Registration of residence permit in Italy.

Registration of residence permit in Italy.
The temporary residence permit (hereinafter referred to as “residence permit”) in Italy is issued by the special police department, which deals with emigration issues, namely, the questura.
Legislation in Italy provides for various reasons for requesting residence permits; namely: study, the need for treatment, workers or religious motives, etc.
For our clients, we recommend as a basis for obtaining residence permit in Italy & # 8212; “Choice of residence” or “residenza elettiva”.
This type of residence permits is provided for foreign citizens who have at their disposal residential real estate in Italy (in property or under a lease agreement) and have sufficient financial resources that allow them to stay on the territory of the country without performing labor activity (entry into Italy for a visa type “D”)
Residence permits can be obtained both by investors and members of their family – spouses, children, parents.
The procedure for obtaining residence permit “residenza elettiva” is regulated by the following legislative acts: DPR n � 394-99 with subsequent amendments and Decreto Ministero Affari Esteri of 12.07.2000. And also information you can get on the official websites of the Police of Italy, on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the State Social Insurance Fund.
The period of registration of residence permit, provided by law & # 8212; 20 days. In practice, it can vary depending on the work of the Questura department in a particular region of Italy.
The law names two main criteria, the totality of which gives an opportunity to request a residence permit �residenza elettiva�, this is:
The presence of residential property in the property or under a lease agreement, confirmed by the contract of purchase & # 8212; sale / lease. The availability of sufficient financial resources that allow you to reside on the territory of the country without working. (In the case of a residence permit for a spouse, children or parents, the financial means must be sufficient, including for their location in the country)
1. Receipt of a “D” visa at the Consulate of Italy in Moscow or St. Petersburg with the following documents:
a) the current passport; b) a completed visa request form of type “D”; c) 1 photograph of the format 3-4; d) documents confirming the availability of residential property in Italy (a contract of sale or lease) for later residence; e) documentary evidence of the availability of sufficient financial resources, the origin of which is not the wage of a wage worker. For example, rental income from the rental of real estate, a pension, income from business, deposits, etc. All documents are provided with a translation into Italian.
The cost of visa is now 116.00 euros.
2. Entry to Italy for a type “D” visa and applying for WJD at an accredited post office not later than 8 days from the date of arrival with the attachment of the following documents:
an application filled in the Italian language (Forms 1 and 2); a photocopy of all pages of the current passport, you must have the original; 4 pictures 3-4; a medical insurance policy for a period of 1 year; copies of the documents specified in item d) and e) are provided again; stamp duty of � 17.60; payment for sending the insured registered letter in the amount of 30.00 euros.
3. When submitting the application, the applicant will be given the day and hour when he will be required to appear in the territorial office of the Questura for the removal of his fingerprints. Additionally, you will receive a list of documents that you need to have with you (the above mentioned contracts, references, medical policy)
4. The last step is to obtain in the questura ID card of residence permit for all family members.
First time residence permit is issued, as a rule, valid for 1 year. 60 days before the expiry of the validity period, it is possible to extend the residence permit. The law does not limit the number of renewals of residence permits, provided that mandatory criteria are maintained.
After 5 years of residence permit in Italy, it is possible to obtain a residence permit for a long period of up to 5 years or an indefinite residence permit.
After 10 years of residence, a request for Italian citizenship is possible.
The presence of residence permit does not imply the absence in Italy for a continuous period of more than 6 months per year without valid reasons.
The law provides for the possibility of refusing to obtain or extend a residence permit or revoke a residence permit in the following cases:
lack of necessary requirements provided by law; due to international agreements binding for execution in Italy; violation of the requirements for stay;
Our services for the registration of residence permit in Italy.
Advising on all issues of obtaining residence permit in Italy; Preparation of a complete package of documents in Italian; Personal escort to the Consulate of Italy in Moscow for the filing of documents for the issuance of a “D” visa; Personal support when applying for a residence permit in Italy; Escort the client before obtaining the ID card of the residence permit of Italy.
The cost of full escort until the registration of residence permit in Italy for the whole family & # 8212; � 10,000.
The cost of extending the residence permit after 1 year for the whole family & # 8212; � 3,000.
Costs for the registration of residence permit “Residenza Elettiva”
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