Registration of consular registration in Poland (Warsaw) for Ukrainians.

Registration of consular registration in Poland (Warsaw) for Ukrainians.
Why do you need to register a temporary consular account in Poland, and what documents are needed for this? How long does it take to receive, and how long does it take?
Hello! This is Nastya. Today video from the car, on fresh tracks, because we are leaving the Ukrainian Consulate, where we just got on the temporary consular registration. Let me remind you, my brother and I have a Map of Replacement, we received it a month ago. And in order to be able to go to Ukraine by car for 60 days a year, without making out the transit, that is, without making the entry-exit, this temporary consular registration is needed.
In order to do it, you need to come to the Ukrainian Consulate at your place of residence, you need to bring with you the originals of the passport and the Card. Rest, copies of the Card. Both pages, the passport of only the first page, and one photo of 3.5 to 4.5, , as on a passport, for a visa, etc.
How quickly do schoolchildren learn Polish and adapt in a new country?
You are given to fill out a questionnaire and a registration card where you enter your personal data and, having checked all the information, you are simply put on the passport in the column “Special notes”, stating that you are standing on a temporary consular account. This stamp is valid for the duration of the passport.
It took 15-20 minutes for everything, although this is our second attempt, because the first time we visited a year and a half ago, or a year ago, and we did not take anything, because we did not have a Post, but without the Pobytu they do not give anything.
Here, in fact, and everything, a very short video. But, I hope, was useful to you. If there are questions, additions, please write.
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