Reception of the visa in the USA.

Reception of the visa in the USA.
Is there a sure way to get a visa to America? What should be done, what are the correct actions to take in order to minimize the probability of refusal to obtain a visa? In this article, we will review and sanctify the five popular ways how to get a visa in the US.
To begin with, you need to decide something. Namely, we need to take into account that, regardless of our chosen method of obtaining a visa, in the process of its registration, there will always be actions that we will have to produce ourselves.
Even when you delegate obtaining a visa to highly qualified specialists, this will not mean that they will do all the necessary work, and in any case you will not be involved. In the process of obtaining a visa you will have to take a direct part. The only thing you will do it is directed. Your actions will be guided by knowledgeable experts. But, you will definitely need to fill in personal data, answer specific questions, go to the authorities and receive all the necessary documents and references.
Among the ways we know how to get a visa to America, we identified 5 most popular:
Self-employment of a US visa Applying to a visa agency Urgent visa application for the USA Applying to a Pony Express Visa Center Using a specialized video guide.
Let’s consider each of the indicated methods separately. For our part, we expect that the information presented here will allow you to decide how to get an American visa for you.
1. How to get a visa to America yourself.
If you receive an American visa yourself, you, once again, will come across a well-known and most common method for solving new problems. & Mdash; trial and error. To cope with this case, you will read many articles on the Internet, endlessly browsing forums dedicated to tourism in the US and cutting off the lines of consular call centers. Clarify, ask, and clarify and ask again. And then, depending on your self-control, to worry and shake, asking a popular question – & laquo; Did I do everything right? & Raquo;
Of course, if you are not new to the Internet and know how to make financial transactions with the help of plastic cards, it will not be difficult for you to pay the initial consular fee. If you know the English language, you will be able to complete the questionnaire, and also, you will not have much difficulty in making the right photo for the visa. But, in order to determine and collect all the necessary documents confirming the absence of your immigration intentions, you will have to sweat well. And the interview will be still ahead. But, the road will be mastered by the one walking!
2. Applying to the visa agency.
Turning to the visa agency, you will take off part of the problems, and, as they say, breathe quietly. Perhaps you even for a while will stop wondering about how to get a visa to America. Especially you will like to talk with the friendly receptionist. Most likely, you will present it to yourself sitting in headphones and with a microphone, constantly cheerily answering a lot of incoming calls. In these pleasant illusions, you will remain until you are required, armed with patience, to start running around all the necessary institutions, under the careful hurrying of the visa specialist.
By the way. In a normal visa agency, there will always be queues. And this is not always the turn of the customers. Often, these are the queues that arise due to unfinished business in the visa applicant’s diary. The human factor is everywhere, they say that it exists even in a vacuum.
Specialists of visa agencies will do all the necessary preparatory work for you, which will allow you, more likely, to obtain approval from consular staff and obtain a US visa. They will prepare a list of all the necessary documents that you need to collect. They will fill out the DS-160 form for you. Will be recorded for an interview at the Embassy. As much as possible, they will advise on how best to behave during the interview, give the necessary instructions, and if you need to book hotel rooms in the United States.
Payment for the services of visa agencies stays in the range of 4,000 to 12,000 rubles, depending on the level and range of services provided.
3. How to get a visa to America through the Pony Express service.
Visa service Pony Express offers a set of specialized services for obtaining a US visa. In addition to receiving, processing and delivery of documents to the US Consulate, Pony Express specialists render services of translating the applicant’s personal data into English and entering them into the form of the DS-160 website of the Embassy. Also, in the office of Pony Express you can make an urgent photo for a US visa, issue a hotel reservation and book air tickets.
Filling in the questionnaire in the office of Pony Express is as follows: You will be asked to fill out the questionnaire in Russian (you can download the form from the website or get it from Pony’s office). After completing the questionnaire, you submit it to a specialist, and then the following happens:
Imagine a long line of 15-20 people, which is served by a friendly young lady sitting at the desk by the computer and fax. She patiently asks you the clarifying questions on the questionnaire form DS-160. Waits for an answer, translates it into English and drives it into the form on the website of the American consulate. But before that, it will have to have a private office for you, and this is in case you have already paid the US consular fee.
A Pony Express employee can write you down for an interview. We recommend that you use this service only if the required package of documents is already collected. By the way, detailed instructions on what documents you need to collect in your case, Pony Express employee will not give you. Likewise, you will not get to know and will not get even slightly tolerable instructions regarding the interview. This means that you will continue to act. This is the case with obtaining a visa to the United States through Pony Express.
At the time of this writing, the service of transferring and filling out an electronic form DS-160 by a specialist Pony Express costs 1000 rubles.
4. Urgent visa application in the USA.
Despite the fact that this method you can use both independently and with the help of employees of visa agencies, it should be listed in a separate category. Urgent visa issuance is carried out under complicated circumstances, which do not suffer procrastination. Such circumstances include:
Receiving emergency medical care, and accompanying a person in need of help. Visiting a relative in critical condition, funeral. Business necessity is an impatient delay, requiring your obligatory presence.
With an urgent receipt, you have to go through all the standard procedures for issuing a US visa – from paying a consular fee to an interview. To speed up the receipt of a visa is possible only at the stage of recording for an interview.
With a standard US visa, free interview dates are generally assigned to numbers that drop out in 2-3 weeks from the date of the application for the interview. In complicated circumstances, and in the presence of documents confirming these circumstances, it is possible to postpone the interview date for the near future.
5. Use a specialized video guide.
There is another way how to get a visa to America, combining all the benefits of applying to visa agencies, but allowing you to go through all the necessary procedures in the most comfortable for you mode. This is a way to independently obtain a US visa using step-by-step video instructions compiled by VisaVi Coach Group employees.
Our turn-based course was originally developed for training visa officers. It was created specifically for people who have not yet faced the design of an American visa. You can use it right now! It will not be difficult for you to do everything necessary to obtain a visa yourself. And, most importantly, you will control the process from start to finish and you will never have a question about how to get a visa to America. And this means – no unpleasant surprises!
It is interesting!
With our course for self-employment of a US visa, you do not even need knowledge of English. The uniqueness of the course is that, depending on your specific situation, you will follow exactly that path and the lessons that are tailored for your particular case. This means & # 8212; no unnecessary actions, no unnecessary expenditure of time and money!
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