Refugees in Australia.

Refugees in Australia.
A refugee is a person who, because of objective reasons (discrimination based on nationality, race, religion, beliefs), is concerned about his safety and, in view of these same considerations, can not remain in his home country.
Australia, along with Canada, has its own program, which is the basis for granting asylum. The status of a refugee in this state is a serious thing, it is difficult to get even immigrants from very poorly developed and dangerous countries, not to mention Russia.
Refugees in Australia can expect to receive official status only when they have been subjected to actions that are contrary to the postulates of the Geneva Convention on Human Rights. Often, in more or less prosperous states, human rights are not violated, and therefore immigrating as a refugee to Australia, say, for Russians, will be quite problematic.
As in most European countries attracting significant flows of immigrants, Australia has a number of different programs suitable for a particular refugee category:
Professional immigration.
Due to the huge area and relatively small population, Australia is very interested in the influx of migrants who are able to successfully conduct business, as well as those who have high qualifications in various fields of activity.
Refugees in Australia already have a permanent residence permit, very often face such a problem as employment. The surest way to find a job in Australia is to seek help from special agencies, while leaving the CV in the companies whose activities are directly related to the available qualifications.
Business immigration.
Business immigration in Australia is regulated by law, and recently this law has undergone some changes. Their main focus was on reducing the issuance of permanent business visas. To date, the issuance of this document occurs in several stages and everything about everything from the relevant services has four years.
Just like in Canada, for businessmen, investors and senior executives in Australia, quite a lot of opportunities open up. At the same time, in this country there are rather strict requirements to such immigrants. It is necessary not only to want to establish business in Australia, but also to have the status of a successful businessman before, and in the future to strive to concentrate all of its business on the Green Continent.
In addition, there are a number of requirements for personal property, the life of the business, etc. In general, if you have a couple of million dollars, the status of a successful investor / businessman, then Australia is the ideal option for you. If not, it is better to resort to professional immigration.
Family reunification.
This is the easiest way by resorting to which refugees in Australia can get official status, but if only one condition is met – the presence of a relative who is an Australian citizen and is ready to help with the move.
At the same time, say, in Russia, there are not too many people who can boast of Australian roots.
Another option for family reunification and, as a consequence, the right to obtain a residence permit is to marry an Australian.
Humanitarian immigration.
Humanitarian immigration is a rather complex process. Australia has a fairly logical program of assistance to refugees. The document suppresses virtually all loopholes.
To date, for all of the above types of immigration, an annual quota has been established.
An extremely high standard of requirements is set for independent immigrants. They must possess not only tremendous work capacity, but also trustworthiness. In addition, refugees in Australia, classified as independent immigrants, must score a certain number of points in accordance with the criteria, for example, in the field of vocational training or the level of knowledge of English.
In addition to the above requirements, the welfare of an immigrant must meet certain standards, since Australia is among the countries with a fairly high standard of living.
Refugees in Australia should know that the procedure for obtaining a permanent residence permit in this country is very simple. To begin with, the applicant for permanent residence must meet certain criteria. First, the immigrant must be at least 45 years old, and secondly, he must have a good knowledge of English. To assess the level of knowledge of the language, the applicant will have to undergo testing. Additional advantages are the availability of higher education and work experience.
If you want to obtain refugee status in Australia, then, using the services of our company, you, at least, get the notion of where to start and in what direction to move to achieve this goal.

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