Registration of a residence permit.

Registration of a residence permit.
in Finland: we helped more than 100 families!
guaranteed to obtain residence permit, permanent residence, Citizenship in Finland.
FE / PE in Finland & # 8212; this is the easiest way to get a residence permit from Finland.
Without opening a company, charter capital, investments, risks and additional costs for legal clearance.
Unlike obtaining residence permit in other countries of Europe, where it is required to open LLC, JSC, ZAO or make a contribution to real estate & # 8212; In Finland & # 8212; allows you to get a residence permit in Finland without unnecessary burdens!
Advantages of residence permit for IP.
Without complicated legal services.
Do not need a firm, exclude expenses 1500�.
The authorized capital is not needed & # 8212; exclude expenses 2500�.
Do not need a Finnish representative. exclude expenses 2000�.
Get a residence permit for 3-4 months, and the legal status even after 48 hours!
Permanent residence or Citizenship in Finland after 4 years.
Free education (kindergartens, schools, universities) and medicine for all family members.
Especially suitable for IP / PE, freelancers, IT entrepreneurs, business owners in the Russian Federation and the CIS.
There is no obligation to live 183 days a year in Finland.
We are the only company that provides legal and consulting services for the registration of residence permit of Finland for IP. Call now!
+ 358-94-245-1592.
Office in Finland.
8 958 1000 287.
Office in St. Petersburg.
8 800 333 0910.
Free call within Russia!
Is this real?
We have advised more than 30 individuals and families to successfully obtain a Finnish residence permit for PI.
We & # 8212; a company who has developed and we are the only ones who offer this absolutely real program for obtaining a residence permit.
Recently, contradictory materials appeared on the Internet, which indicate the impossibility of obtaining a residence permit through the opening of an IP # 8212; we will understand more in detail:
1. It is impossible to obtain a residence permit for an IP 2. The IP can not be opened to an alien 3. High taxes 4. Individual liability for IP obligations is dangerous 5. Extension is impossible or complicated.
1. Statistics of the Department of Migration: residence permit for IP received: 2016 – 51 people., 2015 50 people., 2014 & # 8212; 28 people. 2. The fact of the opening of the IP occurs after the receipt of residence permit, when you become a Finnish resident. 3. Tax payments will grow only if you increase your income. The entrepreneur regulates social payments independently! 4. If you choose IP # 8212; you conduct business honestly, yourself regulate your income and responsibility & # 8212; problems do not arise. 5. Renewal of residence permit is carried out without problems, including up to permanent residence or citizenship.
Only 2 grounds for obtaining residence permit in Finland:
Availability of income from 1400 EUR per month.
The amount of income necessary for the residence permit will determine the number of members of your family who receive residence permit.
Payment of taxes from 150/300 EUR per month.
The amount of taxes depends on the source of your income.
Who can get a residence permit in Finland?
Get a residence permit in Finland can anyone who has income from 90 000 rubles a month.
You can earn income from your PI or remote work on a Finnish IP. A universal version of the design of residence permits, suitable for all.
No need to recruit staff.
To conduct work is easier than in the Russian Federation.
Civil or legal marriage allows you to obtain a residence permit immediately for the whole family. The breadwinner can work or lead an entrepreneurial activity.
If necessary, we provide consultations in the proper receipt of state aid.
Free kindergartens, schools, universities.
For owners of small, medium and large businesses. Doing business in Finland is not necessary. You can get a residence permit, just in case. ”
It is not necessary to open a legal entity (CJSC, JSC, LLC) in Finland.
You can stay in any EU country.
It is not necessary to stay in Finland for more than 183 days.
Owning European real estate (house, cottage, cottage) can be issued as a basis for obtaining residence permit and permanent residence in Finland.
Ownership of real estate can be executed on an individual or a legal entity.
The period for obtaining residence permit is 3-4 months.
Getting permanent residence or citizenship through & # 8212; 4 years.
Your current income from real estate and / or purchase of real estate in Finland, will get a residence permit for the whole family. It is not necessary to live in Finland.
You do not need to buy property in Finland.
Mortgage lending from 1.9%
The yield on Finnish objects from 2.5% to 12%
You can continue working for a Russian company, find a job in Finland or start your business in a business-friendly country.
The income of a specialist in Finland is from 3500 EUR to 9000 EUR and above.
Possibility to transport a family.
Requirements for the candidate for residence permit:
The presence of the passport One time & # 8212; a certificate of the availability of funds in Russia, CIS or Europe Language skills are not required The presence of a diploma of higher education is desirable, but not necessary No criminal record is required!
Expenses for residence permit and permanent residence in Finland.
There is no need to immediately buy business or real estate, or freeze funds in risky assets. When you contact us for an initial free consultation – see for yourself that the whole process is quite simple and does not require you to make a significant investment.
Registration of residence permit for IP from 3000 EUR per person.
Registration of residence permit for IP from 4000 EUR for a family of 3 people.
Registration of residence permit for subsequent family members 500 EUR / person.
The cost of maintaining the status is from 0-400 EUR per month.
Get a call back or ask your questions to a specialist.
Our legal guarantees.
Agreement on the provision of services!
You can conclude an agreement with our Finnish company, and with the Russian representative office.
Return of funds if you do not get a residence permit!
In case of refusal to issue a residence permit for our reason & # 8212; we guarantee the refund of the payment according to the contract.
Court appeal.
Under the contract in case of a negative decision & # 8212; we pledge to appeal it to the court!
Payment after receipt!
We can offer special conditions & # 8212; payment of the final part of the cost of registration of residence permit upon receipt of residence permit cards.
How to start registration?
Based on your conditions and goals & # 8212; we offer a suitable variant of the basis for the residence permit, then we draw up legal nuances related to the grounds, then we accompany the process of registration and filing of documents. & # 8212; “Turnkey” & # 187; up to the receipt, permanent residence or Citizenship in Finland.
When a client gets a residence permit, we help to move, rent or buy real estate, register with the authorities and arrange children in kindergartens and schools.
Free consultation by phone or office.
We contact you and answer all questions. It is possible to meet with a migration consultant in an office in Helsinki or St. Petersburg.
Expect solutions and get a residence permit.
Your application is considered by various Finnish authorities.
We choose the program and the basis for your residence permit.
Promote in the choice of 23 options & # 8212; the most optimal and economical option for your conditions and goals.
Moving and adaptation services in Finland.
We will help your family with housing, import of property, the organization of children, residence registration, ID-card, rights, etc.
Preparation of a package of documents on residence permit and submission to the embassy.
Individual package of 7 to 20 documents depending on the basis. We accompany the feed to optimize the time of receipt.
If the authorities refuse to issue a residence permit, we guarantee our customers a refund of the payment. & # 8212; this item is registered in our contract!
Do I need to create a business?
If you do not have experience of doing business.
We draw your attention to the simple types of grounds for obtaining a residence permit in Finland. We organize & # 171; from scratch & # 187; or assist in buying such a basis.
If you have a business plan or business idea.
We will implement what you have planned: from company registration and licensing to legal support and accounting services inclusive. Our specialists in marketing and business communications will help develop your business. In addition, we select and arrange the operating business in Finland in the specified field.
If you have no ideas, but there is a financial resource.
We will offer you a ready business, perspective investment projects, profitable commercial real estate. Also, we will develop special comfortable solutions for wealthy customers. All offers guarantee permanent residence.
You can use the ready-made “Script”! & # 187;
Examples of business immigration scenarios and business plans as a basis for residence permit / permanent residence.

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