirm paternity. It is possible to do this with the help of genetic studies or any documentary evidence. It does not matter where the newborn was born.
The process of adoption is called adoption. To this end, the Finnish family must adopt a child under the age of 12, and this procedure is necessarily confirmed by the state guardianship authorities. That is, adoption, drawn up abroad, will not be considered a weighty reason.
Repatriation is a return to a historical homeland. The basis is the presence of Finns among relatives up to the third tribe (that is, grandparents). It is necessary to confirm family ties documented.
What is naturalization?
The most common way how to obtain Finnish citizenship for Ukrainians or Russian citizens without Scandinavian roots, # 8212; long-term residence in the country of thousands of lakes. First of all, the migrant must obtain a residence permit in Finland. It can be of two types: temporary, with the letter B, which is valid for 12 months, and continuous, with the letter A, for up to 4 years. After that, a foreigner can apply for a document denoted by the symbol P, & # 8212; a permanent residence permit, and after that apply for citizenship.
Conditions for obtaining a passport in this way, in addition to the 8 years spent in this Scandinavian country, are as follows:
The presence of identity documents. No criminal record, at least for committing serious crimes. However, each case is considered separately. Absence of administrative violations, such as fines for speeding up, tax debt, unpaid credit. This is not critical, but it can adversely affect the decision of the Migration Service. The age of the applicant. Confirmation of financial well-being. Here the requirements are less severe in comparison with other states. If the migrant does not have a decent amount in the bank account and there is no sponsor, it will be sufficient to provide a certificate from the job where the monthly salary is indicated. In some cases, even a certificate of government benefits. Knowledge of the language: Finnish or Swedish. This is an important condition, it will be necessary to confirm the possession of oral and written speech during a personal meeting, as well as using a certified document.
Passport of a citizen of Finland (sample)
Get the status of a citizen on the declaration.
This means getting Finnish citizenship under a simplified scheme, such petitioners are almost never denied. These are the following categories of persons:
Adolescents aged 12 to 18 years, who were adopted by the Finns. Young people aged 18-22 years who lived without interruption for 6 years in the territory of Suomi or 10 years periodically lived here. Claim for obtaining the status of a citizen of Finland can be persons who were born in the territory of this state, but were forced to leave it later.

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