Residence permit and passport.

Residence permit and passport.
To date, Cyprus is a country offering some of the most favorable conditions for obtaining a residence permit and a passport for the EU, subject to the acquisition of real estate.
Residence permit (permanent residence) in Cyprus for the purchase of real estate.
Cyprus is a member of the European Union and part of the Eurozone. This gives preferential conditions for obtaining visas for visiting and staying in the Schengen countries (in the near future, according to the forecasts in 2016, it is possible for Cyprus to join the Schengen agreement) full ownership of property and low operating costs for real estate, low crime rate, and security of residence is widespread and the English language Mediterranean climate and excellent weather conditions the right to public education at reduced rates provided for permanently (the majority of universities are affiliates of UK universities), the absence of taxes on the registration of real estate on the names of children, the right to free medical care.
How to get permanent residence in Cyprus.
The procedure for obtaining the right to permanent residence was approved under paragraph 6 (2) of the Regulation “On Foreign Citizens and Immigration”. from 1972
A non-resident EU may participate in a profitable investment program if it:
has a permanent income outside Cyprus at least � 30.000 per year (plus � 5,000 per family member) purchases a new property in Cyprus, offered by construction companies for initial sale, at least � 300.000 (and does not pay out of them less than � 200.000) has a deposit in the Cyprus bank account amounting to at least � 30,000, placed for at least three years, provides a certificate of non-conviction (if not previously a resident) visits Cyprus without fail at least two times of the year.
A prerequisite is that the money for the purchase of real estate and for placement on a deposit must necessarily be transferred to an account from abroad.
The term for consideration of documents is a maximum of 2 months from the date of submission of the full set of documents. Specialists of our company, working in offices in Moscow and Cyprus, organize for you the entire process of obtaining a residence permit.
The citizenship of Cyprus in exchange for investment.
you can live, study and work in any EU state. The investor receives a passport for himself, as well as for the whole family with children under 28 years of age who are dependent on their parents to receive a European education at a rate applicable for EU citizens. The procedure is quick and safe. Citizenship is given once and for all. Even if the program for obtaining a Cypriot passport is canceled, it will not be withdrawn or canceled. It is not necessary to confirm the status of a resident of Cyprus. For a period of 7 years, a dual citizenship is allowed, the investment period is 3 years. After this period you can sell the property and return the invested funds, you do not need to pass the exams on history and the state language.
How to obtain the citizenship of Cyprus.
To obtain Cypriot citizenship when buying a property, the following conditions must be met:
the applicant must purchase real estate (both already built and under construction) for a total of at least EUR 2,000,000. It can be both commercial and residential real estate, but in any case, it is necessary to purchase a residential property worth at least 500 000 euros, the investor must have a residence permit in Cyprus in order to qualify for citizenship. Cyprus grants the applicant this status at the same time as applying for citizenship. The receipt of a residence permit is a formality dictated by the rules of the European Union; Residence in Cyprus is not required to obtain citizenship. The applicant must submit a certificate of absence of criminal record. The applicant’s name should not be included in the list of persons whose property was restricted in the EU.
The table clearly shows the information on what kind of investments can be used to obtain the citizenship of Cyprus:
+ & euro; 1.5 million of any of the above options.
Terms of provision.
The whole procedure from the time of application to the issuance of a passport can last for 3-6 months.
Also we will be happy to assist in the provision of the following services:
search for real estate based on selected criteria organization of viewing of objects due diligence of selected objects, support of purchase and sale transaction state registration of title to real estate assistance in opening accounts in Cypriot banks. advice on tax legislation. other legal, accounting, consulting services.
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