Repatriation or punishment of Poles, Hungarians, Greeks, Germans.

Repatriation or punishment of Poles, Hungarians, Greeks, Germans.
You know, Pole’s cards & # 8212; this is not citizenship. And you will not be asked for documents about incomes and plans, where you are going to live, on what money, where to look for work. It is important for you to prove the presence of Polish roots. It can be one of the parents or both grandfather and grandmother. And also # 8212; you must show knowledge of the Polish language and culture. See p. http: // www .polska .ru / sprawka / wiza / karta _polaka _oficial .htm Success, as well.
Map of the Pole (Hungarian, Greek, German) & # 8212; this is not repatriation. Do not confuse & # 8212; these are different things.
On the issue. I would suggest not reading Russian sites, but immediately the Polish Foreign Ministry.,Polaka,15813.html.
The Pole’s card is in fact not immigration, does not give the right to either citizenship, residence permit, or even visa-free entry. If you receive this card, the state of Poland should not do anything to you at all, it simply confirms that you were at the consul, you know Polish and have Polish roots.
A repatriation visa is given to a foreigner of Polish nationality or of Polish descent, who intends to move to a permanent place of residence in the Republic of Poland (which is important, together with minor children and a spouse). Again, the official website AND ONE OF THE CONDITIONS for starting the repatriation procedure is the submission by the candidate for the repatriation of evidence confirming the possibility of settlement in the territory of the Republic of Poland. A person who wishes to repatriate to Poland must provide evidence confirming the existence of conditions for settlement (residence, sources of content, work opportunities). Such proof can be, for example, an invitation sent by the Polish territorial administrative structure. Commune. The Commune may invite a particular family or anonymous returnees. An invitation from an individual may concern only the immediate relatives of that person (parents, children, brothers / sisters).
Once again, the article in the article is about repatriation, not about other programs.
Since the topic has already entered.
I did not consider the identity card of a compatriot, as they give funny rights, for example, access to historical memos or preferential travel on public transport or the opportunity to study at universities. this is all certainly good. BUT it is not immigration, not repatriation, and even does not go near it. It’s not that the material aid and benefits from the state, it’s not even talking about residence permit, work visa or visa-free travel in general.
Of course, it is advantageous for the state to give such credentials to potential repatriates. And out of sight. That’s why they do not demand anything from papers (only confirmation of roots, confirmation of knowledge of culture and language), as they promise nothing.
And, of course, if you have the possibility of repatriation, then you must apply for repatriation.
Nuances of the repatriation of the sea.
For example, the big question is whether to look for housing yourself or go to the community. If you show that you are financially unsecured and do not live where you are, then you are sent to the community (to the same settlers). And if financially secure, then live wherever you want (as you understand, you can find places where you pay more and find work easier). It is important to know: first you get permission from the community, and then apply for repatriation. As it was written above, a repatriate must receive a status to show where he will live and on what kind of money. On the bill of money – some are put benefits, but not all.
I was faced with positive outcomes of repatriation Germany, Greece, Finland.
My grandfather’s wife was Hungarian. father in Ukraine, live in Russia. I want to move to Europe. How real are the chances and what should be done for a positive result?
1. You need to find all the documents confirming the citizenship of your grandfather. And all the evidence that he is your grandfather (unfortunately there are very unpleasant incidents with grandparents, when the proof of their relationship, the birth certificate of the deceased parents, the marriage certificate with the change of surname are lost).
I have a situation in the practice of an immigrant grandmother a Greek woman, there is a grandmother’s birth certificate, but in the birth certificate of the mother of an immigrant, her grandmother’s last name is written according to her husband, and there is no marriage certificate. Years of courts and there is still no clarity.
2. To go to the Hungarian consulate to take a list of documents for repatriation. Then most often you will need to find where to live and prepare the package.
Further it is important: your wife with minor children will be a repatriate. You will not be able to join until your wife finds an official job that will help you.
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Hello Anna! Thank you for clarification on Poland! But I want to try for a short time to leave the country, change the situation, get a new experience. I will remind you that I am from Georgia, Russian, 51 years old. I work as a masseuse and manual therapist. Tell me, are there any programs for my age? I still do not think about emigration, I look at the problem soberly. I would like to leave at least for six months or a year. Thank you in advance and good luck.
Question! I was born in Germany, can I make a German map? or a Pole? And how this procedure takes place, if it is possible in detail.
It was important whether your parents were Germans (then you can make citizenship) or both were intrantsy and their parents were also not Germans. If foreigners and you left the country then you do not qualify for repatriation, and you need to look at all the details of how many years you’ve been living, the status of whether to say whether you can take advantage of it.
I’m German by nationality, my father and grandfather are Germans. In 1997, I filed an antrag to Germany, passed the test for knowledge of it., But in 2000 there was a refusal. Can I present the German on the card if so, what documents are needed.
I’m Hungarian with a passport (nationality), I know Hungarian well, my grandmother is also Hungarian, my uncle has Hungarian citizenship. Do I have a chance to get a Hungarian card?
Perhaps you should contact the Hungarian consulate.
Hello! My husband was Hungarian. I was born and lived in Berehove until I was 18 years old. His mother is Hungarian. Father is not recorded. Where can I apply to get Hungarian citizenship? Can I, too, be given citizenship as a wife? Which program is better for submitting docs?
The husband should apply to the Hungarian consulate, in general it is strange that he does not have Hungarian citizenship, most likely at the age of majority he chose in favor of the other and he needs to find out how he can now return it.
You do not have the right to citizenship, but if the husband moves to live in Hungary or the other side of the EU and he has rent and income there, he can make you a residence permit.
I am a German, 16 years old, how to file a doc-and on a German card, what to say in the suit? After all, the Polish card is served at the age of 16 !!
We do not deal with this program, you better specify at the consulate.
There are German. Is it possible to transfer the German card to the child for further study. How to arrange everything correctly? And what do you need for her departure?
The card does not have such a concept. About the design of the card for the child in case you already have a map better to learn on the spot. If you do not have a card then you will notice that for each next generation the map is harder to make, that is, you need to start with yours.

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