Repatriation to Israel is advice for repatriates and their relatives.

Repatriation to Israel is advice for repatriates and their relatives.
Moving to permanent residence in Israel – the cherished dream of many. But not everyone knows how to do this. In the article we will tell you who can go to live in Israel, where to start the procedure of moving, what in fact is the repatriation to Israel.
Repatriation to Israel. Who can go on permanent residence to Israel?
According to the legislation of the country, the right to permanent residence is held by the Jew who has a mother of Jewish nationality, as well as the one who accepted Judaism. But here there are several nuances.
The interpretation of the Law of Return has changed several times, so it requires clarification. Now, for the repatriation to Israel, the person who takes Judaism is the one who will pass the ritual of Gyur. In the process of the ritual, the accepting Judaism undertakes to observe all the commandments of the Torah, as evidenced by the three wise judges.
Giyur, made not in Israel, can not recognize. The right to residence takes at least three years.
Sometimes, to obtain the right to reside in Israel, it is enough that a person has a grandmother or grandfather of Jewish nationality (on the maternal line). Thus it is necessary to collect the documents confirming direct relationship.
In some cases, it is enough that your father is Jewish – advisers to the consul or the consul himself can stand by your side if they consider you a worthy candidate for repatriation to Israel.
Another option to obtain Israeli citizenship is marriage. So, if one of the spouses has the right to repatriation, the second spouse will have the right to live in the country on a temporary visa.
Marriages of less than a year are considered “young” and a spouse of a non-citizen of Israel may be refused a visa.
If a marriage is registered when one of the spouses has received citizenship, he must notify the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Israel (Misrat Apnim) that he will be visited by a spouse who is a citizen of another state. Further, in order for a non-citizen of the country to obtain the right to permanent residence, it will be necessary to undergo the procedure that will be advised to him at the Foreign Ministry.
How to start moving to Israel?
First of all, decide how you are going to move to Israel – as an immigrant or as a person who just wants to stay in the country. After this, you need to contact the Israeli consulate and tell your story.
In the consulate you will be prompted which documents and in what form it is necessary to collect (originals, copies in paper or electronic form). As a rule, these are certificates of birth, registration and passport of your relatives, your autobiography and a certificate of non-conviction or extinguished conviction. Sometimes they can request extracts from archives. From this point of view, repatriation to Israel is not as difficult as it seems, but it will take some time to legitimize one’s rights.
Then you need to submit documents to the consulate – I can check them right away, or leave them for authentication. After, you will need to pass an interview, which explains why you want to go to Israel for permanent residence.
Do not try to deceive – if you do not feel deep feelings towards Jews or Israel, just say that you want to live in a country with a high standard of living, quality medicine, etc.
The further processing procedure depends on the quality of your going to Israel, your situation and many other factors.
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I liked the article “Repatriation to Israel in 2016”? Make a repost so that you can not forget anything.
Tell me please: my great-grandmother on the maternal line is Jewish, I can count on repatriation to Israel.
Good evening, please tell us what changes are now happening with the documents when we leave the Ukraine for repatriates we leave at the end of the year the consul has already been checked.
Here I have no documents, but genetic examination determines that I am a Jew, according to your Jew I am or not?
Hello, please tell me if a person has hepatitis he can go to Israel.
Hello! Can I repatriate to Israel together with my family and a small child if I have three certificates on my hands: 1) my birth certificate says that my father is a Jew, a mother Russian. 2) The certificate of marriage of my parents in which it is written that my father is a Jew, a mother is a Russian. 3) The certificate of the birth of my father in which it is written that his mother (my grandmother) is a Jewish, a grandfather-Russian? My father and my grandmother died in Israel. There is another document, a certificate of death of my father (a copy) issued in Israel. There is no other document confirming Jewry. Is there any chance of moving? In advance many thanks for the answer!
Good afternoon, Gennady!
The decision to move is taken only by the consul on the basis of your documents. Each case is different. Gather all the documents that confirm your Jewishness and if something is missing, the consul will tell you about it.
Just contact your local & # 8212; or the nearest & # 8212; Sohnut’s office will be assisted with the repatriation process. The list of our representations you can find on the link.
Good afternoon! Please tell me if I have the opportunity to go to Israel for permanent residence if my great-grandmother is Jewish (according to the grandfather’s line), and there are relatives living in Israel. Thank you.
Good afternoon. No, it is possible to leave for Israel only if the great-grandmother is Jewish on the maternal line.
Hello, please tell me, I submitted the immigrants for repatriation as a grandson of a Jew, collected many documents. They gave me good and told me to issue a visa. But due to circumstances I could not go. Can I now issue a visa or do I have to go and collect documents again? Thank you.
Good afternoon, Volodya.
Specify this question individually in your consulate.
Thank you for a very useful article about immigration to Izral. Tell me please where is the best way to make the gyur, so that it is recognized and there are no problems with immigration.
The best option in Israel, but for clarification, it is better to contact the agency “Sokhnut & # 187 ;, here is the link:
Good afternoon, Ilya.
The Jewish Agency Sokhnut does not deal with questions of guiur.

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