Residence permit for property owners.

Residence permit for property owners.
Have you purchased your dream home or apartment in the place where you want to rest or live, raise your children or grandchildren, but are limited by the terms of the standard multivisa? Then you just need to issue a national residence permit. And the question arises: what is it?
This is a document issued by authorized state bodies and allowing foreigners to legally reside and move around the countries of the European Union in accordance with EU legislation. In other words, residence permit & mdash; this is a temporary residence permit in the country. Its most common form is & mdash; plastic identification ID card, but there is also a sticker stuck in the passport. The next stage of legalization of a foreign citizen & mdash; It is the receipt of permanent residence status, which is granted for life. That is, this permanent residence permit in the country, issued after a certain period, as a rule, through 3 & mdash; 6 years after receiving the first temporary residence. However, in some European countries, for example, in Hungary, there are programs for obtaining permanent residence right away, bypassing the stage of registration of a temporary residence, such programs are mainly investment.
One of the most common questions: what is the difference between a permanent status and citizenship? A permanent resident can not elect (except for municipal elections), be elected, serve in the army, police and hold public office in government. Only a citizen has the right to do so. In all other respects, the rights and duties are the same.
There are different types of residence permits: educational, working, nationally, as a family member of an EU citizen, for financially independent persons, investors, entrepreneurs, property owners, etc. Accordingly, each type determines the existence of those or other rights: the right to work, to carry out entrepreneurial activities, receive benefits, etc. The submission of a package of documents for the provision or extension of temporary residence permits, as well as their issuance, takes place directly in the municipal authorities or in the competent departments for foreigners and immigration at the applicant’s place of residence. In most EU countries, the procedure for registering a primary residence permit takes place after the applicants receive a special national visa D in the relevant Consulate General.
In which states do you have laws that allow you to acquire a residence permit in Europe when buying real estate? This can be done in particular in Spain, Greece, Portugal, Latvia. Here there are special programs based on existing laws, for owners of various types of real estate. Each state makes individual demands on the applicants, including the minimum value of the acquired property, has its own terms for the issuance, renewal of documents, etc. Thus, in Spain and Portugal, the minimum price of a commercial or residential property should be at least 500,000 euros; in Greece and Latvia & mdash; 250.000 euros. The terms of validity of the temporary residence issued on this basis also vary: in Greece and Latvia for 5 years; in Spain for 2 years; in Portugal for 1 year.
In the scope of our professional activities includes legal support and the provision of comprehensive services for obtaining residence permit when buying real estate in Spain, Greece, Hungary.

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