Registration of permanent residence in Spain.

Registration of permanent residence in Spain.
Spain, for most of its history, was one of the richest and economically developed countries. It has not changed in the modern world. Today, Spain is part of the EU and is among the states with the highest GDP. Suffice it to add to this the access to the sea, picturesque landscapes, beautiful cities and colorful local population – and one can understand all the Russians who have moved to permanent residence in Spain. Although such a move is always preceded by a number of procedures and grounds, which will be described later.
How to register a Russian citizen in Spain?
Moving to Spain for permanent residence is carried out in several stages. The first is the registration of the Schengen visa of the country. The best category is “D” & # 8212; national, with the possibility of extension. On its basis, you can obtain a resident card.
After receiving the Spanish residence permit, a Russian must live for several years in the country (depending on the reasons for the move), after which he gets the right to apply for permanent residence.
This was a brief description of the procedure. Now more.
First you need to determine the reasons for moving:
Marriage with a resident / citizen of Spain. In this case, the applicant submits all documents confirming the validity of the marriage, as well as the absence of spouses at home or elsewhere abroad. For citizens over sixteen years, a marriage certificate is stamped with emancipation; Reunification with relatives who are residents / citizens of the state. It is necessary to prove the existence of family ties; Based on the origin. If the applicant has Spanish roots, he can apply for permanent residence; After the purchase of real estate. Secured Russians can afford to move to the country as a result of buying real estate in Spain. However, the minimum value of the acquired property should be at least half a million euros; Based on the status of political refugee. The least feasible option for Russians, since the countries of Europe do not classify Russia as a country where persecution for political views is possible; As an employee. At the same time, the applicant must have a labor contract with the employer registered and approved by the Spanish Ministry of Labor; For education. Diplomas of Spanish educational institutions are listed all over the world. Therefore, there are so many students from Russia and other countries in Spain. Plus, studies can become, afterwards, the basis for the registration of permanent residence in this state; Business immigration. Investments in investments, creation of new jobs or assistance in the development of an important industry are the best options for obtaining Spanish permanent residence by Russian businessmen; Pale of Settlement. A citizen of the Russian Federation who has lived in Spain on the basis of the residence permit for at least 3 years can apply for the registration of the country’s permanent residence. For pensioners. Russia and Spain signed an agreement on proportionality, which leads to the fact that the costs of retirement of its citizens can be divided according to the length of service. The pensioner’s money will come to him from both states.
So, after the Russian has fulfilled all the conditions for obtaining permanent residence in the country (spent several years on its territory, invested money in the economy of the state, etc.), he can proceed to the next stage – the preparation of documents and the submission of a corresponding application to the Spanish Embassy on territory of the Russian Federation.
List of necessary documents.
To file papers and certificates for registration of a permanent residence in Spain is necessary personally. Neither couriers nor agents in the embassy are accepted. The package of documentation itself may vary depending on the grounds for relocation and the civil status of the applicant:
List of documents for registration of permanent residence in Spain:
Filled in Spanish application form; Foreign passport of the applicant, valid for at least one year. Original and photocopy of the document; Certificate from the law enforcement agencies of the Russian Federation, confirming the absence of convictions; Confirmation of financial solvency of the applicant. Depending on its civil status, it can be: for employees – a certificate from the place of work, indicating the monthly salary; for students – scholarship (if any); for entrepreneurs – a certificate of income of the enterprise; for the unsecured (pensioners, invalids, children) – sponsorship letter, with mandatory confirmation of the sponsor’s solvency; an extract from the bank account indicating the amount sufficient for the stay; lease or purchase of residential property in the country; medical insurance policy (preferably – Spanish); medical certificate, which confirms the applicant’s absence of dangerous contagious diseases.
Cases when it is necessary to submit additional documents:
When marrying a resident / citizen of the country: a birth certificate for each spouse; a statement signed by both parties; ID card, country resident card, copy of identification code, etc .; for employees: an employment contract with a local employer; permission to work; for pensioners: a pension certificate.
How to increase the receipt of European citizenship?
Consideration of documents submitted to the embassy is a lengthy and time-consuming procedure. However, according to standard requirements, it should not take more than a month, unless the embassy has additional questions to the applicant. On average, the period during which a Russian can complete a permanent residence in Spain is up to a month and a half.
Also, Russians should take into account that they will need to pay a certain amount for permanent residence. It will include the cost of a Schengen visa country – 60 euros, as well as fees for residence permit and permanent residence. The amounts for the last can vary, depending on the situation. Therefore, the final cost of registration of a Russian permanent resident in Spain can be found directly in the consulate (or those who have already issued it).
Benefits of registration of permanent residence in Spain.
In favor of moving to Spain for permanent residence speaks a number of advantages of this country. This includes a mild climate, not the most expensive real estate, a high level of medicine development, low prices for most goods, quality education and, finally, a fairly easy-to-learn state language.
In addition, the permanent residence in Spain gives its owner the following advantages:
visa-free entry to the territory of the Schengen countries, with the right to stay abroad for up to 90 days every six months; the right to study in European universities; the possibility of employment in European companies; high-quality medical care; after reaching the retirement age – getting a pension that allows not only to maintain a decent standard of living, but also to travel peacefully around the world.
Other opportunities to settle in Spain.
Registration of permanent residence in Spain – an expensive procedure with a lot of nuances and difficulties. Get the citizenship of this country – even more difficult. Therefore, Russians who want to move to live in Europe prefer to register Romanian citizenship.
This option has a number of advantages:
the possibility of retaining Russian citizenship; fast and relatively inexpensive procedure for registration; access to all the rights and opportunities granted by EU citizenship.
Thus, the passport of Romania is the best option for all Russians who want to live, study and work in Europe.
France – one of the western countries, which is one of the “locomotives” of the EU. A life.
Possibilities to obtain the citizenship of Ireland, and with it the citizenship of the European Union for the Russian.
While some Russians are out of a sense of false or true patriotism.
Poland after accession to the European Union has changed the legislation governing the granting of Polish citizenship.
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